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Orlando Nursing Process Discipline Theory

Orlando Nursing Process Discipline Theory

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The Orlando nursing theory was developed by Jean Ida Orlando in 1961.The main purpose of the theory was to explain to nurses their role and how they can meet the patient’s immediate needs. It focuses on the integration of the patient and the nurse, validation, perception and the use of the nursing process to provide an outcome (Orlando, Fawcett, & Helene Fuld Health Trust. 2005). Sometimes the patients can cry for help but it does not appear to be the reality. So the nurses should use their perception, incorporate thoughts against perceptions, insights and knowledge to understand the meaning of the patient’s behavior. Therefore, the process can help nurses to find out the nature of the patients distress and provide the necessary remedy needed. The model mainly compost of how one can be a professional nurse while incorporating organizing principle, behavior presentation which involves dealing with the patients problematic situation, immediate reaction which involves the intrinsic or internal response to be taken by the nurses against the patient's behavior and the nursing process which entails the investigation into the patient’s needs (Parker, & Smith,2010).

The theory makes the following assumptions:

  • When individuals cannot manage or meet their needs, they are distress and have a feeling of helplessness.
  • People are secretive and are not in a position to disclose their needs, feelings, thoughts and perceptions.
  • Individuals attach meaning to situations that are not apparent to others.
  • Patients most of the time enter into nursing care through medicine.
  • Nurses are concerned with the needs the nurses cannot meet on their own.

Procedure of explaining the Orlando theory to the nurses

  • Holding the seminar that will create awareness to the nurses that there is the existence of the Orlando nursing theory.
  • The seminars will be controlled by the facilitator who has strong background in the theory and its applications.

The seminar or talk will be divided into sections. The articles include:

  • Introduction-The introduction will cover about the developer and the inventor of the theory and its purpose in the nursing practice.
  • Definitions of terms in the theory that includes a nursing role, distress, nursing actions and the outcome.
  • Tackling the major dimensions of the theory
  • Explaining clearly the concepts. The concepts include: functions of professional nursing, presenting behavior, immediate reactions, nursing process discipline and improvements.
  • Explaining the assumptions embedded in the theory.
  • Defining the domain concepts that include nursing, the process of care, the goal of nursing, health, environment of nursing, nature of human being, nursing client, nursing problem and nursing process.
  • Strength of the theory and its weaknesses.
  • Implementation of the nursing theory process.
  • Provision of a schedule for the follow-up activities.
  • Provision for the remedy where the theory does not work correctly.

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The Relevance of the Theory.

After a thorough training process, I will explain to the nurses the relevance of the Orlando nursing discipline theory by making the comparison by the use of the internal and external considerations.

  • Internal considerations-In this section, the comparison shall be done by the utilization of the current methodologies employed by the nurses in the hospital while attending to the needs of the patients. Weaknesses of the methods are mentioned and why the new theory should be used to counter and improve the existing methods. Members’ opinions are the being taken to ensure proper and efficient implementation.
  • The external considerations-The case study is carried out, and the area where Orlando nursing theory is valid is being mentioned. The comparison will act as a motivational factor and approve to the nurses that the theory is applicable and can be achieved given dedication and spirit of togetherness.
  • Tackling the major dimensions of the theory

Whether the theory can be used to guide evidenced based practice

Orlando deliberative nursing discipline theory remains one of the best practice theories in nursing. It keeps the nurses to remain to focus on the welfare of the patients and define the key function of nursing and help them to apply concepts and theories in practice. The theory is also a clear, precise, concise and very easy to use or apply (George, 2002). Also, it gives a room for the application of other theories by the nurses while providing support and care to the patients thus can be used as a guide to evidence-based practice.


Many times problems arise in many hospitals as far as the management and relationship between nurses and the patients are concerned(George, 2002).Proper explanation of Orlando discipline theory to nurses will enable them improve their relationship with the patient, improve service delivery to the patients and save on the opportunity costs that might arise as a result of negligence. The theory also motivates nurses to work since it defines the role of nursing and its implications.


George, J. B. (2002). Nursing theories: Professional nursing practice. Upper Saddle River, N.J: Prentice Hall. Orlando, I. J., Fawcett, J., & Helene Fuld Health Trust. (2005). Ida Orlando Pelletier: Nursing process discipline. Athens, OH: FITNE. Parker, M. E., & Smith, M. C. (2010).Nursing theories and nursing practice. Philadelphia: F.A. Davis Co. Schmieding, N. J. (1993). Ida Jean Orlando: A nursing process theory. Newbury Park: Sage Publications.

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