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Organizational Systems and Leadership

Organizational Systems and Leadership

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Analyze the scenario (suggested length of 2–3 pages) by doing the following:

A. Discuss how an understanding of nursing-sensitive indicators could assist the nurses in this case in identifying issues that may interfere with patient care.

Health care organizations should promote the understanding of nursing-sensitive indicators so as to guarantee the delivery of safe, high quality and compassionate heath care (Berwick, 2013). In addition to this, a better understanding of nursing-sensitive indicators assist nurses in providing health care that is tailored towards meeting the individual needs of every patient. Every patient is unique and has special needs that must be met for him or her to be satisfied. Therefore, if nurses understand the significance of nursing-sensitive indicators, they will be motivated to discharge their duties in a manner that satisfies the needs of the patients (Mark, Hughes, & Jones, 2004). For instance, the manner in which Mr. J’s situation was handled does not demonstrate compassionate and high quality health care. Since he is Jew, the nurses should have paid special attention to the type of food he was being given so as to avoid the kind of mix up that occurred. Jews are not supposed to eat pork; thus, the nurses failed in satisfying the needs of the patient. If nurses had a better understanding of nursing-sensitive indicators and the significance of patient satisfaction, then the kind of mix up that happened could not have been experienced.

Proper staffing is another problem that could have contributed to the lapse in Mr. J’s patient care. Mr. J was given food and left to eat alone without the supervision of a nurse for almost thirty minutes. If there was a nurse there to monitor him, chances are high that he or she could have realized the anomaly in the food and stopped him from eating the pork. Therefore, a better understanding of nursing-sensitive indicators and the significance of nurse staffing could have played an influential role in improving the quality of patient care Mr. J was given.

B. Analyze how hospital data on specific nursing-sensitive indicators (such as incidence of pressure ulcers and prevalence of restraints) could advance quality patient care throughout the hospital.

Hospital data on specific nursing-sensitive indictors play a significant role in advancing quality patient care in hospitals. This is ascribed to the fact nursing-sensitive indicators help in identifying care processes and structures of care, both of which play instrumental role in influencing care outcomes (Gilmartin & D’Aunno, 2007). The information can be used in improving the quality of health care in applied settings by monitoring the performance and progress of the patient, as well as supporting evidenced-based decision making (Greiner & Knebel, 2003). The hospital data on nursing-sensitive indicators can be also be used to study the role of nursing care in influencing patient safety outcomes by assessing process outcome, structure outcome, as well as structure-process outcome associations. By examining the patient safety outcomes, laxity areas can be identified and corrected; thus, improving the quality of patient care (Bagnall, 2012).

C. Analyze the specific system resources, referrals, or colleagues that you, as the nursing shift supervisor, could use to resolve the ethical issue in this scenario.

In addressing the ethical situation with Mr. J’s case, the people to be involved in solving the problem include the physician, Mr. J’s daughter, the dietary worker, the nurse who was on duty the day the incidence occurred. By calling them together, I would try to find out from the dietary worker what contributed to the mix up. The nurse on duty would also answer questions to her whereabouts when Mr. J was having his meal. By listening to their parts of the story we can find the root cause of the problem and seek solutions of addressing it. The hospital administrator will play an important role in apologizing to Mr. J’s daughter about the whole incidence. He will then talk with the dietary worker and the nurse who was on duty to be extremely careful when handling patients.


Bagnall, P. (2012). Facilitators and barriers to leadership and quality improvement: The King’s Fund Junior Doctor Project. London: The King’s Fund.

Berwick, D. (2013). A promise to learn – a commitment to act: Improving the Safety of Patients in England. London: Department of Health Gilmartin, M. J., & D’Aunno, T. A. (2007). Leadership Research in Healthcare: A Review and Roadmap. The Academy of Management Annals, 1 (1), 387-438.

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Mark, B.A., Hughes, L.C. & Jones, C.B. (2004). The role of theory in improving patient safety and quality health care. Nurs Outlook 52(1):11–6.

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