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Arcapta Neohaler Medication

Arcapta Neohaler Medication

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RxList. (2011). Arcapta Neohaler Drug Description. Retrieved November 3, 2011 from http://www.rxlist.com/arcapta-neohlaler-drug.htm

This resource gives a detailed description of the drug in terms of its composition. It provides its structural formula and its compounds including the active ingredient. It clearly puts across the fact that the drug dose administered depends on the patient factors such as inspiratory time and flow rate. The article further discusses the results of a study on flow rate versus dose strength after the drug administration on COPD patients. This resource is useful for anyone who needs to know the composition of the drug.

Food and Drug Administration. (2011). FDA Approves Arcapta Neohaler to Treat Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. PR Newswire. Retrieved November 3, 2011 from


The author of this article majors on the approval of Arcapta Neohaler in the treatment of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). The article discusses the causes and seriousness of COPD in the United States. The author introduces the Arcapta Neohaler drug as the appropriate medication for treatment of COPD while cautioning against its use for asthma treatment because it can result to its severity. In this article, Curtis Rosebraugh, director of the Office of Drug Evaluation II, expresses the importance of the drug approval as a provision of treatment options for million of people. The article also demonstrates the efficacy of this drug by giving evidence of a research study carried on COPD patients. The resounding theme in this article seems to be the approval of Arcapta Neohaler medication. This article, therefore, clears any doubts concerning the approval of the drug in treatment of COPD.

Carome, M. A., & Wolfe, S. (2011). Testimony on Indacaterol Maleate (Arcapta Neohaler). Public Citizen.

. Retrieved November 3, 2011 from http://www.citizen.org/hrg1935

This article gives testimonies of Michael A. Carome and Sidney Wolfe who oppose the approval of the Arcapta Neohaler medication. The two give reasons for their opposition which are based on the Placebo-controlled studies conducted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The authors question the ethical issues involved in conducting the research studies claiming that the drug was administered to patients with severe COPD. They recommend that any future long-term placebo-controlled trials that involve withholding of standard bronchodilator therapy should avoid moderate to severe COPD subjects. The article also provides a benefit and risk assessment of Arcapta Neohaler medication. This resource presents the loophole behind the drug approval and creates the room for further research on the medication.

Drugs.com. Medication Guide: Arcapta Neohaler. Retrieved November 3, 2011 from


This source is useful for consumers of the Arcapta Neohaler drug. It defines the drug, its use as well as the directions for use. The author constants refers to the doctor for any assistance concerning the use of the drug. The source highlights the side effects of the drug and lists the other drugs which can interfere with the effectiveness of the drug. The directions for use are aided by diagrams to facilitate the understanding of patient. The information provided by this source is vital for patients who are planning to use Arcapta Neohaler medication.

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation. Highlights of Prescribing Information. . Retrieved November 3, 2011 from


This resource provides information on prescription of Arcapta Neohaler drug in the treatment of COPD. The main theme in the article is warning with regard to the drug administration. It outlines various cases in which the drug should not be administered including asthmatic patients, cardiovascular complications, acute COPD, hypokalemia and hyperglycemia among others. The article goes further to discuss the adverse reactions of the drug and various clinical experiences with the drug. There is also description of the drug composition and its pharmacology. Storage and handling of the Arcapta Neohaler drug have been discussed comprehensively in this resource. The resource covers almost every aspect of the medication and thus useful for various groups of people ranging from the health practitioners, patients to academicians.

Drug Information. (2011). Indacaterol Inhalation Powder.


This source discusses the composition of the drug and its use. It also gives the contraindications and explains the use of the Arcapta Neohaler medications in various categories such as pregnant mothers, labour and delivery, nursing mothers, pediatric use, geriatric use as well as hepatic and renal impairment. A detailed description of the mechanism of action of the drug has been indicated in this paper. The warning against the use of the medication in treatment of certain complications has also been indicated in this article. There is discussion pertaining to the pharmacokinetics of the Arcapta Neohaler drug and its safe handling. The source is offers a clear description of the various aspects of the drug.

Reuters. (2011). FDA approves low dose of Norvatis Lung Drug. Retrieved November 3, 2011 from


The article also discusses the approval of Arcapta Neohaler drug by the FDA. The important information in this article is the emphasis of low dosage. The approval of the drug is prior to trials conducted by FDA. The article indicates that the approval of the drug would save lives of millions of people with COPD. The author also presents the findings of the studies which lead to the approval of the Arcapta Neohaler drug which is manufactured by Novartis.

Arcapta Neohaler. (2011). Arcapta Neohaler Information. Retrieved November 3, 2011


The resource gives information about the risk indication of the Arcapta Neohaler drug in asthma and COPD. The author emphasizes on indication of box warning on the Arcapta Neohaler drug that cautions against its use on asthma. It also provides detailed data regarding risk by presenting various cases of drug use. There are new prescription guidelines for the medication and patient counseling information. The author answers common questions in order to provide insights of safe drug use. The article closes by revisiting the caution against the use of this drug on asthmatic patients. This resource helps in determining the risks involved in the use of the drug among COPD patients.

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