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Medical  Informatics

Medical Informatics

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A new specialty, called Medical Informatics, has emerged over the past 20 years to help nursing staff fully use technological innovation to enhance the delivery of proper care. Nurses have always been at the forefront of individual proper care and focused on individual safety. This has accelerated the need to ensure that medical proper care providers obtain capabilities required to work with digital information, such as primary pc abilities, details information, and an understanding of informatics and details control capabilities.

A comprehensive approach to knowledge change is necessary to reach the current workforce of nearly 3 million exercising nursing staff. The impetus for analyzing how prepared nursing staff is to use Electronic Health Records (EHRs) to enhance individual proper care started in 2004. The most recent 2008 American Nurses Organization Medical Informatics Scope and Requirements describes nursing informatics as the incorporation of nursing technology, pc and details technology, and cognitive technology to handle communication and expand the information, details, information, and wisdom of nursing exercise.

Nurses certified in Medical Informatics are:

  • Skilled in the analysis, design, and implementation of that assistance
  • nursing in a variety of medical proper care settings
  • function as translators between health professional clinicians and technological innovation personnel
  • insure that pc capture crucial nursing information

Why is it important to have the nursing informatics competences?

To begin with is the trend of a growing incorporation of technological innovation in medical activities. There is also an improved interest of learners especially at the undergraduate and graduate levels for nursing Informatics courses. This would also provide faculty development opportunities. Above all, it would provide a strong assistance for the administration. Understand to handle information, details, information, and technological innovation to communicate with others effectively. Understand to provide safe individual proper care – technological innovation and details use [Simulation exercises and testing already address across the 3 years. Understand to use medical proof and analysis to inform exercise decisions. Employ information of evidenced-based exercise using details, informatics and cultural information. Collaborate with interdisciplinary medical proper care members such as client, family and community to facilitate desired outcomes. Demonstrate continued growth as a nursing professional through self-reflection (Keating, Keating, & Keating, 2011).

How much should be included in the curriculum?

While Medical Informatics is a highly specialized field, there are foundational informatics capabilities that all exercising nursing staff and finishing nursing staff should possess to meet the factors of providing safe, quality, and competent proper care. The Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform (TIGER) Informatics Competency Collaborative was formed to develop the informatics recommendations for all exercising nursing staff and finishing nursing staff. Following an extensive review of the literary works and survey of nursing informatics knowledge, analysis, and exercise groups, the TIGER Medical Informatics

Competencies Model consists of three parts (Mastrian, 2011):

The first is on the need to include Basic Computer Competencies approaches in the curriculum. Secondly, there is need for the information Literacy components. The Organization of Colleges and Research Libraries (2000) describes information as a set of abilities allowing individuals to recognize when details is required and to find, assess and use that details appropriately”. Information competency is the capability to: identify details required for a specific purpose, identify pertinent details, assess the details, and apply it correctly. Information is crucial to incorporating evidence-based exercise into nursing exercise. The health professional or doctor must be able to find out which details are required. This includes crucial considering and assessment abilities. Finding the details is in accordance with the resources available, which can include colleagues, policies, and literary works in various formats. Evaluating or appraising the details also includes crucial considering and the capability to figure out the validity of the source.

Information Management- Information control is a process consisting of 1) collecting information, 2) processing the information, and 3) presenting and communicating the processed information as details or information. An underlying concept for details control is the data-information-knowledge continuum. Using EHRs will be the way nursing staff handle medical details for the future. However, nursing responsibilities are not changing in the shift to increased use of EHRs. .


Keating, S. B., Keating, S. B., & Keating, S. B. (2011). Curriculum development and evaluation in nursing. New York: Springer Pub. Co.

Mastrian, K. G. (2011). Integrating technology in nursing education: Tools for the knowledge era. Sudbury, Mass: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

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