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US Dissertation writers

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Many students owe their final year grades to Amexwrite.com one of the leading US dissertation writers. We have helped many students who are unable to withstand the rigorous process of preparing, researching and writing a dissertation. A dissertation is a long essay covering a particular topic at length. Students usually write it as part of the Doctor of Philosophy degree process. A dissertation is an opportunity to develop the subject, research, and intellectual skills. It is different from other final year projects as it gives learners the responsibility for creating a literature review, choose study method, write the findings and discuss the outcomes of the research in the discussion section. It is one of the important papers for students as it determines whether you acquire the degree or its class.

Amex Write is a seasoned writing service that has helped to write hundreds of dissertations for students in United States universities and even some studying in universities abroad. We will help with one, part of or all the following depending on your requirements.

Literature review: Description of the way you set up your research topic and the way it fits your current study.

Methodology: The method through which you perform the research scientifically to solve your problem logically. It helps to understand the research process, outcome analysis of the method and the information after collecting statistics.

Findings: Describes and presents data, evidence or a case study. It can take more or less than previous sections. It depends on the findings you present.

Discussion: The section brings together all strands of the argument. It is a conversation between literature you discuss, the methodology adopted and findings.

Conclusion and recommendations: A chapter drawing the conclusions together and noting recommendations for practice. This stage does not require any new ideas except those that you deal with in discussion section. It may include a reflection of the research study as ways of taking the work forward through further study and training.

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Types of dissertations we write

Amexwrite.com will help you to write these main types of dissertation

Quantitative Dissertation

This is a type of dissertation that follows a quantitative research which takes a certain approach to theory leading to answer a research question and hypothesis. It sets up a particular research strategy and makes conclusions from the results. The quantitative research attempts to build and test theories by adopting an original approach. It can also adopt an extension or replication based approach.

Qualitative Dissertation

Qualitative Dissertation associates to qualitative research methods such as focus groups, unstructured interviews, and participant observation. Qualitative research takes an individual approach towards research process. Research questions mostly develop during the process. You can use the theory to help in the study process, to develop theoretical insights of both to attain the major goal which is to test a certain theory from the onset.

Mixed Methods Dissertations

Mixed methods combine quantitative and qualitative research approach. Although there has been no much writing about the mixed methods, their use is on the rise, and they are gaining a greater legitimacy. You use mixed methods when there is a need to:

  • Collect quantitative and qualitative data, analyze or interpret that data separately or combined.
  • Conduct two or more research phase perhaps such as when you need to conduct qualitative research for exploring an issue and uncovering major themes before using the quantitative analysis for measuring the relationship between themes.

Why choose our US dissertation writers service

Plagiarism Free Custom Papers

Amexwrite.com takes all the steps to ensure that every order is unique, original and follows your instructions. After receiving your order, we will assign you to work with a professional writer specializing in writing papers in your academic discipline. We are professional writing service committed to keeping our promise to deliver original content. No writer in our team cuts and pastes information from other sources or engages in any form of plagiarism. Our staff performs much research from various sources to get a lot of content from which they can generate enough material for writing a dissertation without copying. We also test complete orders for plagiarism using reliable software and take stern action against any writer who may have deliberately copied some content before sending them to their owners. When you order from us, there is no risk to incur the wrath of your professors for delivering a plagiarized dissertation.

Need a Custom Written Paper?

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Highly Qualified Writers

Out of the many applications from potential writers, Amexwrite.com only hires those who attained high academic grades in their university days. Since dissertation is a final year project, we use Master's and PhD writers to write papers in the academic discipline which they studied at university and specialize in writing as professional writers. We have specialist writers from tens of academic fields that US schools teach.

You need to write a dissertation that communicates the research you undertake and the outcomes in a manner that every reader will understand. We have native English writers who are perfect in communicating even some of the most complex research results in a way that readers will easily understand and associate. They have high fluency in American English and can also match your writing style if you prefer UK English, or you are an ESL student.

Our writers also have logical and analytical skills. They can analyze and settle for the most relevant parts from the literature they source from various sources. They use logic to compose informative text without leaving blank parts or introducing abrupt details that do not add to the topic.

Well-Researched Papers

Amexwriter.com knows that you have to support your study with evidence that convinces your supervisor and dissertation committee that your research is valid. We never deliver shallow papers. Our writers engage in in-depth research to find much information as possible on the topic. Our writing managers know of the most recent sources from various areas. Your writer and writing manager will discuss the most relevant sources from the internet, academic books, journals, scientific works or other relevant materials to use for writing your paper. We will not spare any research tool available to provide the best quality of research possible


Plagiarism Free Dissertation Paper

To plagiarize someone work is an academic crime. Amexwrite.com will never subject anyone to consequences of plagiarism accusations. We as well as our writers are professional enough to ensure that everything that appears on your paper is completely original with proper citing and referencing. A strict quality assurance team sees to it that all our writers comply with our promise to write original dissertations by using modern plagiarism software to check all content for plagiarism before delivery.

Full-Time Writing Help

In a determination to help students to attain their academic goals, Amex Write is among the US dissertation writers that provide writing service 24/7. When you require our writing help, a member of support department will be available for prompt response to your inquiries through live chat option on our website. You may also contact us through email or phone call. If you have no question about our service and would like order directly, we have a simple procedure. You will visit our website to find an order form and fill your instructions. Complete the process by making your payment, and we will find a subject specialist to work on your order immediately we receive payment confirmation.

When you struggle with your dissertation, the chances are that you will not write a paper that earns you a good grade. You can turn the tides around by asking for writing help from Amexwrite.com is a writing company with right writing experts for your assignment. Our service is confidential, and no one will tell you got our help.

Need a Custom Written Paper?

Let our writers craft one for you from scratch

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