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Best Speech Writing Service

Amexwrite.com provides students and professional with speech writing services that efficiently relays your message and wows your audience.

Welcome to Our Speech Writing Service

Whatever you do, speech is undoubtedly an important aspect of your work. It is the best way to express ideas and findings in public. Some people find it easier to speak, even without writing their speeches down. However, for conferences and meetings, and seminars, we can rarely gain much from competent speeches. Listening to someone deliver a great speech may be an easier thing to do than trying to write it yourself because speechwriting needs a lot of effort and time; at least if you intend to write a great one. Amexwrite.com provides students and professional with speech writing services that efficiently relays your message and wows your audience.

Buy your speech online at amexwrite.com and our speech writing service will satisfy all your expectations. We work 24/7,Get in touch and have your paper right!

The Top Speech Writing Services in US

For students, you might think that you do not need to write speeches. You will be writing many research papers and reports. These will remain irrelevant and unknown if you do not present them before your class in form of an oral presentation. The reason your professors will ask you to submit a written assignment and present the same before your classmates is not that they like to waste your time. He or she wants to give you an opportunity to defend your ideas and convince everyone else listening to you why your perspective is the correct one. Therefore, as you prepare your assignment, you should also consider writing it in form of a speech so that you make your presentation interesting. Such are the instances when you might find college speech writing services

You do not need to go anywhere to order speech with us; all you have to do is to register at our website filling in all the paper details. After proceeding with the payment, our Customer Support Team will start processing the order right away

What we Offer

Our speechwriters can help you create various types of speeches; some of them are:

  • Informative Speeches: If you intend to inform your audience about something or change their opinion, you will need a speech that presents analytical information in a simple language. You only need to supply your listener with all the relevant information without requiring them to take a stand.
  • Persuasive Speeches: When you want your audience to agree with your points, a great persuasive speech can do the trick. Here, you will need to provide evidence and use logic to bring the listener to your side.
  • Entertaining Speeches: Sometimes you need to loosen up and provide an audience with information in an interesting manner. An entertaining speech amuses the audience while at the same time educates and informs them.

Amexwrite.com can help you create any kind of speech depending on the occasion at which you have to talk. Whether you are looking for a motivational or an academic speech, you do not have to worry. Our experts will work with you and solve your problem.

Why Choose Our Speech Writing Services

We have helped thousands of students and professionals create memorable speeches that influenced their audiences. We can work with you too; here are a few reasons you need to choose us from amongst the speech writing companies online:

On-time Delivery

 If you have to deliver a speech urgently but you have no idea what to do, you do not need to worry yourself sick. We will respond to your ‘help me write a speech’ within the shortest time possible.Our Speechwriters are always timely.

Money-back Guarantee

We promise to meet our clients’ needs when they place an order with us. We will handle all types of speech writing that you bring to us in the most professional way possible.If not a refund is always issued.

Confidentiality Guaranteed

We ensure that all your personal information is safe. We have a secure ordering and payment system that we update regularly to ensure you can navigate our site without worries.

Affordable Speech Writing Services

If you are operating on budget and needs to get a quality speech, then Amexwrite.com is your best choice. Get in touch with us.

24-hour Customer Support

Amexwrite.com is one of the leading speech writing services online because we have a team of dedicated customer support team who will work with you throughout.

Memorable Speeches:

By quality speeches, we do not mean to provide you with a plain speech. We make it simple and interesting such that your audience will always remember what you said

Our reputation in the industry has been soaring higher, thanks to our team of speechwriters whom we select using the most rigorous hiring methods.

Our Professional Speech Writers

If you want to leave your audience in stitches, you need to have a speechwriter who understands his or her trade well. Not all speechwriting firms can provide such speeches, which is why you need to work with a company whose records of accomplishments speaks louder than anything else does. Our reputation in the industry has been soaring higher, thanks to our team of speechwriters whom we select using the most rigorous hiring methods. We believe that not every client needs his or her speech in English; therefore, while the majority of our speechwriters are native English speakers, we have writers other writers who can handle our clients’ diverse needs. Whether you need a speech in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German or Russian, our team can sort you out. Furthermore, our professional speechwriters are not just holders of high qualifications from the world’s best universities, but also possess vast experience in speechwriting. They have helped notable figures around the world, an experience that you could utilize to improve your speech.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • I need you to help me write a speech. How do I find out more?

    Find out more about our speechwriting services on this page and our homepage. You will get details on pricing and terms of service.

  • Can Amexwrite.com write me a speech first so that I can see if I can use your services?

    No, we cannot. Our speechwriters spend a lot of their time and effort researching on speechwriting topics. It would only be fair if they get a compensation for their work.

  • Who are your clients?

    Over the years, we have worked with students and professionals. If you visit our testimonial section, you will come across comments from individuals of great repute whom we helped hook their audiences through great speeches.

  • Do you have examples of speeches you did in the past

    We try as much as possible not to share our past clients’ speeches once they have paid for them. They have full ownership of them; therefore, we can only share them with you if they allow us. However, we can organize and show you anonymous speech writing samples from our writers if you are serious about working with us.

  • How much does your professional speechwriting service cost?

    It depends on various factors. Please visit our homepage and find out from the ‘order now’ button. You will get an estimate of the cost of your speech.

  • I have ideas for my speech. Can I include them?

    Of course, you can. Our aim is to provide our clients with a customized speech with which your audience will easily identify. Therefore, if you have any information that you think will be relevant to your audience, give it to us to improve the quality of the speech. You can upload information such as figures, tables, and facts that you want us to include in your speech.

  • Can you help me write a speech in a different language apart from English?

    Of course, we can. Amexwrite.com has an international reputation as a leading speech writing service. We have writers who are native speakers for the major world’s languages. You can talk to us about the language in which you want your speech. We will let you know if we have a native speaker

  • Do your writers rely on instant speechmaker or ‘write my speech generator’?

    No, they do not. Our experts have vast experience in speech writing. In every order, we provide the client with a customized speech that resonates with the expectations of his or her audience. We do not believe that there is software out there that can capture human thoughts than a competent writer.

  • Does Amexwrite.com offer speech-writing services in every sector?

    Yes, we do. We have enough expertise and experience that covers every field or discipline. You can be sure that when you place an order with us, we will find someone competent in your field to help you write a speech that will leave your audience marveling. For instance, we have a team that specializes in wedding speech writing service that does a wonderful job on such orders.

  • What happens if my event is cancelled after I have placed the order?

    We embark on writing as soon as you place the orders. Therefore, if a client decides to cancel an order when our writers have done most of the work, we agree on a percentage that you get back so that everyone gets a fair deal. In some instances, you may not get back your money after cancelling an order that is in progress.


“That was a great speech. Thank you for helping get my first standing ovation. I will be back with other speech writing topics in two weeks”,

Terry, Canada

Terry, Canada

“I have been trying to figure out how to write a speech for school for some time now. I got in touch with Amexwrite.com and they solved my problems. I am now preparing to deliver the speech before the Dean tomorrow. Thank you”,

Julian, Texas

Julian, Texas

“I visited Amexwrite.com to find out if I could learn something on how to write a speech outline. I am glad I got more than I wanted. The speech reads well; I only need to work on my confidence now”

Paul, Laos.

Paul, Laos.

“Thank you Amexwrite.com for your reliable speech writing service. I was almost missing my event because I had no idea what to tell the audience. You should have seen their faces when I concluded my speech with the clincher that you placed at the end”,

Sheila, Ireland

Sheila, Ireland

Tue Jul 27 15:55:40 +0000 2021

RT @sbattrawden: Please listen to us as ICU doctors. We’ve seen that look of regret as it dawns on people they’ve probably made the biggest…

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