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Research Paper
A research paper is a long essay presenting an own evaluation, interpretation or argument for helping the writer to navigate through research journey by developing a research question and thesis from information researched from different sources. Actual writing involves presenting the research results with proper documentation of the sources. A research paper answers a research question into specific issue or concern. It makes much time, reading and familiarity to prepare a research paper that gets top grades. Amexwrite.com helps students who lack one or all of these to write their research papers within a given time.

Amexwrite.com is one of the top US research papers writers as we have a competent and experienced team. Our writing team has experts to help you in writing all these types of research papers depending on your preference:

Argumentative Paper

An argumentative paper presents the two sides of a certain controversial issue. It includes in-text citations from the researchers presenting logical facts from two sides of the issue. The conclusion is the point where the author analyses both pros and cons of every argument. Amexwrite.com writers present research information for both sides even if they believe in the point of view.

Analytical Paper

Analytical papers have information from a variety of sources. The focus is to analyze different points of view from a factual but not an opinionated standpoint. A writer should focus on methodology, findings, and conclusions by other researchers. The conclusion of an analytical paper sums up the study findings and suggests a framework for additional research on the issue.

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Definition Paper

Definition papers describe a topic from factual standpoint without introducing opinion or emotion from the writer. The information in a definition paper contains facts from findings of another research paper that the writer leaves unanalyzed as it should be self-explanatory. Amexwrite.com as the leading US research paper writers offers writing help as some students especially those who prefer discussing issues from an own perspective consider a definition research paper to be difficult to write. Our writers know how to write a definition paper well providing valuable information framework for other analytical or argumentative reports about the same topic.

Compare and Contrast Paper

Compare and contrast research papers are usually for literature courses comparing two different stories of a particular genre or authors. For social sciences, they compare thoughts from two philosophical frameworks. Compare and contrast paper applies in different situations even for business studies where you can use different styles of leadership. Amexwrite.com writers always have in mind the significant part of a compare and contrast paper which is to include the comparison and contrast examples that an author provides to support the thesis. They include credible examples even when there is a need to describe both elements of the paper.

Cause and Effect Paper

A cause and effect term paper traces the expected or probable results from a certain policy or action in one logical progression that a reader can follow easily. It applies in education and business fields as it outlines predicted results from specified action/situation. It also shows a range of results that may arise from a situation to a logical conclusion.


A report type of research paper usually follows a similar or memorandum business format. It usually outlines a case study situation. For example, your tutor might commission a report to describe challenges in an office scenario probably from an HR standpoint. The report includes:

  • An up-to-date summary of a situation
  • Identification of main concern or issue
  • Breakdown of elements of the main issue
  • Recommendations on how to address an issue according to the topic's research

Amexwrite.com helps to write your report research paper in short factual sentences without emotion. It usually includes an executive summary taking the place of an abstract. It also contains supporting evidence presented in the form of graphs, tables, and appendix.

Interpretive Paper

Tutors especially those who teach literature, social sciences, and humanities assign interpretive research paper writing for students to gain theoretical knowledge for use when studying a case study example. The case study can be a piece of art or poem for literary fields or a psychological case profile for psychology or social field or a business situation for management course. Amexwrite.com adheres to the key element of interpretive paper which is to present evidence showing that the paper is based on a well-established theoretical framework and includes supporting data for backing up a thesis statement and paper findings.

The variety of research papers can be a bit daunting when you first know about them, but you will realize their fundamental differences and the best way to structure them when showcasing the expert information you acquire as you work through your course. If you still find it daunting or you cannot find adequate time to write the type of research paper that your tutor requires, Amexwrite.com is ready to offer you professional writing help.

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Why our US Research Paper Writers

There may be many writing services online, but you can trust us to write you a research paper that earns you a high grade because of the following reasons.

Professional Writers

Amexwrite.com has writers possessing some qualifications and skills to produce a high-quality research paper. Our writing team has Masters and a PhD degree from various academic disciplines. We match you with a writer from your academic discipline.

Unlike many writing services, we do not just hire a writer to complete orders and earn for us. We carefully pick writers to ensure that they have the skills to write a research paper that will get a good grade for the client. A research paper must communicate ideas. We hire native English writers with strong communication skills. Amexwrite.com facilitates customers to directly message your writer to discuss the progress of drafts, revision and upload files with information that you want us to include in your research paper.

Custom Research Paper

Amexwrite.com has cut a niche among the top US research paper writers because we write custom papers. Order from us and we will assign your work to an MA or PHD writer in your field who understands the requirements of writing the paper better than others. Your writer will customize the research paper by writing according to your needs using distinct materials sourced from various sources. For any research paper subject or topic of your research paper, we will have an expert writer in your language.

100% Original Content

Order for a paper from Amexwrite.com and you will receive a personalized research paper with original content. Our writers develop research papers from scratch and cite appropriately whenever necessary. After completing their writing, our quality assurance departments perform an originality scan to ensure that our customers only receive 100% original papers. We even have the commitment to offer money back to anyone who finds plagiarized content on paper.

Affordable Pricing

The cost of a research paper and other writing services by Amex Write are relatively affordable for everyone. We have a clear per page pricing policy according to academic level and turnaround. You can use the calculator on our website to calculate the cost of your paper as that is the only amount you will pay. We do not charge any other hidden fee.

Timely Delivery

Most of the time students seek help from writing services as they have many academic assignments and other activities that take up almost their entire time. When you fill your deadline on Amexwrite.com, it is the cardinal rule to complete writing and deliver the paper before it elapses. We have a track record of delivering orders on time.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee our customers of satisfaction by writing research papers that meet and surpass their expectations. If you get a paper that falls short of the standard, we promise, inform us about it and we will revise it free until we satisfy you. Are you reeling with difficulties to complete your research paper? At Amexwrite.com, we are ready to take over the research and writing process soon as you make your payment. We run our service around the clock our support team is easy to reach through live, email or phone from any help with the ordering process.

Need a Custom Written Paper?

Let our writers craft one for you from scratch

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