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Statement of Purpose Writing Services

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Scholarship Essay Writing
When applying to join a certain school, the admission committee may ask you to write a statement of purpose stating your reasons for choosing their school and the field of study. Your statement of purpose writing should detail your experiences and how they influenced you to pursue your current field of study. The process of writing a statement of purpose requires patience and good planning. Statement of purpose writing is your chance to talk directly to the admission committee.

When writing a statement of purpose, make sure that you use an experience that is relevant to the field you are applying to. You’ll have to convince the admission committee that you are the best student among the applicants. Your statement of purpose writing should be clear and concise, and the only to achieve this, is by structuring your statement well and arranging your ideas in a logical manner.

When writing statement of purpose, ensure that you detail all work experiences you’ve had to date. Remember that any work experience related to your field of study may boost your application. As you embark on writing the statement of purpose, let the admission committee know that you’ve already worked in the field and your experience has accelerated the desire to pursue that programme. Your statement of purpose writing should clearly explain how the school will help you achieve your future goals. In addition, your statement of purpose should showcase how you’ll add value to the school.

How to write statement of purpose:

Topic Selection

The process of statement of purpose writing starts with the understanding of the given topic. Its not advisable to write about something you don’t understand. Make sure the you are comfortable with the essay topic before proceeding. Good statement of purpose writing requires you to select a suitable subject for your essay and vividly answer the required questions in your statement of purpose writing.


A good way to start the statement of purpose writing process is to brainstorm. Brainstorming allows you to thoroughly develop ideas and outline the organisation of your essay. Once your brainstorming has generated a large list, carefully examine the information that you’ve listed. Remember that, the information that you choose present can portray you in a positive or negative light. Think about the image you want to portray and revise your list of experiences, traits, and accomplishments accordingly.

Things you need to consider when writing a statement of purpose:

  • How are you special?
  • What benefits do you offer to the faculty?
  • Describe your hobbies and interest.
  • Describe a personal accomplishment of which you’re proud.
  • What challenges have you overcome?
  • Describe a person or people who have influenced you.

Read the brochure, check the scholarship’s website, and learn about the scholarship members’ research interests to help you determine what the scholarship committee is looking for from potential candidates. Take note of how your personal interests, qualities, and accomplishments coincide with program goals and curricula.

Statement of Purpose Structure

A well written statement of purpose is normally well structured and arranged in a logical manner.Start writing a statement of purpose with an outline. The introductory paragraph of your statement should introduce the topic to the reader.The statement introduction presents your topic and tells the reader what supporting points follow within the essay body.

The statement body

In the first statement body, you should develop the statement topic that you introduced, include supporting points. In the second paragraph, you’ll address an additional point that relates to the main point of the statement. You can add more paragraphs but remember to address each point on different paragraphs.When you're satisfied that you have made your points, move on to the essay conclusion.

Statement of Purpose conclusion

The conclusion is an important part of your statement. This is where you make a summary of your main points from the statement paragraphs and state how these points support your statement of purpose.

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