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Ethnographic Research On Youth Drinking Culture Of Society

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This research paper is about the ethnographic research of youth alcohol drinking culture in our society and it is associated with the unnecessary drinking habit.The interview is given by the person who has experienced the drinking habit.Although it is necessary to mention that there are no specific and pre-define universal rules about how researcher should behave during the situation when the participant has developed the habit of heavy alcohol addiction.It depends on the researcher to decide and respond to give the answer of raising questions and challenges from the ethical point of view.However, the outcomes of such studies is very helpful to understand the society culture with academic and research perspectives.But the authenticity of the research conclusion should represent the solution to that problem. “Our goal being touncover the conceptual structures that inform our subjects acts, the ‘said’ of social discourse, and to construct a system of analysis in whose terms what is generic to those structures, what belongs to them because they are what they are, will stand out against the other determinates of human behavior”.Clapp, 2007, 469-489; Hesse, 2008, p.1).According to the sociological point of view , drinking is considered as the communication practice.As majority of time alcohol serves in wedding party ,as ceremonial glass of celebration, pub crawl to develop the relation of communication with the same drinking society and  with other drinking groups. On the other side, alcohol is completely different from the other intoxicating materials .In the country where our research is conducted ,alcohol is slightly different from the other drugs as it is considered as legal and lawful. Although in various other countries such as Germany,Russia and U.K ,the youth alcohol drinking is supposed as deviant behavior.In this research ,alcohol behavior is condemned but the interaction and communication with the youth drinker is not violating rule of laws as here we have not investigated the minor age consumer of alcohol as our participant is in the legal age of drinking (Clapp, 2007, 469-489; Hesse, 2008, p.1).



The interview is non-descriptive in the sense that it allows the informant to formulate his own answers to questions without the interviewer influence. The goal is to establish the informant’s experience in his own words. The interview is also qualitative in nature hence, offering descriptive information from which to deduce an analysis and conclusion. The questions take on different structures according to their types experience questions, personal questions ,health and prevention questions.



Experience Questions

Mr.John :How old are you? 

Me:I am 22 years old.

Mr. John :Have you experienced the alcoholic beverages such as liquor, vodka ,wine ,beer?

Me:Yes, I have experienced all the alcoholic beverages.

Mr. John :Are you habitual of drinking alcohol ? 

Me:Yes, I am the habitual drinking alcohol.I often used to drink alcohol during the stress related situation ,especially the time when there is some problem with my job and family. The other situation is when I find my mates from the college friend circles.Usually in ceremonial parties,new year celebration and Christmas get together.

Mr. John :Do you ever experience more than five alcohol at the same times? If your answer is yes, have you experienced this in last months

Me:Yes, at the last new year party ,I experienced more than five alcohol beverages of different flavors.No, I havenot experienced in the last month but yes I experienced it before 9 months on the last new year celebration 

Mr. John :Have you driven the car ,during the effect of alcohol? Have you experienced the journey with the drunk driver?

Me:During the last new year party,when I had more than five drink of alcohol,I was driving the car .Before one month, when I was in hurry to reach at office as my car was punctured and I took the cab and did not notice that the driver was drunk.

Mr. John :Do your parents allowed you to enjoy alcohol at home ? Do your parents is aware about your alcohol habit ?

Me:Yes, they permit me to drink alcohol but restricted me to just take an alcohol on the Christmas family get together .No, they are unaware about my habit of alcohol consumption as usually I avoid to drink alcohol infront of them.

Mr. John :Have you experienced to purchased alcohol without an identity card ? Have you ever make a fake identity card for the  purchasing alcohol?

Me:As , I am the daily customer of specific alcohol beverage shop, the shop keeper usually do not ask for my identity card.But yes,before the age of 21, when I was not in age of legal drinking ,shopkeeper  always asked for the identity card.Sometime, when I forget myidentity card,I offered extra dollars to shopkeeper .

Personal Questions

Mr. John :According to you,what is the main reason of youth alcohol consumption?

Me:I think ,there might be several reason that  youth choose to move towards alcohol habit.Some youth might facingjob related stress.Some of them are perplexed with the personal family disputes.Some youth are fond of adventures,parties  and hangouts as according to them the reason of consumption of alcohol is the enjoyment.

Mr. John :What you thinkalcohol is a serious problem or not? 

Me:According to me ,it is an ambiguous as I noticed and observed that some of the alcohol drinker is fit.And some of them are facing health related problems.

Mr. John :What is the source of obtaining alcohol for youth ? (Home, liquor store, bar and restaurant, friends circle and close relatives)

Me:As the youth of my age love to spend time with friends in bar or restaurant. So , I think youth prefer the option of bar or restaurant for obtaining the alcohol.

Mr. John :Give some recommendation to  solution the drinking problem?

Me:I would recommended that the alcohol addictive’s should sit together with their family member to search the solution of drinking problem. In this condition, family members can help to get rid of that habit.


Health and Prevention Questions

Mr. John :What are the main barriers to reduce the drinking in community? 

Me:According to me ,the main barrier is the government openly allowed the selling and purchasing of alcohol. The other barrier is that law of state allowed the drinking at the age of 21. So many parties and hangouts are also barrier in reducing the drinking habit in community.

Mr. John :What you think, how can a professional doctors or health consultant can play their roles to suppress the drinking addiction through primary and secondary prevention? Treatment?

Me:I think, the health professional can play their roles through primary prevention such as delivering seminars , organizing educational events and awareness program. The other possible method for habitual drinker is secondary prevention in which professionalscan guide them through comparing the life before drinking habit and the life during drinking habit. The other treatment from the professional can be the anti-depressant medicines. 

Mr. John :What you think the community understands the drinking problem?

Me:Yes, the community understand the drinking problem as the alcohol drinking issue is completely community regarding health problem. As community knows after drinking alcohol person lost his consciousness and can expectedly behave like a brutal.



It is analysis that the alcohol consumption is not just the habits or the way for the individual person to avoid the real world problems. “When their own norms are in contradiction with the dominant society’s norms, they may correct their behavior so as not to violate mainstream norms (at least not too openly). This all does not mean that they see their own norms as secondary. On the contrary, young people usually value their own group drinking norms more and appreciate people who do follow these norms” (Blackman and Shane, 2007, pp.699-716)

According to this research ,the young people often indulges because of relation with friend groups, work and family stress. In our culture, the alcohol parties is particularly celebrated for the special occasions as it makes people more emphasizing to connect with various group and enjoy irrespective of brutal attitudes.Researcher noticed that the young people is more interested to develop their social norms and follow their friends and social gathering.(Blackman and Shane, 2007, pp.699-716)

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