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How To Build An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle/Aircraft System (Drone)



UAV stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. It is also known by the name “Drone” and it is also referred by various names is basically an RC airplane excluding a human pilot onboard


Earlier products in the UAV world have limited capability in controlling and handling side and because of which most  the aircrafts gets crashed, it might be a reasoning of lacking auto-landing feature and lack of artificial intelligence control. Due to this flaw, human casualties take place.  Nowadays, as UAV’s (Unmanned Air Vehicles) have become a significant source for surveillance, military purposes and artificial intelligence .


The drone we are using to build in our project is a “Fixed Wing RC Plane”. A fixed wing aircraft has benefits as well as drawbacks in contrast with rotor-craft. Fixed wing aircrafts have been proved to perform really well in the air despite the presence of piloting as well as technical faults (errors) since they possess by nature gliding features which doesn’t require power. 

Equipment And Materials Used 

Selecting Material for Aircraft Body

We consider balsa wood as because balsawood is too light weight, in low cost and according to observation balsawood has less weight that provides aircraft good thrust to weight ratio. The other advantage of using plywood is that in construction of plywood there is a slide layering of wood that glue And that slight layering of wood prevents plywood for breaking , deforming and buckle that provide strength to wood. 

Aircraft Wing Material

For the fabrication of aircraft wing we require that material having less weight than wood. As approach is that to make aircraft as low weight as possible Hence thermo pole sheet is utilized.. Advantages of using it is that thermo pole is of low weight having low cost as compare to balsawood that gradually  effecting on cost and helping our team to achieve a task of making low weight aircraft to make it fly .But using of thermo pole may cause  strength can become low .Here additionally were recover that state of being weak  by  covering  the thermo pole with three layer of special liquid fluid The construction of this glow is mixing (40% white epoxy with 40% yellow epoxy and 20% ordinary thermo-pole glue ) mixing it in result yellowish sticky fluid will appear.  That fluid is our special fluid making thermo pole water resistant, heat resistant and extremely strength having light in weight.

Selection of Airfoil  

In fabrication of wing the first step is to select airfoil geometry here we select symmetrical airfoil because the lower and upper surface of symmetrical airfoil is of same level it means center of pressure will be minimum; our team used PROFILI 2.6 software for the designing and selection of airfoil.

PROFILI Software


Our team selected Symmetrical airfoil.Symmetrical airfoil has congruent equal matching of upper and lower surfaces. Symmetrical airfoil subjected to only those wing application which having capableofturningaroundonanaxis .the reason is that center of pressure travelling is equal to zero at various angle

See the attachment

Download this file (how_to_build_UAV.pdf)How to build Unmaned Arial Vehicle 
Wed May 09 09:15:44 +0000 2018

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