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Science Fiction in Film

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Major theme of Jurassic Park

The movie Jurassic Park is based on the science and technological thriller. This discusses the issue related to the risk, advancement and development of technology for the human being. In this movie, the biggest dangers are the concept that advancement in technology is directly beneficial for all human beings. Crichton raises the question about whether the technology advancement is as beneficial as we are considered, whether the advancement should be allowed and whether it provides the improvement in our daily lives and environment. Although this novel based movie does not portray the concept against the technological development, it just wants to convey the point that it is necessary to show the minor precautions related to the new technologies. Furthermore, Jurassic Park is also popularized because of the mathematical concept of chaos theory. In the past centuries, the varies laws of physics explained the logical connection between the concept of cause and effect present in nature. Before the modern physics, it was assumed that the probability of making precise long-term interpretation related to the physical system was always possible in the specific condition. The specific condition was that as long as a person understands the initial condition of the system. The exploration of chaotic system in the twentieth century completely abolished that concept. In this novel, Malcolm understanding of chaos theory represents the Jurassic Park as a “complex physical system”, will expect to progress in a random and unstable manner that will certainly become the reason of disaster, irrespective of the cautions that have been practiced.

Major theme of forbidden planet

The theme of forbidden planet movie is also based on the science and technology. In the story of the forbidden planet, the species of Altair 4 appeared as the full of mystery and dominant. Krell explores that Altair 4 species were more powerful in technology and more intelligent compare to the human being on earth. They had advanced tools and equipment in their laboratories such as the brain-boosting machinery. The most significant machine among all was an “underground city-sized machine”. Krell used that machine to work that facilitated them to exist in the world having “civilization without instrumentality”. Furthermore, suddenly all Krell vanished while they were working on the same machine. There were no indications on the planet about them. This movie discusses another view of super-technology that is the technology for the space journey. Forbidden planet presents the scientific exploration and advanced technology as the extreme danger to any species who utilizes them. Ingrid Richter’s stated “Like a forbidden fruit, Forbidden Planet contained knowledge and technology that far surpassed human responsibility…providing a…warning about the instability of human nature, especially in regards to destructive technology”. The biggest machine holds the extraordinary power and Altaria and Morbius both fulfill their requirements by manufacturing the innovative machine in the absence of any scientific considerations. Another miniaturize creation is Robby the Robot. This Robby machine has no pre-defined rules laws and has appeared as the master of its own wishes. In the end, it becomes the reason of Morbius destruction. Another most amazing form of technology in the forbidden planet is the brain-booster machine significantly created to test and enhances the Krell minds. On the other hand, this is the most dangerous machine for the brain of human beings and it murders the people who use it for brain boosting purpose. It is quite similar to the advanced technology of today’s world, these devices have the power over wealth and live of human beings, but at the same time, if mistreated, they can turn into lethal.


Thesis Statement of Jurassic Park


The thesis statement of movie Jurassic Park is related to the potential dangers due to the dependence on technology. The character John Hammond does not properly understand about the advancement in technology that is the reason he does not try to understand the importance and sensitivity of Dennis Nedry’s work. Nedry starts to feel himself unappreciated; he creates potential danger for Hammond and for others.

 Thesis Statement of forbidden planet

The thesis statement of movie forbidden planet is based on the topic of space technology, the importance of exploration, human weakness (minor themes of ego, pride, jealousy, love, lust and greed), Internal and External war threat.  



Analysis Of Jurassic park 

 The topic of chaos theory and ethics of bioengineering were the major topic of discussion in the analysis of Jurrasic Park. As Micheal Crichton told“But now science is the belief system that is hundreds of years old. And, like the medieval system before it, science is starting not to fit the world anymore. Science has attained so much power that its practical limits begin to be apparent. Largely through science, billions of us live in one small world, densely packed and intercommunicating. But science cannot help us decide what to do with that world, or how to live. Science can make a nuclear reactor, but it cannot tell us not to build it. Science can make pesticide, but cannot tell us not to use it. And our world starts to seem polluted in fundamental ways---air, and water, and land---because of ungovernable science.” - -Michael Crichton, Jurassic Park. The success of Jurassic Park after the releasing as the motion picture vaulted all the major topics of this movie in the global spotlight. Crichton shows the critical analysis for the large medical industry that has the power to use the genetics technology for a wrong purpose. John Hammond develops the technological concept that Jurassic Park run by the use of computer and automation system. Although the system has an error and defects that becomes destructive over the period of twenty-four hours. The main reason of John Hammond concepts is that Jurassic Park, composed when the world was interested in implementing computerized system in every aspects of life. It is also another form of critique for the advancement and modernization in technology. The estimations of Malcolm’s chaos theory about the catastrophe give a clear warning to the society. 

    The genre of Jurassic Park is thriller and science fiction. The style of the narrator delivers the interesting fiction having clinical tone. The major structure of Jurassic Park discusses the danger of power and technology. Hammond wants to improve the system and increase the efficiency so that Jurassic Park can be operated with minimum cost and staff. That is the reason, he has emphasized the park design to be controlled by a single and efficient computer system. That computer system has the capability to virtually control each and every function of Jurrasic Park system. The novel of Jurassic Park was composed in 1990 and representing the fever of that time when the whole world was involved in the computerizing. Big companies and individual of society wanted to live their lives by using automation of technology. “Albeit sometimes on a much smaller scale than that of Hammond's park. This occurred just ten years before the predicted turn-of-the-millennium "Y2K" computer glitch that had computer technicians and information technology professionals across the globe bracing for disaster”. Crichton asked the primary question in Jurassic Park is what would the situation of the world if all the computerized system and technology suddenly disappeared or stopped working. Although, Crichton does not utilize the Malcolm theory of chaos calculation for showing the scientific lingo. Rather, Crichton utilizes the Malcolm theory to gives a warning to the society that extreme dependency on technology is dangerous. At the same time, Hammond computerized system particularly designed to predict the upcoming disaster that may enter in Jurassic Park. Malcolm insists that the law of chaos theory that rule all the manmade and natural system opposed the existence of complex system present in Jurassic Park and its existence cannot be predicted. In Jurassic Park, the computer system is showed the notification of unexpected destruction and no computer system is designed to prevent that upcoming destruction. The lesson of Malcolm can be applicable to any company or individual that wants to replace the computerized calculations for the  purpose of changeable human thought. As changing is the rule of the world and even the most accurate computer system sometimes stopped working.

    By analyzing the broader sense of Jurassic Park, Crichton is given the statement that man have an intense thirst for power and scientific exploration. As represented in Jurassic Park when the research and experiment of DNA gene-splicing are performed using the supercomputer, not human beings. The DNA strand is so complicated and extensive even with the help of the supercomputer, it is impossible to figure out and analyze it entirely. No doubt, the head scientist of Jurassic Park Dr. Wu is not completely aware of his own computer system that is the reason he replicates the dinosaur DNA. Crichton shows his worry that science so much depends on the theoretical concepts and human beings are so much involved in transforming the theoretical concept into the big picture. Only because today’s world have a supercomputer or latest technologies or powerful scientific discoveries or technological gadget that can perform the desired work does not mean that we should completely trust that technology particularly in the case when we have limited knowledge about something. “Through science, billions of us live in one small world, densely packed and intercommunicating. But Science cannot help us decide what to do with that world, or how to live. Science can make a nuclear reactor, but it cannot tell us not to build it. Science can make pesticide, but cannot tell us not to use it. And our world starts to seem polluted in fundamental ways because of ungovernable science”. 

Analysis Of forbidden planet

Forbidden planet movie is based on science fiction and is composed in 1956. The topic of film is related to the trans-humanists. It provides us with the great warning and many topics fit in it. For example: arguments, modern technology equipments, robotics, space travel and the designing of a well equipped machine that can be utilized for variety of purposes. Forbidden planet is covered the brief discussion of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” which is composed in the twenty-third century on Altair 4.In this movie in which a warning of Aliens and a war was started. The electronic music is becoming so much popular that after the forbidden planet movie all these themes became common in movie. Like the danger about the monsters attacking the people was thought by the public. But, there was a threat which the people could not see was the wishes of Morbius which was the controlling of the Monster with a machine which could bring it back to life. Many weakness are shown in the movie of the humans like Morbius did not had the power to control his I.D so it tormented Morbius’s partners and even Morbius. This error shows that how much control he had lost on his mind which was now unstable like a lion trying to escape from the cage. One of the big aspects of that movie is the work of technology which helped the Monsters I.D through which it came to life. The huge and gigantic machine which controlled the Monsters had created a lot of questions into the mind of others. The greediness is shown very clearly at the point where the cook asked a question to Robby about making almost 60 gallons of “Rocket bourbon” and he did not wanted anyone to know anything about this which they would share with others.

Furthermore, the main theme which I think suits this movie is internal threat and the small points highlighted very clearly are greed, unstableness and sub-consciousness of Morbius and the use of super technology. The theme that I chose is to be seen in the whole movie mainly by the Morbius and the thinking of people on the external threat not to forget how the Monster was killing everyone created a scene of danger on the lives of people. But, this goes fully opposite when we talk about Morbius because through that huge machine he tried to create a Monster of his own I.D which he was doing when not in a stable mind set. The last main theme which I would be talking about is the internal and external dangers. When this movie was composed that is in 1956, the world was still trying to forget the happenings and destructions caused by the great Second World War which brought a serious fear in the minds of the people present at that time including kids. Dr. Edward Morbius: “In times long past, this planet was the home of a mighty, noble race of beings who called themselves the Krell. Ethically and technologically they were a million years ahead of humankind, for in unlocking the meaning of nature they had conquered even their baser selves, and when in the course of eons they had abolished sickness and insanity, crime and all injustice, they turned, still in high benevolence, upwards towards space. Then, having reached the heights, this all-but-divine race disappeared in a single night, and nothing was preserved above ground”.


In conclusion, I believe that the movie Jurassic Park was representing the danger of the careless utilization of science and technology in a very controversial manner. The writer of this movie conveys this idea through the character of Ian Malcolm. Although Michael Crichton does not represents technology as the villain of today’s world. Fire can be used for both good and bad purposes, but it does not mean that fire should be banned. It is just the perspective of world that accurately determines how the latest invention in biotechnology, computer and nanotechnology is to be used. The only problem in this movie Jurassic Park was the irresponsibility of human beings while using the extreme technology. In conclusion of forbidden planet the movie was well organized through the Second World War and the references of internal danger and technological advancement. The people started to realize the things which had happen with other peoples that were so terrible that one could not imagine. Science showed its work at the time of world war and this fiction involved some materials which were beyond imagination .It was like some demonic entities were haunting the place and had curse that century. The internal threat and technology were also described as the sub-consciousness of Morbius and the external threat were realized through the countries which had invaded other countries and the Monster which had scared the people after the world war. This movie motivated me towards helping the people of today’s century and made me cry after looking at the conditions of those people who had suffered by the dangers of technology.

Diffusion and Osmosis

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The Cell: Transport Mechanisms and Cell Permeability


The purpose of this experiment is to investigate the process of diffusion and osmosis in non-living membrane. The process of diffusion and osmosis are very significant  and help in bodily function. For example: the diffusion of nutrients from blood into tissues. In this lab, experimental data is collected to analyze the effect of diffusion in non living membrane. The results is showed  that water molecule move from high to low concentration while solute act similar if the permeable membrane is present.


  1. In this lab, we are studied an overall effect various membrane on permeability. 
  2. This is an interesting and important points, as we are studied the effect through the process of osmosis and diffusion.
  3. According to the theoretical background of this experiment, there are two types of transport a) Active b) Passive. In active transport, the movement of the material occurs and the cell expands energy. In passive transport, the movement of substance occurs across the membrane in the absence of input energy by cell. Usually, in osmosis process movement of water occurs from three different areas .That solution will consider as the hypotonic to the cytosol in which the molecule present outside the cell are lower as compare to the concentration in cytosol. During that, water starts to diffuse into the cell membrane until the equilibrium state established. If the molecule present outside the cell is much higher as compare to the concentration in cytosol, the solution is considered as the hypertonic to cytosol .During that, water starts to diffuse outside the cell until equilibrium established. If the present of molecules at outside is same as the inside of the cell, the solution is isotonic.
  4. In conclusion , the two hypothesis 1) “different solutes will diffuse based on temperature and permeability of membrane and  2) osmosis should occur based on the concentration on either side of membrane  ” are  tested.

Materials and Methods

Benedict’s solution , 10% NaCl, 3% AgNO3, De-ionized water,KMnO4, Weigh boats, Methylene Blue, Lugol’s Iodine, 20% Glucose, 250ml beaker, Green pipump, Wax pencil, Metric Ruler, Small culture Dishes, Test tube Clamps, Test tube.

In method section , four dialysis sacs are used. Solution : Sac 1, 20 ml of 40% glucose solution, Sac 2, 20 ml of 40% glucose solution, Sac 3, 20 ml of 10% NaCl solution, Sac 4, 20 ml of 40% sucrose solution containing Congo red dye are weighted and placed in beaker. Remain beaker undisturbed for about 1 hour. And boil the water beaker for AgNO3 and Benedict’s test. Dialysis sacs are taken and blotted gently then weighted and collected data ("Cell Transport Mechanisms And Permeability").



In results, dye diffusion and experimental data of diffusion and osmosis through non living membrane are tested. 

  1. Dye Diffusion Result

Potassium dye diffuse rapidly.


  1. Experimental Data Result on diffusion and osmosis through non living membrane

Cloudy white milk appears that indicates the presence of silver chloride AgCl. AgCl is formed due to the reaction in between sodium chloride NaCl and silver nitrate AgNO3.


The experimental results are confirmed the hypothesis that diffusion  is supposed to occur at faster rate with high temperature and the molecule that have smaller molecular weight is diffused faster. The section of testing the permeability of membrane is indicated  the dialysis tube is completely permeable to the iodine and the content is turned into black color as because iodine is diffused through reacting with sucrose Furthermore, membrane is also permeable to the glucose as because Benedict’s test is positive, which is indicated the sugar. This is implied that glucose is diffused into iodine and water solution. The solutes are hypertonic and are expected to diffuse with solution. The chemicals present in the solution are hypertonic .All these observations are confirmed the hypothesis that the iodine and water can move while the starch cannot move. Furthermore, the movement of glucose molecules is also observed.

Compare dialysis, diffusion, and osmosis



A Raisin In The Sun Is Visionary, Militant, And Even Revolutionary

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Lorraine Hansberry creates one of the most honest images of the black family, during a period when mainly the presence of black audience does not exist. Before the play “A Raisin in the Sun”, the American stage was filled with small and comedic roles of African-American, mostly engaged racism stereotypes. However, Hansberry represents black family as a realistic light, and that description is critical and far away from comedic roles. She uses the concept of black vernacular and raises relevant issues and clashes specifically race, identity of African-American, poverty, socio economic class, power dynamics, social class and discrimination. Lorraine Hansberry play “A Raisin in The Sun” investigates the extreme tension in between black and white society and stress in the black community regarding how should react during the situation of an oppressive behavior from the white community. Lorraine Hansberry reveals about trend to celebrate an African heritage. Because, he invites for the native revolt in his native soil. It seems like she predicts the condition of an anti-colonial challenges in an upcoming decade of African countries, in addition to the predictability and need of integration (Burrell, 2014).

Analytical Thesis

According to the analytical thesis of “A Raisin in the Sun”, there are unique innovations to go around with that. It can desire accordingly to declare distinct view such as area, diverse coloration and climate used restricted point to unconventionally signify the American dream. According to the point of view of Fitzgerald, the American dream is completely staggering and the count of materialistic things is not important unless a person is not connected with the true earning of happiness. Though, the Younger family looks separated from the culture of white middle class, they make room for the materialistic dreams quite similar to the American society. In the year of 1950, the stereotypical dream of American was to live in a nice house with yard, happy family and an expensive car. Similarly, the Younger’s want to fulfill all the wishes of their dream , although their effort to attain all wishes are drastically different as compared to the effort of sub-urban family might come across as because the Younger family members  are not middle class stereotypical  family. Even ,they spend their live in a situation in which being a middle class is a dream (Sparknotes Editors, 2011).


“A Raisin in the Sun” portrays the common Americans who come about as the black identity. Lorraine Hansberry explores how race prevents from achieving the dreams. Moreover, A Raisin in the Sun explains how the factor of race can become reason to create difficulties in the American dream. On the other hand, predominantly, race is considered as the latent backdrop in this play .This aspect emphasizes Lorraine Hansberry to produce universally appealing play and enables us to precisely and properly understand the affect of race in the family life of people.

Three Supporting Points

The topic of race plays a significant role in Hansberry play. Race issue discusses together with the class problem, race situation depicts cultural strength and appears as the most important elements in constructing the identity of Younger’s as a family and as an individual. Race identifies the social status of Younger’s family to a great degree, which results directly to the issues of poverty and class in play. There are three supporting points in the play, about the specific issue of race .First the identity of Beneatha’s conflict and Younger’s family purchase the house in a neighborhood of white. According to Beneatha’s , the race is a part of an entire matrix of issues that bother her regarding her own identity. The second point is class, Africa , gender , pan-Africanism and profession fit into the effort of beneath to develop an identity that will help her with positive and dignified self-image. The issue of race for Beneatha is bigger than the other issues and also is broad as compared to other issues. The final and the most significant point which clearly portrays the racism is the visit with Karl Lindner. Although he even does not recognize himself as the racist and his strategies is seemed as less violent as compared to others, he wishes to live in the neighborhood of white (Mitchell, 2016).

Analysis Using Two Outside Sources

The play “A Raisin in the Sun” is analyzed using two outside sources that are Marxism theory and Langston Hughes poem .According to Marxism theory: the social class faces the race conflicts similar to the situation seen in Hansberry play. She discusses the racial struggle of white vs. African American. The title of this play references the assumption of Langston Hughes prominently poses in the poem he writes about the forgotten or delay dream. As he doubts whether such dream blow up or not “like a raisin in the sun” .Since, every family members have its individual dream, Beneatha wishes to become a professional doctor , Walter wishes to have a lot of money so that he can raise the standard of living . Furthermore, Beneatha seems as the lord of her power as compared to others. According to all these points, racism and race issue are central and are also assumed as central in an encouraging the consequent decisions and discussion  related to Younger’s family. The illogical behavior on the race issue and restrictions those biases generation are tangled with the basic interpersonal conflicts that the Younger family faces and, in the end, overcomes.


There is an understandable manifestation of power and through power what is possible to achieve based on the race. Mama, Ruth and Walter, all hold inferior jobs and their salaries do not up to mark to reach at a higher level. They enter in the infinite circle of exhausting work to serve others that by no mean get them achieve their dream. Even, the husband of Mama (Big Walter) died in the similar work circle: “I guess that's how come that man finally worked his self to death like he done. Like, he was fighting his own war with this here world that took his baby from him (Act One, scene one)”(Price, 2016). Beneatha trembles the mentioned line of power by acquiring a good education and possess great aspiration regarding her family members also has been capable to achieve her dreams. Beneatha good education gives her the courage and self-perceived power to speak about the racial topic such as on what black people means to their identity and assimilation. “It means someone who is willing to give up his own culture, and submerge himself completely, in the dominant and this case oppressive culture!  (Act Two, scene one)”(Price, 2016).


“A Raisin in the Sun” is considered as the main turning point in the history of American art because it clearly addresses so many problems that were important during the year of 1950 in United States of America. The 1950s are considered as the mocked , era of self satisfaction and conformism of modern times that symbolized as the border edge growth and a money making culture that seemed in that decade. Such point of view is completely superficial at its best level. The particular aspect of economic prosperity characterized America in World War II resulted growing racial and domestic tension. The 1950s stereotype, America is considered as the land of happy families as well as black satisfied with inferior position that resulted the ups well of socialized bitterness that would end with the arisen of the public voice in feminist and civil right movement of the year 1960.In the play,“A Raisin in the Sun” Lorraine Hansberry explores vital issues of race and the play performs first time as the conventional drift into major sixties. Furthermore, Hansberry raised the feminist related question of that time in the play “A Raisin in the Sun”. Through presenting Beneatha character, Hansberry suggests that marriage is not essential for women and women should have determined goals for career. She even discusses about the abortion debate, admitting the abortion topic to come in action at the time when abortion is considered as an illegal act. One of the most significant statement of Hansberry is the production and writing of this play—no small accomplishment given her the category of a black young woman in 1950s. Hence ,A Raisin in the Sun” is visionary, militant, and even revolution

Cognitive Development Activities

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Cognitive Development Activities

Grade level 9 and subject area science

In grade level 9 , students are going through the qualitative changes as they completely become capable to organize their thought hypothetically , abstractly , analytically and scientifically. They learn through their daily interaction and experiences. Students at the age group of grade level 9 are become natural explorer ("Environments and Materials", 2016).

Activity 1 

Discovery Centre 

In discovery centre, various types of materials present on Earth surface such as rocks and soil will give to students to study and explore the physical geography, meteorology and geomorphology of material through microscopic view. Plenty of research material and tools will also give to students to further understand the properties of arrangement of materials and composition of atoms.

Activity 2 

Investigations And Intentional Grouping

In the activity of investigation and intentional grouping, students will learn through high order thinking by using significant instructional tools such as graphs, pie-chart, diagram and illustration. Students will make the group presentation and demonstrate it through selecting any topic of their choice. They will also explain theories and background scientific principles. 

Activity 3 


Students of grade level 9 will assign the task from the teacher for making prediction and checking their concepts and hypothesis. Students will use their scientific knowledge and hypothesis to give an answer of the scientific reasons related to the phenomena of solar insulation, origin of the universe, relative motion and  tides 

Appropriate state standard

According to the standards of New York State for science grade 9 , the following standards are aligned with the design activities 

  • In earth science, students will use scientific analysis , engineering based design and mathematical modeling to ask question and search for answers with in- depth concept.
  • The phenomena of Celestial and Earth can be explained by using the perspective and principles of the relative motion.
  • It is necessary to explain the complex phenomena of solar insulation, tides , motions of planet, annual traverse , day length variation and constellations.
  • The theories of solar system and origin of the universe describe to the students.
  • The concept of heat energy and density use to give explanation about changes in weather, seasonal patterns and movements of the Earth on sphere.
  • Effect of land masses, weather, solar radiation, climate and ocean current explain to students.
  • Explain the significant properties of arrangement of materials and composition of atoms to students ("New York State Standards for Science: Grade 9", 2016).


  • Create an opportunities for grade level 9 to develop abstract thinking in the subject of earth science through considering natural dilemmas of earth.
  • Improve learning in earth science subject through engaging students in complex ideas and formulation through activities..
  • To encourage the students towards problem solving techniques.
  • Introducing professional dilemmas and challenges to the students in the discipline of earth science through activities.

Activity that measures objective

  • Well-arranged environment are considered as significant for promoting the cognitive development of grade level 9.In the environment of discovery centre , students can engage in the process of problem solving , exploration and discovery that results to improving the concept in the subject of earth science.
  • Students of grade level 9 flourish in the condition of having an opportunity to innovate and explore their experiments .Project based studies give the students an opportunity to read new research regarding earth science.
  • Experiments are the most powerful tool used in education. Students can discover their interest in depth .According to the interest of students , teacher can engage them in various experiments in the field of earth science (Storm, 2014).

Copyright Laws & DMCA

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Designing is the most important aspects of daily lives from aesthetic sculpture design to more advanced and functional design of automobiles.The protection of car design follows nationally and internationally through copyright, trademark and patent laws through different agreements.Usually automobile obtain the design protection for the parts noticeable during regular use.The parts enclosed under the bonnet cannot obtain the design protection.Accordingly, the carmakers can authorize only to protect the exterior design or structure and not authorize to deal with interior mechanisms for example: engine performances and transmission.In 1976, Copyright Protection Act is addressed in the United States particularly for the car designs. Although, the act does not specifically address for the industrial design.It states “"pictorial, graphic [or] sculptural works are proper subject matter warranting copyright protection”. New rules on “Digital Millennium Copyright Act exemptions” introduces by the Congress Librarian , after the period of three years.David Mao(Acting Librarian) release PDF document to authorize the public according to “lawful modification” and “good faith security research” to tinker with the electronic design of car using software (Kravets, 2015, p.n.d).The background reason of this decision is the Volkswagen scandal ( German automaker used bogus programming code and burned  into software that allowed diesel vehicle to minimize the pollutants below the peak level during the vehicle emission tests).The “Electronic Frontier Foundation” proposed the vehicle-tinkering rules that is opposed by the environmental agency and auto industry. The Congress Librarian and Copyright Office review the proposals for the DMCA exemptions which were proposed in 1998.

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