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About Us

Amexwrite Inc., which was founded over a decade ago, has been at the vanguard of reinventing grant proposal writing services. Our knowledge has been developed to perfection through a ten-year existence in the sector. We specialize in developing appealing and persuasive grant submissions that not only receive financing but also enable organisations to accomplish their missions and have a long-term impact. Our experienced team knows the complexities of grant applications, ensuring that each submission is tailored to our clients’ specific needs. Amexwrite Inc. has a decade-long track record of fundraising success.

Why Choose Us

Proven Track Record of Success:

With over a decade of expertise, we have a proven track record of obtaining money for our clients. Our skilled staff understands what it takes to create outstanding grant submissions that stand out in a crowded field.

Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Needs:

We recognise that each project is unique. Our approach is highly individualised, ensuring that each proposal is custom-tailored to highlight your organisation's or project's specific strengths and goals.

In-Depth Knowledge of Grant Application Processes:

It might be difficult to navigate the complexities of grant applications. Our team is well-versed in the complexities of the procedure, ensuring that every aspect, from qualifying criteria to evaluation criteria, is efficiently addressed.

Effective Communication and Impactful Storytelling:

We don't simply write proposals; we also tell fascinating stories. Our team understands how to communicate your vision, goal, and objectives in a way that resonates with grantors, demonstrating your project's genuine potential and effect.

Common grant proposals

Choose our grant proposal writing services and partner with a team dedicated to your success. Elevate your chances of securing vital funding and realize your mission's full potential.

Project Grant Proposal:

This type of proposal is focused on funding a specific project or program. It outlines the objectives, activities, budget, and expected outcomes of the project.

Research Grant Proposal:

Research proposals seek funding for academic or scientific research projects. They include details about the research question, methodology, expected findings, and budget allocation.

Operating Grant Proposal:

Operating proposals are aimed at providing funding for the day-to-day operations and ongoing activities of an organisation. They typically cover costs such as salaries, rent, utilities, and administrative expenses.

Capacity Building Grant Proposal:

Capacity building proposals aim to enhance the overall effectiveness and efficiency of an organisation. This type of proposal may seek funding for activities like staff training, infrastructure development, or organisational restructuring.

Customers Testimonials

Partnering with Amexwrite Inc for our grant proposal was transformative for Oxfam International. Their expertise and meticulous approach elevated our proposal significantly. With their invaluable guidance, we not only secured the funding we needed but also gained a deeper understanding of the grant application process. I wholeheartedly endorse their services
Gregory Jacobs, Program Director
Oxfam International
"Choosing Amexwrite Inc for our grant proposal was a game-changer for World Vision International. Their team's professionalism and commitment were palpable throughout the process. They took the time to grasp our unique requirements and crafted a proposal that authentically represented our vision. Thanks to their expertise, we received funding that's catalysed our project. We're immensely thankful for their exceptional service!"
Lucy Person, Project Manager
World Vision International

Unlock Funding Success with Amexwrite Inc's Expert Grant Proposal Writing Services!

Empower your vision with our Grant Proposal Writing Services. We turn ideas into funding success stories! 🌟

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