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10 Different Question And Answer About The Materials

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  1. Discuss the affect of standards and codes on the U.S fire services?

Answer Remarkable policies have been implemented in the standard and codes of U.S fire services. Mostly all the modifications have been designed without considering the important input who face the hazardous and challenges of the fire services. All these changes in codes are determined by the engineers, designers, system operators and manufacturer about monitoring and controlling the costs. There is astonishingly small indication for the professional fire fighters, investigators, fire officers and fire chiefs. The various U.S fire services involve in the growth fire codes, “there has been historically little cross-over communication between construction interests and fire services when building codes are revised” (Kobes et.al, 2011, pp.1-11).

  1. Which one of the following is not the type of codes/standards?
  1. Performance b) Standardize c) Specification d) Manipulation

Answer Manipulation

  1. Does the service contract act is possible without the acknowledgment of U.S Government?
  1. Yes b) No

Answer No

  1. --------- is the restriction set on the “Consumer Credit Protection Act”?

Answer Deduction of not more than 25% of non-refundable income

  1. Which particular age group is protected in “Age Discrimination Employment Act”?
  1. 40 to 70 years b) 50 to 70 years c) 40 to 50 years d) 35 to 70 years

Answer 40 to 70 years


  1. Define the ADEA employer definition in your own words?

Answer The ADEA employer definition is “A person who worked for industry and influencing the economy and more than twenty employees for the daily routine in more than twenty weeks during the period of present or previous calendar time.   

  1. ------- , ------- and  -------- are the three basic areas for liability?

Answer Misrepresentation, Negligence and Strict Liability in tort.


  1. List the branches name of OSHA


  1. “Occupational Safety and Health Administration” (OSHA)
  2. “National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health” (NIOSH)
  3. “Occupational Safety & Health Review Commission” (OSHRC)
  1. What are the three ways for “OSHA Standard Promulgation” ?


1. As instructed by the Secretary of labor.

2. To obey the commands present in the section 6B.

3. To call upon at the emergency situation according to the temporary standard.


    10) “When a manufacturer fails in its duty in the actual design of manufactured goods or in supplying warranty or instructions for the product”. This is also known as

  1. Negligence b) Misrepresentation c) Strict Liability in tort  d) Inattention


Answer Negligence

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