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Cognitive Development Activities

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Cognitive Development Activities

Grade level 9 and subject area science

In grade level 9 , students are going through the qualitative changes as they completely become capable to organize their thought hypothetically , abstractly , analytically and scientifically. They learn through their daily interaction and experiences. Students at the age group of grade level 9 are become natural explorer ("Environments and Materials", 2016).

Activity 1 

Discovery Centre 

In discovery centre, various types of materials present on Earth surface such as rocks and soil will give to students to study and explore the physical geography, meteorology and geomorphology of material through microscopic view. Plenty of research material and tools will also give to students to further understand the properties of arrangement of materials and composition of atoms.

Activity 2 

Investigations And Intentional Grouping

In the activity of investigation and intentional grouping, students will learn through high order thinking by using significant instructional tools such as graphs, pie-chart, diagram and illustration. Students will make the group presentation and demonstrate it through selecting any topic of their choice. They will also explain theories and background scientific principles. 

Activity 3 


Students of grade level 9 will assign the task from the teacher for making prediction and checking their concepts and hypothesis. Students will use their scientific knowledge and hypothesis to give an answer of the scientific reasons related to the phenomena of solar insulation, origin of the universe, relative motion and  tides 

Appropriate state standard

According to the standards of New York State for science grade 9 , the following standards are aligned with the design activities 

  • In earth science, students will use scientific analysis , engineering based design and mathematical modeling to ask question and search for answers with in- depth concept.
  • The phenomena of Celestial and Earth can be explained by using the perspective and principles of the relative motion.
  • It is necessary to explain the complex phenomena of solar insulation, tides , motions of planet, annual traverse , day length variation and constellations.
  • The theories of solar system and origin of the universe describe to the students.
  • The concept of heat energy and density use to give explanation about changes in weather, seasonal patterns and movements of the Earth on sphere.
  • Effect of land masses, weather, solar radiation, climate and ocean current explain to students.
  • Explain the significant properties of arrangement of materials and composition of atoms to students ("New York State Standards for Science: Grade 9", 2016).


  • Create an opportunities for grade level 9 to develop abstract thinking in the subject of earth science through considering natural dilemmas of earth.
  • Improve learning in earth science subject through engaging students in complex ideas and formulation through activities..
  • To encourage the students towards problem solving techniques.
  • Introducing professional dilemmas and challenges to the students in the discipline of earth science through activities.

Activity that measures objective

  • Well-arranged environment are considered as significant for promoting the cognitive development of grade level 9.In the environment of discovery centre , students can engage in the process of problem solving , exploration and discovery that results to improving the concept in the subject of earth science.
  • Students of grade level 9 flourish in the condition of having an opportunity to innovate and explore their experiments .Project based studies give the students an opportunity to read new research regarding earth science.
  • Experiments are the most powerful tool used in education. Students can discover their interest in depth .According to the interest of students , teacher can engage them in various experiments in the field of earth science (Storm, 2014).
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