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Healing Hospital: A daring Paradigm

Healing Hospital: A daring Paradigm

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Key words

  • Paradigm- Intellectual view, accepted by an individual or society.
  • Radical love – Love outside traditional or ordinary.
  • Healing hospital – An environment for healing
  • Prerequisites- A thing that require prior condition for something else to happen
  • Philosophy - Attitude that acts as a guiding principle for behavior.

Under the condition of giving care to patients in hospital, the following is involved; support, compassion and ensuring positive difference in the health of patients. This means that, people involved in the care giving should take their responsibility enough to provide high- quality, accessible value- driven care that encompass individual from mind, body and spirit. In addition, they should commit themselves to meet spiritual, emotional and physical needs of the patients in hospital. The philosophy observed by researchers, seems to support the paradigm of a Healing Hospital. Therefore, this essay considers how the paradigms of Healing Hospital mighty influence the philosophy of care giving.

Healing Hospital basically operates on ancient tradition and paradigm of the hospital. Therefore, according to ancient tradition, it the culture of the tradition to ensure that love and care is supplied to every human existence. In addition, for any smooth operation in healing hospital to take place the following prerequisites are recommended; first, the commitment should be observed from the leadership to the staff training around the loving care. Second, there should be significant change in systems and structure, and finally, people should not be learning from the instruction but through a respectful inquiry and smooth conversation, therefore, this criterion of Healing hospital will lead to clinical excellence and loving care (Nirmala& Edison 2011).

Under spiritual aspects, not every patient is comfortable with spiritual matters, but they all experience love and compassionate care from the workers. This is because there are general principles such as love, respect and compassion that are practiced to all patients whether considering themselves as spiritual or not. Therefore, the spiritual aspect is allowed to be the view of individual and this becomes the reasons as to why patients can be included their religious affliction on their registration form, which helps the workers to examined whether the patient allow spiritual ministers or advisory to visit them or not. This is always done because some people might be somewhat uncomfortable with spiritual matters but general principle of healing hospital grandees them for provision of passionate, love and care regardless of their attitude concerning spiritual matters.

Basing the argument on human care, either being mind, spirit or the whole body that the patients have to be taken care on. Health care providers and health workers are called back to their root on philosophy of care giving and strong culture of compassionate care, this is done to make them remember the reason as to why they went to the health care, therefore, they find the importance of placing love at the center in the health hospital. For love is important to create an environment, which leads the employees to become passionate about creating systems that will work for the best possible outcome expected from the patients. Moreover, healing hospital philosophy is a very reasonable perceptive, because most of healing hospital are catholic hospitals and they operates out of paradigm, with this, other religious are also welcomed to the hospital just as spiritual leaders to visit their patients. Therefore, the question is raised whether it is reasonable to make it a paradigm regardless of religious background perceptive. The result from some researchers, says that the main component should be employed as paradigm that will offer holistic view of caring like spiritually, emotionally and physically to provide excellent compassion and commitment to serve the patients (Chapman2003).

Radical loving care being the philosophy of healing hospital plays a very great role in meeting the patient’s physical needs, emotional and spiritual. This is because, employee’s works under pressure and unhappy conditions, since, it is very disturbing to see facility that is only success and profit. Although healing hospital sounds like the place of work, it has been found that, workers in healing hospital experience a lot of stress as they focus on positive result towards patients in the hospital. Therefore, it is recommended that, genuine health workers has to be employed basing on skill level and gift of offering loving care, passionate and commitment.


Chapman, E. (2003). Radical loving care: Building the healing hospital in America. Nashville, TN: Vaughn Printing. ISBN-13: 9780974736600. Nirmala.& Edison. (2011).

Research methodology In nursing. Kochi: Jaypee Brothers Pub.

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