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When a dissertation defense is coming up, it is a stressful period for students. It involves a lot of speech presentations, but defense is the hardest one as it is a critical step in the academic and professional career. For your dissertation defense presentation to be impressed, you should prepare ahead of time and take the following steps:

Prepare A Befitting Script For The Presentation

Make a draft of what your dissertation will be about. Review the paper and brainstorm. It is important to write down your main idea, essential concepts, supporting ideas and the critical decisions you arrived in the research process. You should provide convincing answers to the following.

  • The purpose of the dissertation
  • Methods and instruments you chose for your research
  • Ways to which findings can apply to future research within your field of research

Structure the notes, revise and arrange all your ideas into a script that narrates the presentation from your title to conclusions. At this stage, you must do everything possible to create a story that captures the attention of the audience. Understand what you would like to convey and let your story follow your ideas.

Illustrate Ideas Visually

Prepare the necessary visual materials. You can use PowerPoint or other software that can convert text to your presentation into images that complement your story. Try and create notable titles for every slide. Keep the words you use at a minimum. Use more graphs, figures and bullet points. Make it simple for the audience to follow by making the images and texts large as possible.

Rehearse the Presentation

Practice your speech by reading aloud. Listen to the words keenly to determine the phrases that sound natural and those that seem awkward. Check whether there are certainly difficult to understand points. When you rehearse early, there is still time for making changes in the slides and script. Rehearse your presentation sometimes until you comprehend delivering the presentation without the need to keep peeping at the notes. You can look for clips of prominent speakers and adopt their strongest habits.

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Remember to rehearse on how to handle question and answer sessions as it is important as the formal talk. Start by practicing on your own. You may even do it in front of the webcam and go through the entire footage even if it has unpleasant sections after you make some progress, practice in front of friends.

Other Essential Considerations

Oral Communication is different from written work where the audience has the time to read something one or several more times until they understand it. You need to the following to draw attention and keep them engage in the course of your presentation.

  • Make the presentation simple while focusing on few key points
  • Repeat your key insights for the to sink into the minds of your listeners
  • Be sensitive to the audience and make the necessary adjustment to suit their needs
  • Let your presentation to have points that make your audience to have an urge of learning more

Making the Presentation

Speak with confidence and pronounce the words clearly. Make sure that you maintain eye contact. If you seem shy and avoid eye contact, members of the dissertation committee might believe that you are uncertain about your research. You should stay calm throughout.

When you get into the room, you should know that someone will interrupt you to ask questions. It is necessary for you to know to master the topic thoroughly to support your personal view. When you know the topic perfectly well, it will be simple to maintain your opinion and prove its suitability. Avoid involvement in idle debates. You should instead rely on scientific sources and research by other scholars when explaining your ideas. Do not rush through your defense lest you miss something important.

At the end of the presentation, you should demonstrate how your idea will improve the current situation and why the audience should care.

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A thesis or a dissertation is similar in many ways. They are academic documents that a student writes presenting research and findings in support of candidature to attain an academic degree or a professional qualification presenting research and findings. In some universities, thesis and dissertation are considered to be the same thing. However, there are fundamental differences.

The main difference between them is the time that students write them. A thesis is a project at the end of a Master’s degree program. A dissertation is a project at the end of a doctoral study. When you write a thesis, you can get your graduate degree, but a dissertation can be one part of the process to get a degree. However, the UK is an exception. Unlike US and countries with a similar education system, a dissertation is for master's program while a thesis is for doctorate level.

The purpose of these two papers is entirely different.

For a thesis, you compile research that proves you have the knowledge about the coursework you learned throughout the graduate program. A dissertation is an opportunity during a doctorate program for contributing to new knowledge, practices or theories to your field. The aim is to create an entirely new concept that you develop and defend to proof its worth.

Research Component

A thesis should have an original subject and include a hypothesis while you work with an advisor. When writing a thesis, you must make sure that it includes a hypothesis that is rather new. The thesis should be about research that the author conducts. A dissertation, on the other hand, is invented using original insights and knowledge students accumulate throughout the doctoral studies. You usually write a dissertation separate from your studies and the review is only taking place after you submit a draft to a peer.

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In a master's thesis, you should conduct research on a particular topic for the purpose of presenting your point.

A dissertation also requires you to carry out an original research and add new findings to literature already in existence. If you use research by other people, it should be for minimal guidance to help in creating and proving your unique hypothesis, concept or theory. You should get attribution for most of the information in the dissertation. You have to blend the information you collect and also post your thoughts. It is necessary for you to know about recent discoveries fairly well. It requires deduction of new conclusions on the information you read and evaluate. Both papers require the author to include supporting evidence, but a thesis puts conclusive research before the opinion of the writer while the basis of a dissertation is more about opinion than the subject research.


These two major works have a difference in length. A thesis should be at least 100 pages long, and in most cases, it is likely to go beyond. A doctoral dissertation is much longer as it includes more background and research information. The paper carries every detail of the dissertation proposal and the way you got the information.

A dissertation takes more intricate work to complete. The research information it presents is likely to be longer than a thesis by two or even three times. A faculty member will guide you and be your dissertation advisor for the entire process. The role of the advisor is to lead to the right direction if you become stuck. The assistance includes locating resources and ensuring that your dissertation proposal is taking the right track.

Although people might use the word thesis and dissertation interchangeably when discussing these final projects, you should not be overly concerned with whether you are writing either of them. The important thing is for you to have in mind your graduating goal as this is the basis of your writing.

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The kind education that a child gets from the beginning of a career plays a great role in shaping the future academic and career trajectory. To safeguard again your child hating the school it is essential to ensure he or she will fit in well.

Most schools start accepting children aged around 2 ½ years, but it does not mean that you child is ready for preschool upon attaining this age. Readiness to join school is more reliant on how well the kid has developed. A child should be physical, emotionally and socially ready to participate in a structured educational program with other kids.

Before enrolling your young one to any school, observe whether he or she can do the following:

Work On a Project Alone

Preschool usually includes much art and crafts subjects. They require much concentration and ability to focus on a task. A child who engrosses in solving puzzles, drawing and other childhood activities alone is a good candidate to join preschool. If a child requires help for many things, prepare him by setting up for playtimes where he entertains himself alone for 30-60 minutes and learns to be independent. Gradually increase the solo play time to longer stretches. The intention is to reduce your preoccupation with activities for the child to engage in on his own without requiring much assistance.

Readiness to Participate In Group Activities

Most preschool activities require the participation of all children in class at the same time. These interactions give children chances to play and learn together. Others require them to sit quietly and listen to stories or sing. It can be difficult for kids younger than three who are not developmentally ready for playing with other children. Kids who are not used to group activities can get orientation for instance by taking them to a local library or sign them up for a tumbling class to expose them to spending time with other kids.

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Ability to Keep a Regular Schedule

Preschools follow a particular routine. It is predictable when children go for learning, circle time, games time, snack, lunch, etc. The reason for this is kids feel in control and comfortable with things that they participate in the same time every day.

If your child cannot keep to a single schedule, you can begin orientation for school by creating a regular timetable for activities such as:

  • Taking meals
  • Bath
  • Drawing
  • Visit a park
  • Playing with a pet
  • Evening story
  • Bed

Physical Strength for Preschool

Preschool keeps children busy whether they attend for half or full day program. They participate in activities such as art projects,going to playground or fields trips for exploration. Watch carefully if your child can endure such activities or has trouble to move from one thing to another without becoming irritable.

Another consideration is the time that you child takes a nap. Preschools schedule naptime immediately after taking lunch. If your kid can keep going until that time or even stay awake all day, he is well set for school. A child who still needs to snooze mid-morning might not be ready yet for school. You can begin to build the stamina by ensuring that the child has a good sleep at night. You can then introduce some flexibility into his schedule by starting him off on a half-day program to ease him into the new and 'busy' preschool life. Gradually increase the time he spends at school to match the way he is adapting.

When preparing your kid for preschool, it requires him to have some fundamental skills. Before admitting children, most schools require them to be potty-trained. Your child must have the ability to do some essential things such as washing hands after touching dirt or painting, taking food and sleeping during nap time without assistance.

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Some colleges and universities require students to present a letter or recommendation. Students also may need a recommendation letter for their college application process for their internship application process. The way you ask for the letter is an art that will help you to get one with important points that show your suitability.

Build A Relationship Beforehand

You should ask for letters of recommendation from people who know you extremely well. They should be individuals who can provide a character for professional and academic character. Asking for a letter of recommendation is just one part of the relationship you ought to form with mentors, employers, and professors. You should start your interaction before the time you require a person to recommend you.

Spend some time after classes talking about your studies. You can, for instance, spend time with your professor asking for off the book recommendations. If you are already working, spend some time with your employer discussing their career trajectory. All relationships you create with academic and workplace will help to enrich your educational experience.

Asking For Letter of Recommendation

Make you request within reasonable time

The time it should take before your recommender to write a recommendation letter is relative. Some can write it in days, weeks yet others will take over a month. You can never tell the time a recommender will ask hence it is essential to make your request at least two months before. When you learn the time that a recommender requires, you can reduce it. Recommenders who know you well will have no problem when you contact them in lesser time.

Think about alternative recommenders

Sometimes your recommender might refuse to write your letter hence you should have someone else in mind in case it happens. Most of the time, someone will say no for reasons that serve your best interest. You should know that a good recommendation letter is by someone who is comfortable in writing it. If somebody does not want to write, but you coerce him or her, the content will be unconvincing to the readers. Rather that only ask a recommender to write your letter, it is wise to inquire if the person has time to write it on your behalf. After asking people whether they have time to write your recommendation, it gives them an alternative to say if they are busy or do not think they can write an excellent letter.

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What Do You Do After Getting The Recommendation Letter?

When you get an excellent letter, you are through with the hard part but should not rest on your laurels. Maintain your contacts with the recommenders just in case you need their help again. They will appreciate your check-ins, and you can determine if they still have available time.

When you require another letter of recommendation, it is important to check-in when there is adequate time as things change and the person may no longer be available. When you determine the availability in right time, you can find another recommender early enough.

Meet Your Recommenders in Person

Some forms of communication such as an email may seem enough, but an in-person meeting is better especially when you require more than one recommendation. It will help you to learn the about the kind of regard that each person has about you so that you do not get letters that all share the same experiences. Create time to brainstorm with each recommender on how to contribute a different experience. For example, one can focus on your scholarly capabilities while another writes about volunteering.

After getting your recondition, it is essential for you to thank your recommenders. When your professors and employers take the time to write a recommendation letter, it shows they are your cheerleaders. They want you to succeed, and when you maintain contact with them, they will be ready to help you another time in any way. Update them with reports of your progress. It will assist them in re-strategize how to write a stronger letter in future.

Making recommenders a part of the process also helps you to build a professional community.

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Frequent questions arise about the differences between Doctoral and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and people confuse terms. The first clarification about these degrees is that doctorate is a term for a degree's rank denoting the highest degree that universities award. A Ph.D. is a particular type of doctorate.

All doctoral students should conduct comprehensive research to gain all the knowledge qualifying them to be experts in their area of study and earn entitlement to the term 'doctor.' The main difference between a professional doctorate and Ph.D. degree lies in their orientation. One has a professional focus and the other an academic one. It is right to describe each individually to differentiate them clearly.

Professional Doctorate Degrees

Professional doctorate degrees are equal in status and a challenge to Ph.D. degrees only that they create knowledge to advance professional practice rather than focus on furthering academic pursuits. You can gain a professional degree in various subjects and fields including education business, medicine, engineering, law and many others. Doctoral degrees like a Doctor of Education (EdD) or a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) are considered to be professional doctorates. A professional doctorate best suits professional intending to deepen and advance their professional careers and business practice.

Traditional Doctorate – PhD

A Ph.D. is an academic focusing doctoral degree. It involves students in substantial research, creating and pursuing new knowledge in their chosen field. The meaning of Ph.D. is Doctor of Philosophy, but it does not necessarily mean that it is the only field of specialization for students. You can study a range of subjects ranging such as management, business or scientific issues. Educators are the ones who require Ph.D. degree than other professionals as it is a requirement for anyone who intends to become a member of the teaching staff. This degree is suitable for the students who are keen to explore theory and push back their knowledge boundaries with the intention of pursuing a career in academia.

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Research Abilities

Prospective students usually mention that they would like a rigorous intellectual experience or need to develop research skills within the context of their chosen industry or business. Many do not realize that some degree programs can offer them both. A doctorate may particularly focus on professional practice but are thorough and intellectually challenging just like the Ph.D.

Some professionals wrongly believe that a holder of a particular doctorate cannot teach or even publish research based papers. It is not the case as nothing will prevent you from publishing your papers for submission to academic conferences. The truth is that professional doctorate holders are experts in their field of research and are ready for publishing research papers.

Difference between the Title Professor and Doctor

The title Doctor is conferred when someone earns a doctorate. It not all people with doctorates that end up becoming professors. The professor is a title that a university confers on certain instructors. Different institutions and traditions have set different standards for which instructors qualify to be professors proper but not teaching assistants, lecturers or instructors.

The term professor is, therefore, a job title. In the USA, you can be given the title of an Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and finally a Professor. Often, the proper title for addressing people with one of these titles is Professor. In the UK, it is harder to gain the title as there is no tradition of addressing people as Associate or Assistant Professors. Those in equivalent positions have other titles as junior or Senior Lecturer.

Originally, only people who were elected to "named chairs" of departments in the respective fields got the title, Professor. At any given time, there were only a few professors. You could only become a teacher after the retirement of someone else and get elected as the replacement. The title is very distinguished in the UK, and only a few academics have got to the top position of their profession. In the US, it is more common to come across a professor as the term usually refers to almost anyone with a university position.

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Saturday, 27 May 2017 07:45

Wrong Reasons to Advance Your Education

It is now common for people to advance their studies. The main reason for most of the people to enroll in the advanced degree program is to improve their lives. A good reason to add your education would be to increase your ability to understand problems in your field and solve them in a better way. It, in turn, enhances your capability to take on new or additional responsibilities with more confidence and increase your value to the employers. However, some people enroll in academic programs for advanced studies without giving it a deeper thought. They end up advancing their education for these wrong reasons.

Peer Pressure

If you are thinking of enrolling in an academic program to advance your education because your friends are doing the same, it is a wrong idea. You should be thankful to have friends who are ambitious about increasing their knowledge, but you should not study for them but your sake. Remember that they will not take your lessons and it will feel bad if they all achieve their degrees while you struggle and continue incurring further expense to repeat courses which you fail. The consequences are not worth trying to study something you cannot handle for the sake of pleasing your friends.

Keep Your Visa

As a foreign student, you could be making a mistake to enroll for masters, doctorate or advanced studies for the purpose of extending your stay in a country. When the valid time for you visa expires, authorities may or may not renew it. If they do not, you lose the money you use to fund educational expenses. If you continue your stay, it is an illegality, and you risk going to jail and face a deportation after that. The issue will affect your credibility even in future as employers who find out your clash with the law are unlikely to hire you.

Over Ambition

It is good to be ambitious, but it is a mistake to assume that since you qualified to join a prestigious university for your undergraduate program, it is not automatic to have the capacity for handling a higher degree. If your undergraduate lecturers tell you that your ideas cannot work and you are not capable of managing an individual doctorate program, it is likely that they are right. Avoid enrolling for a higher degree program that is too difficult assuming you will prove your former lecturers wrong. You will end up failing.

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Career Insecurity

You could feel that people do not appreciate your talent enough and crave for more respect. You may want to have the title 'Dr ' at the beginning of your name. It is true that doctors and people with more academic credentials receive preferential and better treatment. However, insecurity or hunt for titles should not be a driving force for enrolling to Master's or Doctorate program. You will end up working with post-docs and professors with much more experience through your Ph.D. program and still feel inferior.

Pleasing Other People

If there is no inspiration to do particular study courses but people close to you such as a parent or partner are pushing you to explore them, do not give. It is not them who will study the rigorous coursework and research. You will encounter tough times, become distressed and probably fail your exams.


If some people are telling you off about something, do not show your rebellion by joining any academic program at a far- away campus to escape from your critics. In your desperation, you will make a hurried be a choice and could end up studying courses that are your match. In a short moment, you will start failing your exams. If you are going to take this option, at least choose a degree in a field you love.

When choosing a degree program let it be one that you can manage and will change your life. Do not make base your choice on any wrong reason.

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Do you love acquiring more and more knowledge in you is of academic interest? If so a doctoral degree program is the right way for you.

A doctoral degree program also called a Ph.D. is the most advanced type in academia. Ph.D. is a short term for Doctor of Philosophy that you can also abbreviate as Dr. Philos or DPhil. The word philosophy comes from the Ancient Greek word Philosophia whose literal translation means 'love of wisdom.' It originally signified an individual who achieved a comprehensive general education in fundamental issues of the current world. The Doctor of Philosophy in modern times still requires the love of wisdom, but it applies to those individuals who pursue knowledge in a more specialized field.

For long, it has been taking 3-4 to complete a Doctoral program while studying full time and six or more years for part-time students. Students complete substantial original research and present it in the form of dissertation or thesis or a portfolio of published papers. Medical related doctoral programs require students to complete hands-on clinical hour treating real patients in the final years of their program.

The Ph.D. is the highest degree level, and the program only admits students with a master's degree except for a few institutions that allow progress from Bachelor. Some universities also offer to fast-track master's degree to Ph.D. for students with necessary skills, knowledge and research abilities. Ph.D. graduates qualify to work as top experts in areas of research or business and as professors at a post-secondary level. The common types of degrees include:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
  • li>Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)
  • Juris Doctor (J.D.) for lawyers
  • Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)

Finest Reasons to Acquire a PhD

At the end of your doctorate program, it will enable you to make a milestone in academe by making numerous achievements including:

  • Make A Significant Achievement

A doctoral degree allows you to reach the peak of academic ambitions that only a few attain. In the process of acquiring the degree, you overcome all the difficulties along the way and even challenge yourself intellectually.

  • Discover And Learn New Things
  • You will explore new concepts to the limit and learn the reasons they function in certain ways. If you are inquisitive about a particular idea, doctorate program is perfect because the research you will carry out is intense enough to learn about the existing knowledge discovering more to fill existing gaps.

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  • Achieve Utmost Intellectual Growth
  • A doctorate is like a marathon race. It is long and tiring, but the gains are immeasurable. It combines much of Master's program coursework with a multi-year dissertation of more than 150 pages improving your abilities as an independent researcher and thinker. You will work with like-minded intellectuals who share your academic interests. Your peers are professors in waiting hence make up the most intellectual group you will ever meet. Together you will cover much academic ground.

  • Qualify For a Career in Academia
  • Ph.D. program prepares you to become a professor hence you can teach at the university. If you have an interest in imparting knowledge, a doctoral degree enables you to train students and raise the academic skills. It is incredibly fulfilling to bring up a generation of academic who will improve the quality of practice in the fields you train.

  • Learn At a Cheaper Or No Cost
  • University students pursuing their doctorate programs are of much value to universities. Most will waive tuition and pay you a salary if you work as a part-time assistant. You can work 10 to 20 hours a week helping professors to research or teach undergraduate classes. The fellowship arrangement allows you to earn this valuable degree which ordinarily should be very expensive at no cost. Instead, you get to pay to study for a Ph.D. degree that takes you to the pinnacle of academic training and makes you eligible for all the senior positions in your field.

    A Ph.D. improves the quality of your life in monetary and non-monetary ways. In addition to maximizing your eligibility for the best careers, it makes you an academic giant, earns you highest respect from educationists and gives you the confidence to develop solutions.

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    Friday, 26 May 2017 12:08

    Can You Earn Higher Degree Online

    Higher degrees are the ones you earn after an undergraduate Bachelor's degree. These degrees are either a Master's or Doctoral degree. They require more intense study and research. Numerous students complete their undergraduate degrees online but can you complete a higher degree program online?

    You can earn many higher degrees except a few of them. Some training like that for medical doctors requires much supervision.

    Earning a graduate or post-graduate degree online require a significant commitment of study time and money. Students who record the best performance are those who set aside enough time for coursework and create a healthy balance with other responsibilities. Students taking higher degrees should be highly literate as these programs focus highly on extensive reading and writing. Before taking an online program, it is essential to be self-motivated and work without supervision. You should have advanced research skills and ability to comprehend complex content quickly.

    Considerations before joining an online higher degree program

    Before you apply for an online higher degree program, it is essential to research in the future to determine whether another degree in your field will bring any benefits. The common ones include:

    Higher earnings:

    Earning a Master's or doctorate might not automatically lead to salary increment. However many of them lead to a decent salary and certain prestige. Earning a higher degree should either increase your earning potential or qualify yours for a leadership position.

    Personal needs:

    It is essential to weight your needs for acquiring a higher degree against the study potential of online programs. Determine whether the school has multimedia components and if you will get a mentor/advisor to assist you through the difficult phases. Create a list of questions for the university’s representative to gather all the information that enables you to determine if the program suits your needs.

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    Graduation and study requirements:

    Ask if there are time limits and other specifics for completing a program. You should know that it completing the program will require you o pass multiple exams, write a thesis or dissertation and even make a defense for a doctoral level in front of a committee.


    Online programs have become too many with many promising to offer quick and easy graduate and post-graduate degrees. Never enroll in an online degree program before you determine its accreditation status. If it is not, your degree will be worthless, and you will lose your credibility or even your job the moment you add such a program to your resume. A higher degree expands your horizons, and it is wise for you to undertake an online program by a university with national, regional and possibly global recognition. Your degree should be acceptable by employers worldwide, and your credits should be transferable to most schools.


    Most online degree programs require students to a certain amount of credit hours taking classes. Some programs need for limited residency by attending a few on-campus lectures or meetings at specified days. Residency requirements are usually non-negotiable after you enroll for a program as the university believes you are comfortable. Make sure that the online Masters or Ph.D. program you choose fits your schedule.

    Payments for doctorate online

    Online degree cost will depend on your schedule. If your program allows you to study almost on a full-time basis, you will complete faster. However, the program may cost you more than what it takes for on-campus studies. For example, students taking doctorate program on-campus are eligible for teaching fellowships where they even earn buy you cannot enjoy this benefit online. It is still an advantage if you have a tight work schedule that cannot allow you time for fellowship.

    As an online student, you can still get a reprieve from full tuition cost if your employer will pay a portion of higher degree costs. As a private student, you may also qualify for a student's loan from a bank or other lending institutions. A financial aid advisor at the online school you are applying to join can inform you about the available options.

    If you have the time, ability and resource to enroll for an online higher degree program try it out.

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    A master's degree is an excellent choice. If you already have a bachelor’s degree acquiring a master's degree is a great bet to making progress in your life. The first of the post-graduate degrees helps to gain achievements in the following ways:

    Advancing Your Career

    Some organizations in fields such as medicine, education, and engineering might require employees at the top levels to have master's degrees. A master's degree is also essential if you are planning to join a career that requires a post-graduate level of education for entry level jobs. For example, your intention is to become a physician's assistant or school principal, you may need to get your masters degree. A graduate degree increases the chances of getting a better job even when you are not targeting one particular position.

    Career Change

    You may study for bachelor's degree but find that the subsequent career is not appealing or does not have growth opportunities as expected. Universities allow applicants to Master's programs to enroll for a different degree from then one acquired at bachelor level if that is their wish. If you need to change your career, enrolling for a master’s degree in the field of your interest is a great opportunity to get a job that you will enjoy more than the current. With a master's, you can complete turnaround by moving to entirely new field such as law from engineering.

    Increases Chances of Better Pay

    A graduate degree is monetarily valuable. Employers pay higher salaries to employees with a second degree and in most instances includes additional benefits such as allowances and travel packages. A higher salary comes with more roles, but almost everyone looks forward to using the skills learned at school. It is more fulfilling to use your full capacity at work in a higher position where people will appreciate you more and still get better pay. The difference in salaries for employees with master’s degree can those without can be high as 30%. Such an increase will make a positive impact on your financial situation.

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    Intellectual and Personal Growth

    The graduate level program is more stimulating intellectually and allows more development as you take more specialized courses in your field. In college and undergraduate level, students have to take general courses that do not relate to their major. Your major could be in law, but you still have to study some math. For master’s program, you will only study law classes. You will learn every important thing about the field and sharpen your skills than before. If you are studying electrical engineering at master’s level, you can be the best. When you learn more, it will increase your knowledge that you use in your practice or to solve issues that in the past you found to be intellectually challenging.

    Recognition and Respect by Peers

    Earning a master's degree is a sign of intellectual prowess, ability to handle challenges and determination. It will make a difference in your resume. The advanced coursework enables you to accomplish greater things and earn more recognition by your peers. Employers will also have a higher esteem for your master's qualifications as it is an indication of more knowledge and commitment to the field. At your level, it is more likely to get a managerial or director position because recruiters know that you have an ability to handle the challenges that are likely to arise for these roles.

    Increases Your Competitiveness

    Recent times have witnessed a drastic increase in popularity of post-graduate programs. The knowledge and skills you gain during a master’s degree program make you more competitive now and in the future. If you do not study for your master’s degree, it could mean losing out on promotions and important positions in the coming days.

    Completing a master's degrees program gives a sense of accomplishment as it makes you a more central character in your field. You also become more confident since the increased knowledge empowers you for senior roles and handle challenges.

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    Thursday, 25 May 2017 06:55

    Understanding a Master's Degree

    Nowadays, many graduates are going back to school for advanced studies. A master's degree program is the first level of graduate study. The general qualification to apply for a master's program is to have an undergraduate (bachelor's) degree. Universities do not require applicants to have a bachelor's degree in the major area you wish to study in your master's program. You can be a holder of a degree in management then pursue a Master of Sociology. Most master programs accept students as long as they have an accredited bachelor's degree.

    Earning the degree requires you to complete 36-54 semester credits or 60 to 90 quarter credits of study. The credits are an equal of 12-18 college courses. It takes a year and a half to two years full-time study to complete a master's program. Some students may take up to 4 years by taking part-time classes.

    Some graduate schools have flexible coursework to allow working people to pursue their studies without taking a break from their jobs. It is a reprieve for many employees because, in the past days, most had to postpone their plans due to lack of time. Others had to take an unpaid study leave. Because of the current flexibility by universities, some students may still apply to join traditional on-campus classes. Most of them, however, prefer to study online as it allows self-scheduling and studying at any place where you can find internet connectivity. Online classes also have more options for accelerated course offering.

    Public and state universities make up the highest percentage of the institutions that offer post-graduate degree programs.

    Essential Commitments for A Master's Degree Program

    When you consider enrolling for a master's degree, you should have soul-searching and make these important decisions.

    • Create enough time for your studies- part or full time
    • Create breaks between semesters if it is impossible to commit to a full year-round program
    • Decide between studying in a program with peers or enroll for online self-pacing courses
    • Make a choice between hybrid program with on-campus components or an entirely online program
    • Make time for practicum and internship if it is a requirement for your master's programs such as that for nursing and medical students

    Difference between Bachelor's and Master's Study

    When you first look at the study format of a master's program, it might seem similar to the undergraduate program. For most of your program, you will select course units by members of the faculty with much experience in the specialty area to complete within designated semesters. It is a conventional structure, and the intention is to make the transition from undergraduate to postgraduate manageable.

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    It is one of the reasons many students choose to study for their Master's degree before starting an independent PhD research project. The difference between undergraduate and postgraduate is not easily noticeable until you carefully investigate the course material and assessment criteria. After a close study, it reveals that a post-graduate program places greater emphasis on the ability to undertake an independent or self-directed study.

    The same concept applies to the taught units. The faculty expects you to make extensive preparation for timetable classes. You professor might also require you to identify your assessment topics. An excellent master's program will leave you with greater subject knowledge and development of a critical voice.

    Other differences of master's from an undergraduate degree program are:

    • Focuses on a single particular area but a wider subject to give students more specialized knowledge
    • More flexibility regarding study options and modules
    • Smaller class size
    • Faster pace
    • Higher intensity and more advanced study

    In most instances, the tuition costs for a master degree program are cheaper as students complete in a shorter period, around have the time it takes to complete for undergraduate studies.

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