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Best Press Release Writing Services

A well-written press release can earn an organization a spot at the top as one of the leaders in its field, which is why you need to pay a lot of attention before beginning to write one.

Welcome to Press Release Writing Services

Companies around the world use press releases to broadcast current affairs or to introduce new products into the market. It is a simple way that companies have always utilized to keep in touch with their current clients to get hold of new ones. Moreover, a press release is named so because its first target is always the media. There are millions of news organizations around the world today, which are competing for current affairs. Furthermore, there are also blogs that rely on press releases to bring stories to their readers. A well-written press release can earn an organization a spot at the top as one of the leaders in its field, which is why you need to pay a lot of attention before beginning to write one.

At Amexwrite.com, we provide you with the best press releases at friendly prices because we care about your sales as well. You only need to let us know your target audience, the information you need to get through and we will get to work to ensure it is well received.

The Best Online Press Release Writing Services

Amexwrite.com boasts highly trained writers with a team specially dedicated to writing press releases. They have written thousands of newsworthy press releases, giving each a detailed approach and a professional touch. If you are looking for a top quality press release, do not waste hundreds of dollars on press release writing services that guarantee cheap prices at the expense of quality. At Amexwrite.com, we provide you with the best press releases at friendly prices because we care about your sales as well. You only need to let us know your target audience, the information you need to get through and we will get to work to ensure it is well received. Our aim while writing each press release is to help the client accomplish his or her business goals. Your job is to give us the idea, ours is to mold it to give your company the visibility you desire.

Whether you have urgent information that you want to reach your clients and the public within a short time, you can rest assured when you come to us that we will help you relay accurate information on time. Our press release writers understand how to handle time-sensitive information and always do their best to help you broadcast it as quickly as possible. We can deliver in any format that the client chooses; whether you need it as doc, plain text or pdf, be sure that Amexwrite.com will deliver it. If you have specific quotes that you want us to include in the press release, you will get the chance to include them with your order so that our writers can ensure the press release is as customized as it can possibly be. You do not have to worry if you have no idea what to include in the press release, we can use any little information you give us about your organization and the matter at hand to create a compelling press release that will grip your audience.

You are at the right place to order Press Release paper; all you have to do is to register at our website filling in all the paper details. After proceeding with the payment, our Customer Support Team will start processing the order right away

Why Choose our Online Press Writing Services

At Amexwrite.com, we let you choose your level of involvement in the writing process. Just as our press release writers will accept quotes and ideas from you, they will also allow you to choose the length of the press release, which is usually between 500 and 700 words. However, we will work with your preferences and make it longer or shorter. Here are a few reasons you should consider working with us:

Quick and Easy Press Release Writing

 If you have little time on your hand because you are busy, do not worry. We have an easy-to-use ordering system that allows you include all the details you need in your press easily.You will only need to give us the basic information on what you need to communicate and we will do the rest.

Keywords for SEO

One of the roles of press releases is to spur the visibility of an organization on the internet. Our writers have vast experience in SEO based article writing. We will include keywords that the search engines can easily access and lead internet users to your website. You will benefits  in two fronts; one, relaying information quickly and accurate and two, helping your company gain visibility.

Experienced Writers

Our writers are specialists in press release writing. They have helped thousands of companies gain visibility through seamless press releases that grasped their target audience. Our press release writers are  the best in the industry. They have excelled in their journalistic endeavors and have meticulous writing skills.


 Once our press release writers have done their part, they will pass it over to the editors and proofreaders who will ensure it is written in a journalistic format as well as communicating the intended message. You will pay one price for all these.  You can trust us with any volume of work, whether you need a one-off press release or continuous relay of information to a target audience.

Catchy Headlines

Most people rely on the headline to decide whether they want to read the story or not. A thoughtless headline on a press release will see your target audience ignoring your press release as if you have insulted them. Why don’t you try Amexwrite.com for creative and cleverly thought-out headlines that communicate messages?

Money-back Guarantees

Our aim in the industry is to ensure you get the best press release writing services. Therefore, we give our best in every order to ensure that you are always satisfied. We have a refund policy that clients can resort to if they feel some of our services fail to meet their expectations.Therefore,you should not be worried about anything

Our reputation in the industry has been soaring higher, thanks to our team of Press Release Writers whom we select using the most rigorous hiring methods.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Why should I choose your press release writing services

    We guarantee you quality at fair rates. Moreover, we have a team of expert press release writers with journalism backgrounds and vast experience in writing. You cannot go wrong when you choose to work with Amexwrite.com.

  • How are your charges for writing press releases?

    We have varying charges depending on the needs of a client. You can go through our pricing guideline to get an idea.

  • Can I get press release writing services from Amexwrite.com?

    Of course, you can! Our writers can help you create a press release that journalists will find worth using as a source of news. We have a section on press release writing on our site that can offer more information.

  • Can I ask for a change once your writers have written my press release?

    Yes. We offer free revision services in situations where our writers left out some part of a client’s instructions. However, if you want us to revise the document with new instructions, we will charge you a small fee on top of what you had paid.

  • Do you write SEO friendly press releases?

    Yes we do. Because you may need to post your press release to the web immediately, our writers will ensure that it is SEO friendly to capture the attention of journalists, news agencies and other web users.

  • Can you write a press release for me?

    Yes, you can. Get in touch with Amexwrite.com and have one of our expert writers assist you. We have a record of accomplishment in delivering quality; we will not disappoint you when you need to get that important information out.

  • Do you edit press releases?

    Yes. If you have already written your press release but want to enhance its quality, we have editors who can assist you. Just let them know your audience and the information you want to convey.

  • How soon can you deliver my press release?

    Our press release writers follow clients’ deadlines. You can be sure that you will get your press release on the agreed deadline. However, we also consider the priorities of different press releases and treat them with the urgency they deserve.

  • Who writes the press releases?

    Our writers have background in journalism on top of their vast writing experience. They have helped thousands of professionals and businesses create top press releases that undoubtedly pass the right information

  • How do you ensure I get a quality press release?

    Having been in the industry for years, we understand what it means to send out a quality press release. Besides our gifted writers, we have a team of editors who ensure the press releases are of top quality.


 “Thank you Amexwrite.com for always delivering my press releases on time; I am privileged to be one of your clients”,

Goran, Mexico.

Goran, Mexico.

“I have been working with Amexwrite.com for the last two years I can attest to the fact that they have the best press release writing services around. What makes them the leaders in the game is that they beat every kind of deadline”

Matt, Nevada.

Matt, Nevada.

“Your press releases never fail to meet my objectives. I am so proud of your writers. Thank you!”

Dave, Ottawa

Dave, Ottawa

“I hope I to use your press release writing services for long because I am so impressed with the job you did last week. Keep it up!”

Gonzalez, Mexico.

Gonzalez, Mexico.

Tue Jul 27 15:55:40 +0000 2021

RT @sbattrawden: Please listen to us as ICU doctors. We’ve seen that look of regret as it dawns on people they’ve probably made the biggest…

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