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Amexwrite, Inc Privacy Policy

Amexwrite, Inc is a US Registered content writing service that takes the privacy of your information seriously. The privacy information below gives details on how we collect and use the information we obtain from you. We can change this policy from time to time and publish the current version of Amexwrite, Inc website. The word 'we' refers to Amexwrite, Inc unless we indicate otherwise.

Collection Of Information

You may be required to submit your personal data from time to time such as name email address etc. so as to use or receive services on our website. It might happen for instance when you are applying to be our content writer, to subscribe to our newsletter, enter a competition or register for personalized services such as the customer control panel.

We also need personal information to supply our services or products and sometimes help us to identify you the moment you contact us. We take reasonable measures when collecting this information to ensure that the transmission to our server is secure. We will collect payment information over a secure connection only.

If you send us an email over the internet, you should be aware that the nature of Internet is that any unencrypted communication might not be secure and the route to reach us might pass through several other countries. Please restrain from emailing confidential or sensitive information such as credit card details to us. We cannot take responsibility for unauthorized access to personal information when it is beyond our control.

We can combine this information with any other details about you in our possession if you are an already existing customer or have made an inquiry of us before.

We are going to act under the existing legislation and maintain a link to our privacy policy that includes our Data Protection Notice on a prominent section of our website.

US Data Protection Notice

Unlike much reputable and no so reputable companies plying their trade over the internet, we NEVER share any information that we receive from you together with other data with other businesses.

We can use the information you send to us for customer services, administration, profiling purchasing references, and marketing. We, however, promise that the marketing communications we send will not exceed four per month and we provide you an ability to stop receiving these marketing communications any time.

Please read the sections below in the subsequent parts of this privacy policy for information on our usage of cookies and other web tracking devices.

If you share information about another person with us, we consider it a confirmation that the other party has permitted you to avail it for us to process their personal data including the most sensitive. We also assume and that you have identified us to them and informed them the purpose for which their data as indicated in this notice.

You have a right to request a copy of your information for which Amexwrite, Inc reserves the right to charge a minimal fee and correct any inaccuracies.

For a joint protection and training purposes, we may record and monitor telephone calls.

Products and Services Information

We offer professional related products such as biography papers, resumes, email/newsletter and speech services. When you avail your contact details to us, we consider it as consent for us to be contacting you via mail, fax, telephone, email and SMS/MMS to inform you about goods, services, and promotions which might be of interest to you unless you send an objection to such messages.

As our Data Protection Notice states, we will not in one month send more than for(4) marketing communications(practically, it is rare for us to send more than one marketing communication a month) and will always grant you an opportunity to opt-out of our marketing communications.

Sensitive Data

When you request for a service from us, we may call you to ask for details about your credit or debit card. We always give the option to enter these details through Amexwrite, Inc website which uses secure merchants service. We also accept payment via PayPal, a gateway that does not require you provide details of your credit or debit card.

We never store any of the customers' sensitive data for instance credit and debit card data.

If you are our writer, you acknowledge that we need to save the bank details you supply to us to speed up processing of your invoices. We promise that we will take all the reasonable precautions to ensure that they stay safe.

How We Collect Information About Your Website Visits

When you visit the web pages, we might check the IP address to find out your location. It helps us to give you the most relevant content to the place you are located.

We may add something called a ‘cookie’ to your computer. Thousands of other reputable websites use cookies, and this should not alarm you. Their intention is to enable us to track the frequency of your visits to our site. They also allow us to confirm you identity after log into our site and help us to know whether you are logged in or out.

We may also try the option of using analytical software that records statistical (non-personal) information about your activities on our website. For example, we can collect information about the duration of time we spend on a page, data on screen settings, common navigation paths through the site and other essential general information. All this information is not person-specific.

How Do We Use Your Personal Information?

The personal data is only for the purposes that we state when collecting it or those that you can reasonably anticipate. Where necessary, we use the information for the purpose that you gave us your consent. After that, we are not going to contact you or pass this information to another party or company indefinitely.

We have a commitment to treat your personal data with all the due care by the data protection principles. Also, you will notice that our privacy policy is protective by far than that of many other big companies that often reserve a right to pass your personal details to third parties for the purpose of marketing.

Accessing Personal Information

If you need to access a copy of the information we hold for you, please send an email to our inquiries team and mark it for the attention of our legal department. We reserve a right to ask you to give us certain information that assists us to confirm your identity.

You should know that we reserve a right to charge you a small fee for providing this information but most likely, we will not charge you.

We reserve the right to charge a small fee for the provision of this information, although we will probably not do so.

If you believe that the data we are holding about you is inaccurate, is being misused or need further information, you can reach us through our inquiries email.

Provision of Services to Minors

If you are aged 16 years or below, you must get permission from your parent of guardian before you provide your personal information to us. If we find out that you provide us information without consent, we reserve the right to terminate all transactions and services including removing personal data you supplied. We will only allow you to res-submit this information when we know you have got permission from the appropriate person.

Use Of Cookies

Cookies are text files that help our server to identify your computer through an IP address.

You have an opportunity to set your computer to accept all the cookies, notify you when we issue a cookie or block cookie at all times. You can take one of the actions using your internet browser. For most browsers, you can reach this facility through ‘tools’ (for example the Internet Explorer), or ‘task’ (e.g., Netscape) or ‘edit’ menu.

If you have a problem finding this area, seek assistance from the ‘help’ function within the browser. If you refuse a cookie, it can prevent proper operation of the website or even prevent you from accessing certain areas. For example, the customer login area relies on cookies to identify you and whether you are logged in or out any time.

Links To Other Websites

Our website might contain links to other sites. Amexwrite, Inc is not responsible for security and privacy of these sites unless we have a contractual association with them. This privacy policy applies to our site. If you are unsure about the functioning of a site claiming to have a partnership with us, call us or send an email to our inquiries email address. For more questions on the ways we use to handle data, please send us an email or call us. If you have a question requiring a detailed answers, please email it to our inquiries address and mark it for the attention of Amexwrite, Inc legal department.

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Amexwrite, Inc Complaints Policy

Amexwrite, Inc values all feedback from the customers whether good or bad. We appreciate the time you spend to inform us about anything that you unhappy about us. Your comments will help us to improve and evolve. Customer feedback has been a significant part of building our current ethos and culture.

We place much importance on listening to you. We assure you that when you have a complaint, we do the best to resolve it soon as possible.

Our priority is to ensure that your order completely satisfies you.

The purpose of this complaints policy is to set out the way to contact us if our service falls below your expectations and the way we will deal with your complaint. It also lays out your legal rights under the American Law.

Quality Complaint

If you have reservations about the quality of work we send you, please contact the amendments department with seven (7) days with much detail as you can about the possible problem.

If you send us an email about quality of your work outside the amendments period, please know that it is our discretion to offer any remedies under our terms and conditions. However; we always accord complaints outside the amendment period a similar level of attention as those emailed to us on time.

* Customers may extend the amendment period to 93 days when placing the order.

Response Time

We try the best to acknowledge all emails sent during working hours on the same day.

At our busiest times of the year, we occasionally acknowledge emails sent during last two hours of a day on the next working day.


When we believe that you have a justified complaint, we will forward it to your content writer for free amendment.

If we believe that a complaint has not justification but based on a relatively minor issue( For instance something you forgot to mention about your order such as a personal details), we will pass it to your content writer for amendment and cover much of the cost for extra work.

If we believe that your complaint has no justification, we will send you an email with reasons for our concerns or ask you to provide more information. We can consider amending your work for a small fee.

If we do not agree with you about your complaint, we will choose another expert to go through your work. The expert completes a pro-forma Assessment Sheet that we send to you upon completion. The cost of this report is upon Amexwrite, Inc. If the outcome confirms justification of your report, we will ask your content paper writer to make amendments free. If the outcome confirms that your complaint was unjustified, we shall contact you to try and reach an agreement as our overall objective is to satisfy our customers.

If a complaint is about work that we could not amend for example when the deadline has passed, we are going to investigate the claim in the same way we handle timely amendments requests. If there is a reason to believe that the claim is valid, we will work closely with you to reach an amicable resolution. We can provide a credit for a future order, a part or full refund.

Service Complaint

If complaint is about a service that you receive from one of our departments, please use our enquiries email address to communicate your views. It might be necessary to mark your email for attention by a manager for one of our departments.

  • Customer experience
  • Quality control
  • Website
  • Human resources

If you are unsure about the right department to handle tour complaints or have an issue relating to a manager’s conduct, you should send your complaint to our Chief Operations Officer (COO).

Response Time

We endeavor to acknowledge all the emails during working hours on the same day.

At the extremely busy times of the year, we occasionally attend to received emails in the last two hours of a day on the following working day.


Our first action is to direct your complaint to the correct department. We will then assign you a contact person to deal with your complaints up to the end. Usually this will be a department manager. You contact is responsible for acknowledging your complaint, investigate it and is likely to contact you for more information. The contact will keep you informed about any action we take and attempt to resolve this matter together with you as the overall objective is to ensure that we leave you completely satisfied so that you can return to us in future when you need similar services.

What if I am Still Unhappy?

If you are unsatisfied with the attention to your complaint by our team, you can write to our COO. Send your marked complaint letter for COOs attention to our inquiries email address.

Can I Take Legal Action?

We are a United States registered company and subject to the US law. You can take your case to the country’s courts if you do not feel that we have been fair. Our hope is that no customer feels the need to take this action as we strive to ensure that we entirely satisfy our customers. For this reason, we request you to inform us about your complaints before you consider any other action.

Please remember that a court should be the last resort after exhausting all the available avenues. Legal action can be expensive and time consuming for every party. The courts are ever overburdened and dislike it when people waste their time-an example is when you issue a claim without first informing us about your unhappiness. For such cases, the courts can rule that you have not made an attempt to first resolve your dispute and might order you to pay our cost for the case even if you will win the case.

We maintain that your first step should be to contact us through email or your online account to provide the full details of your problem. Lay out the details of the order and the reasons that make you feel that your treatment was unfair.

If you do not get a reply within two (2) working days, call us immediately-it could be that we have not got your email so prepare the details of the person who you sent it to and the time you emailed. Find out from the respondent about the person who is dealing with your matter and when to expect a feedback. Ensure that you note the mane of the person who answers the call and the time you called.

When you do not get a satisfactory reply, contact our COO. Make sure that you get a personal reply or a call, if you do not, make a follow up by telephone. Ask for confirmation about receipt of your message and relay it again if the COO has not got it. It is an essential process to ensure that you give us a fair notice of your complaint and allow us to resolve it on your behalf.

If at this you feel that we have not dealt with this matter to your satisfaction, consider other ways of resolving it. Can we for example submit your matter to an independent expert for a decision? Try to propose a fair resolution for you and us.

What Rights Does The Law Grant Me?

We set out our terms and conditions that dictate the way we provide service to you in a contract (also called an ‘agreement’ since it signifies our agreement with you. Find this contract on Amexwrite, Inc website under ‘Terms and Conditions’ and there, is also a link on the bottom of an order form.

You have several legal rights under this contract. They include a right to:

  • Receive an order on time
  • Receive plagiarism free work meeting your specifications
  • Receive work of the quality standard you order
  • Get work amendments if you are not satisfied

Cancellation Period for Services

Your contract with us is that we provide unique services hence you cannot cancel a contract after an expert starts working on your order. You do not have the standard seven days cooling off period applying to most contracts concluded at a distance. The Consumer Protection (the Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 permit exception when the performance of a contract begins with you consent before the end of the standard cancellation period, where we have given written confirmation and additional information before initiating performance of services. (It includes information that your cancellation rights end soon after performance of your contract begins).

Further Help

We have our contract in plain English as much as we can. If you do not understand a part of it, please send an email to info@Amexwrite, Inc and request for an explanation.

Regardless of the agreements in our terms and conditions, we aim at the entire satisfaction of our customers. For instance, the contract restricts request for amendments to just seven(7) days, but we frequently allow amendment requests outside this period and take necessary action if they are justified.

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It might be tempting to use any of our model custom content5 papers as your own, but it is not the policy of Amexwrite, Inc for our customers to use our work in this way. To benefit from any of our model content papers,you should use it a basis for further research and build on the knowledge therein to create on 100 percent authentic work.

We are ardent about professionalism, and we want you to be the best in the outside world.

What is the Right Way to Use A Model content papers?

Our model content paper service offers clients an illustration on how to tackle a particular contents they may want to write. It might not be the only approach to the particular content paper, and indeed you can form a completely different view of our research, but the model content papers provides you with a strong starting point for you to conduct your research and write your own content paper. The right way of using our model coontent papers step-by-step is as it follows:

  • Read through the whole model content paper for you to completely understand everything
  • Re-read every paragraph or section within our model content paper and write down notes.
  • Try developing your ideas and arguments from these notes
  • Read through all information you gather and make further notes on the contents you want to include in your work.
  • Use the model content paper created by our researcher as a guide to produce your work. For example, you can learn from the structure, range, and quality of the work presented as well as the level of critical analysis applied within the model content papers.
  • Ensure that your final work is 100% original, formulated from your ideas and perspective.
  • It takes more effort than just using our model content papers as your work, but it also means that you will learn the topic more thoroughly and prepare better for your future papers.

Can I use A Model content paper for my own benefits

No- It is plagiarism to use the work of researcher because you will be using somebody's work as your own. Even when you make some minor alterations to work by the researcher, it is still plagiarism as the work you should use for instance by uploading it in your website, must be your own in entirely. Amexwrite, Inc provides custom content papers of greater benefit if you use it according to this Fair Use Policy.

For any further questions about the Fir Use Policy or terms and conditions, please contact our friendly Customer Support representatives through Live Chat, phone number or email on our website.

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When you place an order at Amexwrite, Inc, you as the customer agree that you have read and understood our terms and conditions. Amexwrite, Inc guarantees original documents without any copy paste work from the internet. We write professional content papers,and follow the instructions provided to us by you through our order form and strictly follow them.

1) Our Agreement to Be an Agency Acting On the Authority of Principal with the Customer ("You")

  1. Amexwrite, Inc in an agent for qualified content writing experts to sell their original work to clients
  2. You the customer appoint Amexwrite, Inc (the "Agency") to find an expert (the " Principal") so as to perform research and assessment service (the "Work") to a customer with the period of an agreement under these provisions.
  3. The Agency has authority to refuse an order at its discretion and in such instances will refund the payment issued by the Customer in that order.
  4. The prices and order delivery time on the Agency's website are illustrative. If the other price or delivery time that customer offers is unacceptable, Amexwrite, Inc will refund the payment that such customers make in that particular order.
  5. If a Customer is not satisfied with the quality standards of commissioned work, we have availed remedies as set out in this agreement.
  6. The client has no permission to contact the Principal directly. The agency acts as an intermediary between the two parties.

2) Term of Appointment

  1. The agreement between the the content writing Agency and the Customer (the "Parties Collectively") will commence once the Agency confirms the availability of an expert to undertake the Customer's order (" order") and have received payment from a Customer (" Commencement Date")
  2. The Agreement between the Parties is in place until the expiry of the time allowed for amendments notwithstanding the existing clauses below unless one party terminates according to these provisions.
  3. These provisions will apply in the case of termination of an agreement between Parties:

    • 7 -plagiarism
    • 8- data protection
    • 10.5 -paid amendments
    • 12, 14 and 15- refunds and payment up front
    • 16- copyright

3)Content Writing Agency Services

  1. To offer research and or assessment service according to Customer's Order, the Agency shall allocate a duly qualified content expert who it deems to possess appropriate qualifications and experience to take on the Customer's Order.
  2. The Agency commits to exercise all the necessary skills and judgment when allocating an appropriate expert about the experts' qualification, experience and track record that we know of and to any other available information in the Agency's possession regarding the course and degree of the Customer.
  3. When the agency located a fitting expert and got payment from a Customer, he/she acknowledges that it is a binding Order and no refund can be issued.
  4. If the Agency accepts a deposit from a Customer, the Customer agrees to pay the outstanding balance to the Amexwrite, Inc at least 24 hours before the due date of their Order. If a Customer does not pay the outstanding balance to the Agency in agreement with the term, it may result in a delay in delivery of the Work.

4) Co-operation

  1. The Customer will avail clear briefings about the Order to the Amexwrite, Inc and ensure that all are accurate.
  2. The Agency will fully co-operate with the Customer using reasonable skill and care for the success of the Order as expected from a proficient research agency. The Customer helps us to achieve success by availing all necessary information at the beginning of a transaction and co-operating fully throughout should the Principal need additional information or guidance.
  3. The Customer accepts that failing to provide such guidance or information during a transaction might delay delivery of Work and they cannot hold the Agency responsible for and subsequent loss or damage. 'Completion on Time Guarantee' does not apply to such cases.

5) Approvals and Authority

  1. Where the Agency or Principle requires confirmation of particular detail, they should use the email address or phone number a Customer provides for contact.
  2. The Customer accepts that the Agency can take instruction it receives through these modes of contact and can reasonably assume that the instructions are from the Customer.

6) Delivery –" On Time Completion Guarantee"

  1. The Agency accepts to facilitate Work delivery before midnight of the due date unless it is a Sunday, Bank Holiday and “Non-Working Holidays" (Christmas, Boxing, New Year's Day, etc.). In such case, Amexwrite, Inc will deliver the work on the following day before midnight.
  2. The Agency undertakes that the Principal will complete the Work on time or will refund the Customer's payment in full and still deliver the Work free.
  3. For the purpose of this guarantee, the relevant due date is set when the Agency allocates the Order to an expert.
  4. When the Agency and the Customer agree on a variation to the deadline, a refund will not be due.
  5. The Agency is not liable for any lateness under this guarantee because of technical problems caused by third parties or otherwise. These include but not limited to Incompatible Formats, Mail Account Providers, Internet Service Providers and Hosting Providers.
  6. The Agency accepts that in the occurrence of such technical problems within a system it is directly responsible for or provided by third party contractors, they will provide reasonable proof of the technical difficulties as far as it is available or will honor the Completion on Time Guarantee in total.
  7. The Agency does not undertake liability under this guarantee when the cause of a delay is illness or death of the Principal or an immediate family member.
  8. If a customer does not get the Work on the due date, they accept to contact the Agency via the Customer Control Panel on the next day (or the day after a Non-Working Holiday) to work together in overcoming any technical difficulties. A representative will help the Customer through Customer Control Panel or on the phone until delivery of the Work. Upon request, the agency provides proof about the existence of technical difficulties, illness or death.
  9. If a Customer takes longer to inform Agency about non-delivery, it is at their risk and cannot hold the Agency liable for any delay in contacting it about late or non-delivery. The Agency can provide proof on request that the Principal completed and uploaded the Work on time and or that the delivery was timely or evidence that technical difficulties, illness or death is the cause of late or non-delivery. If the agency can prove at least ones of these occurrences, the Customer cannot claim a refund or a discount. If the Agency cannot verify one of these occurrences, the affected Customer will get a full refund and the Work for free. The Customer agrees not to seek any option to a refund as a result of delivery problems.
  10. The Agency does not have any obligations about Completion on Time Guarantee if some actions by the Customer cause of delay in delivery of Work. The acts include but not limited to failure to pay an outstanding balance due for the Order, sending extra information after the Principal has started working on the Order or changing any element of the instructions. Delays by the customer might lead to change in the due date according to the extent of delay without activating "Completion On Time Guarantee."
  11. If a Client agrees to '‘staggered delivery' with a Principal, Completion on Time Guarantee will relate to the final date of delivery for the entire Work but not the delivery of the individual components.

7) Plagiarism- “$5,000 No Plagiarism Guarantee."

  1. $5,000 No Plagiarism Guarantee applies when a customer detects some plagiarism delivered work.
  2. When a customer detects plagiarism in his/her work, it is the Principal who will pay a sum of $5,000 to the Client.
  3. 'Plagiarism' in our service includes when the Principal:

    • Passes off words by someone else as own work
    • Passes ideas by someone as their own
    • Rewords information from a source but still retains its original ideas even if he gives credit or uses quotation marks
    • Provides incorrect information about the source of quote –for instance, to cite a source found and utilized by the real author yet the Principle does not have its copy
    • Changes words but lifts the sentence structure of the source without any credit
  4. When there is discrepancy on whether a customer’s findings amount to plagiarism or not, the Agency will review the Work carefully and refer to a qualified expert when it deems necessary. In such circumstances, the decision by the Agency is final.
  5. In all cases, it is not Plagiarism if a customer has specifically required the Principal to include material in way that the Agency would consider to be plagiarism.
  6. In all the cases where Plagiarism can be regarded as minor or is reasonable as a result of a mistake, $5,000 No Plagiarism Guarantee is not payable.
  7. When the Principal contends that alleged Plagiarism was a result of an error, the Agency will review the Work carefully, taking all relevant circumstances into consideration and the history of the Principal with Agency and refer to a qualified expert if it is necessary. In such circumstances, the decision by the Agency as to whether the guarantee is payable or non-payable shall be final.
  8. The guarantee cannot apply in circumstances when the Agency detects plagiarism taking the initiative to inform the Customer about it before he or her complaints about it. In such a case, the Agency will offer a rewrite upon request by the Customer.
  9. Amexwrite, Inc agrees that if a Principal is responsible for confirmed Plagiarism offense and fails to give out the $5,000 compensation, they provide all the possible assistance that a customer requires. It includes providing a copy of a contract between the Agency and the Expert, his/her name and address for the affected customer to take direct remedial action. Amexwrite, Inc shall not be responsible for reimbursement of $5,000 to the customer as compensation. Nonetheless, if it is a requirement to pay the plagiarism bond, we can withhold the sums due for payment to the Expert and undertake to retain these funds until the writer pays the full plagiarism bond to the Customer. If the payment is not forthcoming, Amexwrite, Inc will release the funds (equal to the value of plagiarism bond) to the Customer after a logical period after giving adequate notice to the Expert. If litigation involves Agency because of holding these funds, it has the right to pay the plagiarism bond in a court of law

8) Data Protection

  1. The customer agrees that Amexwrite, Inc may store the details provided when placing an order and making payment in a secure database on the understanding that we share them with select through parties in the interest of securing payments and providing better service. These parties can contact the customer from time to time.
  2. The Agency commits to non-disclosure of personal information about a Customer other than it is necessary to achieve the aims above or when required to release it by a lawful authority or to pursue fraudulent transactions.
  3. Amexwrite, Inc operates a Privacy Policy that is available on the website and in the form of a copy upon request by a customer.

9) Amendments to in Progress Work

  1. A client cannot request changes to the order instructions after making payment or deposit and the work assigned to an expert
  2. A customer might provide an Expert with additional supporting information soon after making a deposit or full payment provided that it does not add or conflict with the details in the original order instructions.
  3. If a customer provides extra information after making a deposit or full payment and does not conflict with original order specifications substantially, the Agency can at its discretion obtain a quote in respect to the amended specification. A customer accepts that such changes may cause a delay in delivery of the order for which Amexwrite, Inc cannot take responsibility. 'Completion on Time' is not payable under such circumstances.

10) Amendments to Complete Orders

  1. Amexwrite, Inc agrees that if a customer believes that the completed Work does not meet exact specifications and/or guarantees by the Expert as according specifications on the website. The client could request amendments with seven (7) days of order delivery or more days if a Customer paid to extend the revision period. Such modifications will be free of charge for customers.
  2. The customer can make one request with all details of required amendments via our Customer Control Panel. The revision details will be sent to the Expert for comments. If it a reasonable request, the Expert will amend the order and resend it to the Customer within 24 hours. The Expert may request for additional time to finish making the amendments whose granting is at the discretion of a Client.
  3. If an Expert disagrees with Customer's request, there will be an opportunity to make a comment. If both fail to reach an agreement regarding amendments, Amexwrite, Inc control team shall assess the dispute and make the final decision. They can at their discretion refer this matter to another expert to determine the changes request, and his/her decision is the final and binding to the Customer and the writer.
  4. If the Expert fails to fully comply with a reasonable request for amendments by the Customer, he/she can make a fresh application for change until the Expert thoroughly deals with the request.
  5. If request to amend an order is beyond the time allocated for the purpose or if the required revisions does not relate to original specification for the order, an Expert has the discretion to issue a price quote before making the changes and customer may accept or reject it. If the Customer agrees, it is an acknowledgement that the expert might require upfront payment before making changes to the additional work.

11) Fees

  1. Amexwrite, Inc commission's charges for services, the Expert charge for the service and VAT charges appear as an Aggregate amount on our Website.
  2. If a customer requires amendments to the order is a way inconsistent with original specifications, the Expert has authority to set an own rate to make the modifications while the Agency's fee will be proportional to the charge.

12) Refunds

  1. If Amexwrite, Inc agrees to repay part of full of the customer’s payment, this refund will be by credit or debit card used for making the initial payments. If the customer did not use a card (for example made a direct deposit into the bank account), the Agency offers Customers a choice of refund through our chosen bank or store it as credit towards future orders. The Agency has discretion to make all the refunds.

13) Value Added Tax

  1. VAT is part of Agency’s price quote when appropriate at the prevailing rate at the time.

14) Terms of Payment

  1. Unless payment is made at the date of making an order, when the Agency finds a well qualified and experienced expert in the Work, it informs the customer through email to make the payments.
  2. If at its discretion, Amexwrite, Inc accepts a deposit rather than full order value; the Customer agrees to pay the outstanding balance before delivery date for the order.
  3. A Client accepts that after paying for Work, the Agency finds an Expert to start working on it hence it cannot agree to a request to cancel or refund. However, a customer has the discretion to continue or cancel an order anytime until the time of making deposit or full payment and the Agency allocates it to an expert.
  4. The customer agrees to abide by Amexwrite, Inc refund policies and acknowledges that because of personalized and highly specialized nature of services, issuing of full refunds is only under the circumstances outlined by these terms or other conditions that may occur in which any refund or discount is at the discretion of the agency.
  5. The reading of these terms is subject to terms of 'Payment Up Front' in section 15 of this Agreement.

15) Payment up Front

  1. Amexwrite, Inc may invite a Customer to pay for an order up front before formally securing an expert for the Work.
  2. The Agency undertakes not to accept any advance payments unless it is confident of securing an expert who can complete the Customer's Work.
  3. The Customer acknowledges that making payments in advance is not a guarantee that the Agency will find a fitting expert for the Work.
  4. If a customer makes upfront payment and the Agency fails to find an expert for the order, it will issue a full refund of the payment

16) Copyright

  1. A customer accepts that that Expert owns the copyright for content in order and it is impossible to secure it through an order obtained through an Agency’s service
  2. The customer gets an exclusive license by the Expert who completed the work to own a copy of the Order for the purpose of using it as an example/model answer for educational purposes. The customer does not gain the copyright or a right to submit it as personal work in part or whole. A Client must undertake not to do any unauthorized distribution, resale or display of the Work in a way disregarding the fact that a customer does not own the copyright.
  3. A Client accepts that Amexwrite, Inc, its employees, and experts do not support or condone plagiarism and that the Agency reserves a right to deny supply of any services to the people it suspects of engaging in such behavior. The customer accepts that the role of the Agency is to locate a suitably qualified expert to provide independently customized research services so as to help students in learning and to advance their educational standards.
  4. A customer accepts that if an Agency suspects someone of using any materials or essays in violation of the rules above, it has a right to refuse to carry our further work for such person or organization and will not bear any liability for any of such unauthorized and undetected use.
  5. The Agency agrees that all Work it supplies through its service is not for resale or distribution for remuneration or otherwise after completion. The Agency undertakes not to place an order on any essay bank or website after the expert completes it. The Expert also agrees never to share, publish, resell or redistribute any Work submitted or sold through the Amexwrite, Inc.

17) Level Request Guarantee

  1. If the final work (read 17.3) does not reach the required grade, amexwrite.com ensures that the writer will refund the full cost of the order.
  2. This guarantee is in place for 90 days from final date of amendment period.
  3. Customers who order for a 1st Class level of work are guaranteed to receive only this standard. If we determine the work is 1st class, we cannot issue a refund.
  4. The grade guarantee for all orders is after collaboration with the customers in revision requests. There is no guarantee for grades on the first delivery to the Client. It is only the final version after amendments that we can guarantee.
  5. A customer wishing to dispute the standard of quality of Work under this guarantee must provide Amexwrite, Inc with credible evidence. It includes a copy of feedback from the tutor and copy of submitted work.
  6. A customer should raise and substantiate a complaint within 90 days of order amendment delivery so as to receive a full refund.
  7. Valid complaints sent after the elapse of that date fetch a credit voucher, two-thirds of the work’s value for the customer.
  8. Amexwrite, Inc carefully reviews and assesses all evidence to support a claim in regard to all surrounding circumstances and make reference to a competent expert who it deems necessary for the role.
  9. If a customer has any evidence that the Work does not meet the orders quality standards, the condition of this agreement is that he/she submits it promptly for the Agency to consider before reaching a decision. We treat all evidence with absolute confidentiality.
  10. If the work below does not reach the ordered quality standard because the customer made a request the contributed to lowering the quality standard during Order specifications, correspondence or requests for amendment and non-compliance of these requests show that the Expert would have attained the specifications, no refund is due.
  11. If the work is below ordered quality standards, but the reason is that a customer made not clear specification open to ambiguity or diverse interpretations, there is no entitlement to a refund.
  12. For work that is below ordered quality standard about course, assignment or module instructions because the customer gave incomplete instructions or different from the full paper requirements, Amexwrite, Inc will not issue a refund.
  13. No refund is due before the Agency makes the decision which is final. The customer will get sufficient details on the reasons for the decision including a copy of the report from a commissioned expert when applicable.

18) Final Mark Awarded

  1. The Customer does not have authority to pass our Work as theirs as they do own the copyright hence a violation of terms of use.
  2. A customer agrees that quality standard of an order does not guarantee marks that a student receives after submitting their work nor does it guarantee the final degree mark.

19) General

  1. Amexwrite, Inc Agency's opening hours are (fill according to instructions) The Agency has the discretion to not work on Non-Working Holidays. We may declare regular business days and Non-Working Days from time to time for specific reasons by placing a notice on our site. Any support or service on a non-working day is our discretion.
  2. Because of the popularity of our services, we are unable to deal immediately with phone and email requests but pledge to make all efforts to expeditiously respond to customer's requests and promptly deal with urgent requests.
  3. A Customer undertakes the risk for the decision to rely on Agency provided research to the extent that there may be a delay in delivery causing missing of deadlines. Amexwrite, Inc, employees, and experts will not be liable for any late delivery except that provided for by these terms.
  4. A customer agrees that the views by the Agency, its experts, and employees about using its services are opinions and not advice. Customers equally accept that all views and statements expressed by the marketing agents and their affiliates are not endorsements by Amexwrite, Inc and may not accurately reflect our policies or regulations.
  5. A customer undertakes to check guidelines and regulations by their university before they order so as to comply with individual rules and regulations by institutions. A Customer acknowledges that a decision to use an expert for research services is out of an own volition and agrees not to hold the agency, employees or experts liable for the decision to use the service that may contravene or breach the guidelines, regulations, and rules by their institutions or universities.
  6. A customer agrees that Amexwrite, Inc services are subject to availability and that the work is strictly for academic support hence cannot constitute professional advice
  7. A customer agrees that while the Agency makes every effort to ensure that the work is accurate and fully custom, inaccuracies may occur at times and it will not be held responsible together with its employees or experts. These terms allow free amendments and discretionary discount in such occurrences.
  8. A customer agrees that it is a breach of copyright to hand in part or whole Work from us and such action automatically forfeits all the rights under our terms and conditions.The Agency has the discretion to make further remedy following such an instance.
  9. The agency has the right to refuse an order or entering into an agreement with a customer, and this reservation supersedes all the terms in this agreement.
  10. Amexwrite, Inc reserves the right to refuse to continue with any order in case of a reason to believe that a customer has an intention to use the Work that the Agency supplies in contravention of Fair Use Policy or these terms.
  11. Both parties agree that all the terms and agreements are legally binding from Commencement date.
  12. These terms represent full terms existing between Amexwrite, Inc and the Customer from time of initiation surpassing and replacing any preceding oral or written agreements, representations or understandings between the parties.
  13. By getting into an agreement to locate an expert for providing research services, the parties confirm that that are not doing it on the basis of a representation that is not incorporated expressly into these terms.
  14. For purposes of Contracts (Rights of the Third Parties) Act 1999, Parties have no intention to and do not give anybody who is not part of this agreement between the parties a right for enforcing any of the provisions.
  15. The validity, construction and implementation of an Agreement between both Parties will be governed by United States Law and will be a subject to exclusive jurisdiction of the country’s courts to which parties submit.
  16. If any provision of Agreement between Amexwrite, Inc and the Customer is against the law or a court declared it to be unlawful, unenforceable or void the provision will be severed from the agreement to required extent and become ineffective as far as it possible without modifications to remaining provisions of an agreement and shall not affect in any way the other circumstances of enforcement or validity of an agreement
  17. Amexwrite, Inc records all calls for quality assurance and training purposes.

20) Promotional Email Campaigns

  1. Amexwrite, Inc offers academic related products like past papers, plagiarism software, marking and proofreading services.
  2. When you provide us with contact details, we regard it as your consent for us to be contacting you by email, SMS/MMS telephone, fax and mail to inform you about any of our services, goods or promotions which might be of some interest to you unless you object to receiving such messages.
  3. As we state in our Data Protection Notice we never send more than four marketing communications each month(practically we seldom send more than only one marketing communication a month) and will always give an opportunity to opt-out of any marketing communications.

21) Revision Policy

Amexwrite, Inc has proper revision policy to fully satisfy our customers who feel that their Work requires amendments. In order to receive our revision, we require you to send a copy of your Order with instructions on the sections that require changes. Revision period is seven (7) days after initial order for a Standard order and up to 3 months for an Elite order. Submit your revision request with the specified dates for use to locate the Expert who completed the Work to make the necessary amendments. Respect our terms and enjoy totally free revisions according to your needs.

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