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Why Us
In this essay, you’ll have to explain what it is about that college or university - the one you are applying to - that really makes you want to join. You’ll have to explain why you want join that college and how its going to help you achieve your goals. It is essential to learn what the institution values are and then to demonstrate in your essay that you will support those values. Before you begin the process of searching for a school, make sure you have clear goals and you know what you want to pursue. There are several factors that will influence a student’s selection of campus. Some of these factors include; location, affordability, reputation, education curricula etc.A good campus enables students to acquire an education that promotes the art of living, while providing the skills necessary to make a living.

Why one would choose a certain campus


The campus alumni is also important in the selection of a campus. If you’ve been impressed by a certain successful individual, most probably you’ll want to find out which college he/she attended. A certain campus alumnus can have a profound influence on your choice of school.


The location of a campus is also another deciding factor in choosing a campus. Most students prefer campuses which are located in a conducive area. Nobody wants to attend a school which is in a noisy and dirty environment. Check the distance between your area of residence and the campus, see if you can manage the to and fro daily bus fare.


A campus with great facilities is bound to attract a huge number of students. Facilities can include; a well managed library, swimming pool, laboratory, cyber cafes and playing fields.

Faculty and Teaching staff

How a campus teaches its’ students is very important. You wouldn’t want to join a campus that has few demoralised lectures who are only interested in making money than passing knowledge to the students. One way of knowing if a campus is undergoing teaching crisis is by asking around. Search the social media for any information on your target campus.

The student-to-faculty ratio is an important factor when choosing a campus. A lower ratio, e.g. 20:1, means that students can interact with their peers and the faculty members. In addition to this, find out if the faculty has created a curriculum that is based on creating skilled, employable graduates.


When choosing a campus, ensure that it offers adequate security to the students and its staff. A parent will want to know how they will be notified in case of an emergency. Its always important to find out whether the campus you’ve selected has an emergency plan; the policy with regard to guns, knives, and other hazardous items; the school's policy toward bullying; and whether there are formal programs in place to combat bullying.


The reputation of a campus should be put into consideration when choosing a campus. Some campuses are reputed for rioting without a valid reason hence disrupting students progress in their programmes. A campus with a good reputation guarantees a smooth flow of your education programme.


Students come from different families. If you come from a humble background, you’ll most probably search for an affordable campus. Most campuses have different fees for the same course, to avoid financial burden on your family, choose a campus that is relatively affordable.

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