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Best Formatting Services

Dealing with word documents may be a challenge if you have to format such documents within a short period because the process itself takes a lot of time. Try our Online  Formatting Services Today.

Best Formatting Services

Ugly documents irritate readers and discourage them from focusing on the content. When you have a document that you want people to read, analyze and draw conclusions from, you have to strive to make it visually appealing. Therefore, when you format your document properly, you are not only making it to look good, you are giving your readers an easy time going through it. However, this is what most people find challenging, they are unable to make a document look good and easy to read at the same time; they will always miss one.

Getting the appearance just right will so often take time you just don't have. Let us take care of your document presentation — we're fast and we're good. It's our business.

Online Document Formatting Services

If you have a problem formatting your documents in a manner that would please and entice your target readers, get in touch with Amexwrite.com. We have a team that has the skills, knowledge and the experience to provide with the formatting services that will make you proud. We follow your instructions and apply customized styles to the document, making it look appealing. Our professionals are adept at designing e-books, presentations, proposals, and other kinds of documents.

You do not have to worry about the volume of documents that you want us to assist you formatting; we have enough workforce to complete them on time. In fact, you should seek assistance from formatting services when you have a large volume of documents that you cannot format on your own. Dealing with word documents may be a challenge if you have to format such documents within a short period because the process itself takes a lot of time. Therefore, working with us saves you time, allowing you to do other productive work.

When you come to Amexwrite.com, we will you with a professional document formatting service that is key to your publishing success. We ensure that your document is not just pleasing to the eye, but is also easy and ready to print. Here are some of the things that our professional formatting services address when you come to us:

  • We prepare the material in a layout and formatting styleof your choice.
  • We follow the publishing standards that you desire and arrange the text, figures, paragraphs, and the graphics to correspond accordingly.
  • We ensure we deliver the document to you when it is ready to print.
  • You choose how you want your document; do you want us to include any crop marks, printer marks or watermarks? Please let us know.

A properly formatted document doesn’t just look good. It’s also easier to read. If you need one-stop shopping, then our editing services can help.

Why Choose our Document Formatting Services

Amexwrite.com has built a reputation as the best online writing company in the United States and around the world. This is according to the testimonials of our clients who always return for second orders or refer their friends. With us, you get nothing more than reliable services. We are in the industry to meet your needs; we do our best to meet this promise. Here is why clients trust our document editing and formatting services:

You get a Customized Word Document

We believe that every customer is unique and has a distinct need. Therefore, we respond uniquely, ensuring that your document reflects this uniqueness. We do not tailor our services to satisfy everyone, we focus on individual needs.


If you are looking for a thesis formatting service, for instance, Amexwrite.com is your best option. We will review your document and ensure that the fonts, indentations, margins, and any other formatting element are consistent to your instructions given while placing the order.

Guaranteed Confidentiality

We have put enough measures in place to protect your privacy. No third party can penetrate the security features on our website to access your personal details.Therefore you information is safe with us.

We pay attention to your preferred style

You only need to let us know your preferred style or format and we will be on it. Nevertheless, you need not to worry if you have no style of choice; we will review your document and choose the style that best suits your goals. 

We help you save time for other things

Our professional document formatting services are for your convenience. As we work in your documents, you can focus on other aspects of academic or professional career that are equally important.Save your time!

You pay much lesser than you think:

We offer one of the most competitive document formatting rates in the industry. What’s more, our prices do not affect the quality of the services we provide.We offer quality with affordable rates.

We check and correct all page elements in your document, such as head styles, lists, images, captions, and tables.We follow your instructions precisely to deliver the best output

Our Formatting Experts

You probably want an expert to handle your documents and put them the in the best form that will serve your purpose. We have a team of writers, editors, and designers who understand every aspect of documentation. With high qualifications from some of the best universities and colleges around the world, the have gone ahead and accumulated vast experience that enables them to handle any kind of document you bring before them. You do not have to think twice whether we will find an expert in your discipline; we have a team that consists of experts in different fields who will be ready to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What type of documents do you accept?

    Our document formatting services accepts all kinds of documents in all the subjects. We have specialists in nearly all the disciplines. Once you place an order, we will assign it to the writer who is best suit to handle it. We try as much as possible to ensure that the person working on your document understands the context, which can enable them to make the necessary changes without affecting the meaning that you had intended

  • Is my university okay with your services?

    They should be; most top universities are. Most institutions of higher learning encourage students to seek the services of editors, proofreaders and professional document formatting help. Moreover, our services comply with the regulations of most universities; we are certain your university will be okay with it.

  • How long does it take to complete formatting my documents?

    We have flexible turnaround periods that depend on each client’s unique needs. We give you the opportunity to choose when you want to have your document back. We endeavor to fast track every order so that you never miss your deadlines

  • What are the qualifications of your document experts?

    All of them are Masters and PhD holders, but this does not even make them the most qualified, we only select those who have been in the field long enough. We rely on their vast experience to give clients the best out of their documents

  • Do you offer guarantees?

    We do not guarantee that you will be satisfied, but we do assure you that we will do everything on your list of instructions. Nevertheless, we have a money-back guarantee that you can resort if we fail to keep our word.

  • Who can use your formatting services?

    Everyone who has documents that need formatting can get in touch with us, whether they are students or professionals. If you are student, working with us will help you get the best out of your documents while for professionals, we help you hook your target clients.

  • How flexible are you?

    We are here for your convenience. We are available on a 24-hour basis every day and night. You can get in touch with us if you have any questions and be sure that you will get a response from a human being.

  • How will you improve my document?

    We evaluate the general format of the document against the requirements of your style of choice. We will also ensure that the document is easier to read and gives as much information to the reader as much as it is interesting.

  • What modes of payment do you accept?

    We accept payment via PayPal. However, you should not have worries if this is not your favorite method; you can use direct bank transfers or make payments from your debit/credit cards.

  • Why should I choose Amexwrite.com over the rest?

    You have spent days, weeks or months working on your documents. You have researched on everything that aims at improving it; however, poor formatting can cost you all the work and effort that have gone into it. The only reason you should choose Amexwrite.com is that we help you make everything right. Our Microsoft word document formatting services will also help eliminate errors that you may have overlooked while in the process of writing. What’s more, we are a reliable choice that leads the industry with honesty, timeliness and fair pricing. You can find out more from our testimonial page why our past clients think we are the best professional document formatting services.


“Thank you for the great job, Amexwrite.com. I could not have reached that level of document formatting by myself. Please accept my apologies for miscommunication when I placed my order. I will certainly do things the right way next time”

Sibongile, Minneapolis

Sibongile, Minneapolis

“My document reads like I am the best writer in the universe. I am very proud of the experts at Amexwrite.com. Please thank each one of them for me”

 Jackson, Jacksonville.

Jackson, Jacksonville.

“I have been using freelance document formatting for some time now, but each time I had to complain. I am glad this time I found Amexwrite.com whose professional formatting service is nothing but marvelous”,

Clark, Newport.

Clark, Newport.

“Kindly take a few more days with my order and include the documents I have uploaded on my account. I had thought I could use your thesis formatting service for one of them, but I have realized the document I received from you was so good that I could not submit the rest with it”,

Elsie, Ireland.

Elsie, Ireland.

Wed May 09 09:15:44 +0000 2018

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