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Health Information Safety

Review of Implementation of Electronic Health Record in the Emergency Room

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Problem statement

  • Sunrise Emergency Care (SEC) is the Electronic Health Record (EHR) implementation project initiated for Emergency Room at North Shore University Hospital.
  • Aim was to Increase Through put and patient location with the Emergency room
  • The system has several loopholes in location
  • The project seek to evaluate the out come of introduction of Radio Frequency Identification device in order to enhance patients location.
  • In order to guarantee patient safety an efficient system should be incorporated so as to track the location of patients in the ER in real time.
  • It is necessary to know the location of a patient because it accounts for missing patients,
  • It would prevent situations of abduction
  • Would assist in the location of patients who might be in need of dire assistance

Literature Review

  • Lack of a competent patient location system poses a risk to patient safety
  • The patients may be abducted or leave the facility while they are in dire need of medical attention
  • Regardless of technology implemented key processes and work flow should carefully assessed prior to implementation
  • Emergency room software is an events based system that tracks patient movement from one medical process to the next. (Sultanow, 2015)

Information input in the system allows the care giver to assume the probable location of a patient. Example: The last in put of x-ray information estimates the patient to be at the x-ray area

Technologies for increasing the patient tracking and flow

  • Events-based technology (tracks patient through information on the database.
  • Real-time technology ( Tracks patient movements physically) Example; Radio Frequency Identification Device (Sultanow, 2015)

Target Population

The technology aims to assist:

  • Staff in efficiently tracking the patients and effective “throughput”
  • Patients safety from possible threats such as abduction and missing)

Theoretical Framework

Using PICO framework (Hastings & Fisher, 2014).

Involves the following processes:

  • Problem ( Identifying the problem in question)
  • Intervention (give the possible solutions to the problem)
  • Comparison (Compares how the solution eliminates the solution)
  • Outcome ( Elaborates on the outcomes that are achieve after implementation of the solution)


Use of Radio Frequency Identification Device

  • The intervention to be used to enhance patient tracking in the Emergency room is the Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID)
  • The device includes a tag that is put on a patient which in turn allows the staff to track patient location in real time.
  • The patient’s location is represented in form of a point, in the tracking system and any move is reflected on the system.


  • Implementation of RFID allows the tracking of the patient in real time and indicates the status of the patient.
  • It indicates the patient waiting time and therefore facilitates order
  • As opposed to the ER software, the RFID is self automated is more accurate because it pin points the location of the patient.ER software only help to deduce where the patient could be


Hastings, C., & Fisher, C.A. (2014). Searching for proof: Creating and using an actionable PICO question.

Nursing Management, 45 (8), 9-12. Retrieved on April 4, 2015 from: http:// www.nursingcenter.com/ Inc./JournalArticle? Article_ ID= 2525912 Sultanow, E., &

Chircu, A. M. (2015). Improving Healthcare with Data- Driven Track-and-Trace Systems.Strategic Data-Based Wisdom in the Big Data Era, 65.

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