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Spanish Essay Translation

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Please translate the below 2 page paper into Spanish.

This teacher is very picky so please make sure that the grammar/spelling/content is perfect.

I am supposed to use 3 forms of comparisons: equality, inequality and a superlative.

I need to use the preterit and imperfect tense. And I need to use the present and past form of the subjunctive. I also must use the conditional.

This is an intermediate Spanish class, do not make my vocabulary or grammatical structure too complicated (what I am giving you to translate likely will not involve any complex translation).


The forms I am allowed to use are past, present, future, subjunctive (past present), the perfect tense and the conditional tense.

The objective is to compare and contrast Spanish December holidays with American ones, using this passage:

Es el mes de la Virgen de Guadalupe, patrona de Mexico. El dia 12, la Basilica recibe a miles de mexicanos que, caminando o en rodillas, acuden en procesion para venerar a la "Madre de los Mexicanos." En las visperas, los artistas mas populares cantan las mananitas y numerosos grupos de "concheros" o "matachines"-danzantes-ofrecen sus bailes a la virgen Morena. Del dia 16 hasta el 23 se celebran Las Posadas, donde los "peregrinos" con villancicos piden que se les deje entrar a las casas. todas ellas terminan con fiesta, bebida y musica, ademas de romper las famosas "pinatas". La noche del 24 y el 25 se celebra el Dia de navidad, cuando el "Nino Dios" trae los regalos para los ninos. el ano termina con la noche de "Ano Nuevo" Y se repite el ciclo.

Please let me know if any of my content is incorrect as well. Feel free to change some of the content of my paper in order to make it less redundant and more accurate. I trust your judgment in improving the paper. For instance, if you think I wasn’t specific enough to this passage, you can throw something else in.

Thank you

The Celebration of December According to Mexico and the United Stated.

            The traditions of celebrating the holidays of December in the United States are very different from the traditions of Mexico. In the United States, December is primarily focused on Christmas, but specifically on the material side of the celebration. There are many different religions in the United States, and therefore, the religious theme of Christmas is not emphasized often. Capitalism is at its peak before Christmas. Commercials are constant and people rush to the stores to buy their friends the best gifts. If I were preparing for Christmas, I would buy all my presents very early (conditional). On Christmas day, December 25th, children of almost every house rush down to their Christmas tree and open presents in front of their parents. Everyone in the United States love Christmas because of the gifts, but it is a shame that there is not a strong emphasis on the religious meaning (subjunctive).

            According to the passage, December in Mexico is about the religious meaning. The entire month is dedicate to the Virgin of Gaudalupe and religious ceremonies continue for several days. On the twelfth day of December, many Mexican people gather to celebrate the life of their patron saint. I think it is terrific that this culture valued the religious significance of this month for so many years (Past Subjunctive). Also, the Mexican culture is more about the celebration than in the United States. The passage tells us that there are performers who sing and many people dance in celebration of their faith.  Further, it seems that this culture has many more traditions than Americans do. They have long periods of celebrations where they honor different religious characters and traditions. Overall, their culture has a stronger religious tradition because most of Mexico is unified under the same religion.

            The Mexican celebration of December is different from the American way in mainly two ways. The Mexican people celebrate with festivals and focus on religion. In the United States, people celebrate with gifts and ignore Christianity. It seems Mexican festivals are the best for having fun (superlative, subjunctive?) and therefore, I would like to spend some time in Mexico during December. On the other hand, in the United States, the tradition of giving gifts on Christmas makes it a day that everyone loves. It is impossible to say which way of celebrating is better because both cultures make people happy in December. However, the lack of religious understanding in the United States is sad. It is obvious that Americans are materialistic and I think more people should learn about the meaning of Christmas. Generally, people in the United States have just as much fun as they do in Mexico during December.

Wed May 09 09:15:44 +0000 2018

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