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Victoria M

Victoria M

Saturday, 15 July 2017 11:00

Effective Study Tips Before Exams

The final days before an exam can make a significant difference between pass and fail. When you try to read everything in the last days, you risk suffering from exam stress. You need to develop strategic study plans at high school, college or university. These tips can help you to study better and pass your exams.

Make a schedule

When studying for an examination, it is likely that you need to go over up to 5 tests and probably a paper or project to turn in. It means you will have a full schedule. Before starting, list down everything you will be examined on, tests, papers or group projects. It will be easier to conceptualize how much you need to cover when it is in writing. Go through the list, fill the due dates and note the assignments and tasks that take longest. After recording this information prioritize what you need to study first and tasks that will take the most time. Create a timetable to avoid the need for final minute cramming that leads to stressful moments when you try to retain too much information at once.

Determine the exam format

Establish the exam format and subject matter to know what you will study and how to do it. Exams can be in the format of short answer, multiple choices or a combination. When you have the format in mind, it gives you a better idea on the right way to study. If the exam is mostly about filling in the blanks or multiple choices, you should memorize concepts and definitions. You need to learn the way to apply essential concepts if the questions are in the form of an essay or short answer. If the details are not clear, you can check with the teacher.

Practice what you study

The study method you apply will affect your results. If you just read, it might not be helpful in increasing the knowledge you possess. You should instead focus on creating a test like an environment. Answer questions within a particular time without reference materials so as to work on pacing and rate your performance. Test practice is an effective study tactic, especially for math. It will help you to increase your pace and gain confidence in tackling problems at a given time.

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Join or form a study group

You need not study everything in an isolated environment. You can be part of study groups as they are very effective. Being part of a group increases commitment. When you agree to meet, it is unlikely that you will fail to turn up. You also meet other students with whom you can discuss topics thus gaining a better grasp on the key components. It is essential to pick the right study group made up of committed studies which use your meeting time for study only, or you will have a tedious task of covering much ground in the last few days. It will be more like cramming.

Focus on studies

In the last few days to an exam, you should turn all your attention to your studies and revise the areas you have been covering over time. You should avoid distractions such as text messages or social media as they make study sessions less efficient because you will take more time that you planned on them. Every time you take converse through your cell phone or laptop will add up to more minutes and collectively accumulate to a long moment. Turn off the phone and your social media accounts and if possible keep it away. Shut down any other gadgets that produce background noise that might distract you.

As you study hard before an exam, it is essential that you take breaks in between reading and discussion. Finish your studies early in the evening to enable you to take enough night rest. Reduce the intensity as the examination time draws near and if possible rest on the eve.

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Are you a budding entrepreneur? Your success will increase if you begin with a strong academic background in business relating courses.

Some people are in business because they learn the skills from those already in business such as parents. Others begin out of their initiative, learn the ropes and succeed. A good number of entrepreneurs start off by taking business related studies that prepare them for the career. A college education is essential for future entrepreneurs. Almost every course can prepare you for business, but classes in one of these in the list below give you an edge in finding business opportunities soon after.


Entrepreneurship to a large extent relies on marketing. You reach customers or investors by marketing your products, services or ideas. An academic background in marketing is extremely beneficial. Training in marketing helps to gain insights on how to conduct research in the way you develop products that target customers need. It also teaches you to develop marketing a marketing campaign and proper engagement of the audience. In the course of you marketing classes, you will learn how first to identify your market rather than spend valuable resources to create products or services that people will find difficult to support.

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Finance and accounting

As a business owner, you should be competent in two essential responsibilities, preparing a balanced budget and paying tax. Failure to handle them properly will spell doom for your startup. Taking accounting or finance lessons enable you to acquire a basic understanding of the activities to perform during the tax returns season and to manage cash flow. A finance class teaches you about:

  • Time value of money
  • Tradeoff between the risk and return
  • Dividend policy decisions
  • Optimal capital structure
  • Security market efficiency

Accounting class is also essential in helping you to understand the strength of your business through a balance sheet. It identifies the company's assets, liabilities and owner's equity. Additionally, you can learn the concepts that involve inventory and cash flow. Both have an enormous influence on the success of any business.


Economics is an essential business relating class that helps students to get a basic understanding of these factors:

  • Production
  • Distribution
  • Consumption

Economics also allows you to learn about government policies that affect your area of business, a difference between micro and macroeconomics and ways of functioning in the global market.

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An entrepreneur should have an ability to organize and lead teams. Management teaches you the techniques on how to become an efficient leader even when that was not your earlier nature. At the end of management course, you will have learnt about proper communication with members of a team, to delegate tasks and delivering criticism. It also teaches you about motivating the work team and making employees to collaborate with each other. In addition it helps you to budget the business finances.

Information Technology

Information technology or any other computer related skills such as computer engineering or science will help your business even if you are not in the tech industry. It is most likely that your business will rely on technology. It also enables you to learn about innovations that help to market and run the business.

It is helpful to learn about concepts such as functioning of computers, coding, and software, internet, compressing digital media and securing your system. Knowledge of commuter technology helps you to perform functions such preparing production records, research, financial planning and procurement.

When you are tech savvy, it enables you to come up with innovations for taking your business to another level, simplify functions or at least have capacity to recruit and supervise professionals in this field.


Communication is diverse as it includes written, spoken and non-verbal language. Communication teaches you to articulately deliver information about your business in a precise language within a short moment. It also helps to make sales pitches efficiently.

The above courses are essential in the growth of businesses. You can learn them as a full academic program or short entrepreneurship programs.

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Friday, 14 July 2017 13:19

How to Achieve Academic Goals

When you think about achieving success in academia, you must also set realistic goals and have ways to reach them. Achieving success equals setting goals and attaining them.

You cannot succeed without working towards measurable, attainable and memorable things. Setting goals will allow you to gauge the times when you achieve some success. To clarify the suitability of academic goals and accomplishing them, you have to set up a program. The factors below will help you to make progress.

Make Your Educational Goals Personal

Ask yourself the things that you desire to achieve. Your goals should include social activities and your plans in life. Never let other individuals set your achievement. If you give in, your ideas will be lost by the wayside and will end up attaining the dream of others.

Set Self-Goals

Set off every school semester or term by setting personal, academic goals. You can target raising your GPA by a certain number of points or making it to the dean’s list. The goals are not always about grades. Success to a great deal will depend on an individual. You should, therefore, make goals that work in your favor.

Avoid Contradictory Goals

Your goals must correspond to your overall target. They must coincide with achievements that are within realistic range. It will be impossible to hit goals such as gaining a 4.0 GPA by the time you graduate from school after completing other semesters with 2.5 GPA. Mathematically it is unrealistic to accomplish the target hence you are setting up yourself for failure.

Set Specific and Positive Academic Goals

Develop measurable goals that you chart over time. For example, you can decide to read two books on a given subject in a month. When you set up positive goals, it will subconsciously propel you to make achievements. Your subconscious and mind should interpret positives. Erase words such as never for your subconscious to produce wisdom for carrying out concrete goals.

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Determine the Studying That Serves You Well

Different people have various methods of study that serve them in the best way. For instance, study groups work very well in improving performance, but they do not work for everyone. It is a mistake to assume that after chatting with some classmates, it is the perfect study for an upcoming exam. The most effective study method is when you read alone in a quiet place. When studying at school, the library is a good example of a place with a quiet study space with an advantage of having many reference materials.

Have a Class Schedule around Your Routine

All people do not function in the same way. Early morning classes are a favorite for many people as they can study when their minds are fresh, but it is no everyone who is comfortable. If you find mornings to be uninspiring, do not enroll for classes beginning at this time. Choosing the wrong schedule is a frequent mistake by students in their first semesters. If you are trying to make more gains into your academic success but find that your brain is not fully active in the mornings, reserve the evenings for tasks that require heavy thinking.

Set Practical Actions to Achieve Goals

It is essential to identify practical things that work towards achieving your goals. If you set a goal such as attaining a certain score on an exam, you should have a clear action plan. Helpful steps include spending extra hours studying, working on particular problems that were pulling down your goals and consulting your teachers after a few days.

Set High Standards

Although it is essential to be realistic, it is critical that you set high academic goals that stretch you to study more and harder thus increasing your chances to achieve the target. It is more like aiming for the sun to reach the moon.

To it is helpful to write your academic goals down to keep consistency in your achievements. It will always remind you about the impending task.

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An academic major or concentration is the primary fields that college or university student specializes in during associates or undergraduate studies. It will incorporate portions of the core curriculum. Core curriculum covers a broad range of subjects that give a student a sound basis of exposure and knowledge.

If you go for a visit to any college, you will learn how common it is for students to change majors. Many change it at least once which is not a surprise as a lot of students are very young. They may not make the right decisions the first time due to lack of exposure. Some consult their parents to get advice after feeling that their chosen major is a wrong choice.

Even before getting that call, parents should prepare in advance for such request. Your high school child might seem confident about the selection of a major when heading to college but at some point is likely to change the mind. Early preparation allows you to support your son or daughter. You can offer advice based on your experience beyond the academic world.

You may provide information and a perspective and allow your student to explore the options and make a choice.

When giving advice, you should make these considerations:

The financial repercussions

Some change in majors will make an impact on your finances as a number may require the student to complete extra semesters in the school. If you are catering for some or all the cost of your child's tuition, decide in advance what you will do about the additional schooling. It is probable that finances will not be the only consideration to make before deciding whether it is necessary to change a major. It is still an important one because the student should know about the financial effects so as to make a well-informed decision.

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Other Expert Opinions

As a parent, you best know about your child, but it could be that you are too close to this situation for you to be objective. You also are unlikely to have all the information concerning majors. Urge your child to seek information from other resources at school. Academic adviser, trusted professors and people within the community such as a career mentors are excellent sources of additional information about majors.

You also have a role to play if you are a student who is preparing to change majors by doing the following:

Consult Your Adviser

It is not a must that you navigate through this process alone. It is best to have a discussion with an advisor who you worked with throughout your time at the University. A general studies advisor can guide you accordingly if you are not sure about your major. A neutral advisor will inform you about a variety of disciplines. In the process, you will discover something you did not know about its existence.


When changing from a major to another, it is important to learn about the significance of your choice to your career. There are numerous online resources. You may also get information from the university's career center. It will be easier to decide on a new major if you start with what you can do with it as a career before working backward from here.

If a change in your major requires you to transfer to another school, talk to an academic advisor in the new institution. He will inform you what your education will entail if you change majors and answer any concerns you have about coursework.

When parents and students seek for advice, they should be cautious about advisors who discourage transfer from their area without a good reason. If something does not go right for you in the current major, do not let sugarcoating to halt your move. It is likely that your concerns will still exist after leaving the office.

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Many only think that scholarships and student loans are the only ways to fund higher education, but there are many other options. These include:

Funding From Special Interest Groups

Some groups dedicate a certain portion of their budgets to fund studies. Charities, learned societies and trusts are some of the special interest groups that fund education. Some organizations target niche demographics. Most assist students from lower income families, those undergoing financial difficulties and have demonstrable academic excellence. They usually make awards to cater for a year's tuition and give the option for a renewal application. Students can get financial backing from various organizations.

When applying for funding, you should focus on the things that make you distinctive from other students. The points that you should highlight include:

  • Relevance and possible future applications for your research
  • Ways in which your background and interests aligns with those of funding organization
  • Any challenges and disadvantages you face
  • Your drive to succeed and the potential for achieving it

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Student Jobs

Student job is a good way to supplement your finances. It is essential to determine the labor practices in the country especially if you are studying in a foreign country. There could be some limitations for international students to work. Countries such as Canada require international students to get an Off-Campus Work Permit.

The typical restrictions for students include a limit in working hours during semester time, rules on whether you may work off-campus or the requirement is to stick to jobs in the university. Most campuses in the first world offer opportunities for students to work part-time in their facilities such as cafes, shops, student union office of organizing events

Part-Time Study

Enrolling for part-time study will leave you with time for attending to your commitments such as part-time jobs. It also allows you to spread your tuition fees over a longer period, so you do not pay a large amount at once. If you go for this option, make sure that you create a realistic balance between studies and work. In case you find that it is hard to cope, ask for advice from the university student support team. The official should know about other funding opportunities that may have come up after commencing of the academic year. They could at least help you create a schedule that results in better balance.

Employer Contributions

If you are working and need to pursue a postgraduate degree after working for a period, you can persuade your employers to sponsor your studies. Most companies support staff training and development as they look forward to benefitting from newly acquired skills. Some companies have a budget for personal and professional development.

Employers will be more receptive to your funding request when you show that engaging in further studies will improve career prospects, increase ability in the workplace and help in the long-term development of the company. Your reasons should not appear as if the purpose of education is for personal interests. When you seek employer's funding, you might need to sign up an agreement to work for the company up to a specified period after you graduate.


When you are at postgraduate level, you can apply for the job of assistantship (studentship in the US). You will spend some of your time performing research or teaching role in exchange for funding of your studies. You can draw funding from supervisors research budget or university department. Funding may also come from external funding bodies that have vested interest in a particular field of development. These funding are usually for PhD programs and particularly some subjects. An assistantship is cost-effective for universities and provides valuable teaching and research experience for students.

Assistantship requires students to carry out specified activities as stipulated in a contract in return for tuition waiver and a modest salary.

Scholarships and student loans are a source of funding for students, but you do not have to rely on them when you can pursue one of the above options. Unlike a loan that you will pay after completing your studies, these funding options will not cost you any money after earning your degree.

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There are many things in life that we either love or hate. It is the situation that test takers find themselves in when sitting for multiple choice questions that only give your option to get the answer right. The process is rather tricky especially for questions that you are unsure.

Multiple-choice is a form of standardized test that teachers or other examiners use to measure knowledge and progress. Students from elementary to university have at one time sat for such exam.

Multiple-choice quizzes are an effective way of measuring knowledge and complex concepts. Since students can answer multiple choices fast, it helps the teacher to assess their mastery of various topics within a short moment. Additionally, it is possible to score the items quickly and reliably.

Most importantly a correctly structures quiz offers the greatest educational value does not just indicate if a student gave the right or wrong answer. It goes further and clearly explains the reasons why each answer was right or wrong. The explanation helps to ensure that there is an all-important continuation of a learning process.

Some people love the multiple-choice questions, but others despise them. Some even claim that teachers who issue them are escaping from preparing and grading other forms of examination and tests.

There are two sides to everything, and multiple choice questions have pros as well as cons.


Clarity in response

The responses do not require an explanation hence do not lay the fate of student on the ability to express themselves clearly in writing or language. It removes a source of error and simplifies the grading.

Universal grading

Most subject matter in academic can be broken down into choice selections allowing an easier standardization of testing practices.


Multiple choice quizzes allow teachers to test a lot of materials within a short period. Other tests require takers to use more time when writing their responses. You can use optical readers to hasten the grading process.


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When teachers grade their students, it is purely on the selection of pre-determines responses. The test does not allow graders to introduce misinterpretations and personal bias.


Lack of partial credit

Even when students have some knowledge on a question, there is no credit for their knowledge if they pick the wrong answer. Free response questions allow takers to demonstrate their understanding of the subject and get partial credit.


Any failure to interpret the information the intention by the test setter may result to an incorrect response even when the taker had a valid response. The term "multiple guesses" is the right term for describing this scenario. Another form of test allows takers the freedom to make their argument from their point of view and there is potential to receive some credit.

Logical reasoning

Test takers can rule out the answers due to infeasibility or test each answer individually especially for math. It increases their chances of getting the right answer even when they do not understand the subject matter. Examiners include some answers simply for this reason such providing the equation.

Tips To Pass Multiple Choice Tests

Before this type of exam, the right way to prepare is by taking many practice exams. The following tips will also help to secure you a high score

  • Find out about the format of the upcoming test. It enables you to time your pace to ensure that you prepare well before the test day to complete within allocated time.
    • Do not hurry to start picking your choices without reading the instructions
    • Read the questions before looking at the answers and try thinking about the correct answer. After thinking about your perceived right answer, pick the option best suiting your answer after thorough reading. If you are not sure, eliminate the incorrect answers to make an educated guess
      • Pay attention to the wording of every question to avoid confusion between phrases such "which of these in CORRECT" and "Which of these is INCORRECT."

      Most times, the option with most information has the correct answer.

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Wednesday, 12 July 2017 13:10

Types Of Academic Essays

Typical college students have to write various essays throughout their college career. The essays have different goals and purposes. Most of them, teachers require their students to write essays as part of their homework. The content on some of them can be from personal experiences or knowledge gained in the past. Other essays require additional research and use of outside sources. Sometimes teachers ask students to write essays in class and complete within a limited period. Regardless of the assignment and format, knowledge of correctly writing techniques will enable the completion of a well-crafted piece within a shorter time.

Essays in academic settings fall into 4 broad categories, and each has different variations or subcategories

  • Exposition or Expository

Exposition essay makes an attempt at informing the readers about an important thing or explain something like the benefits of a particular activity, a set of rules or a process. Common expository writings include:

  • Technical
  • Business
  • Process writing
  • Compare contrast essays
  • Response essay
  • Reaction essays
  • Research based essays
  • Persuasive or Persuasion Essay

A persuasive essay takes a clear stand on a particular principle usually a controversial issue attempting to persuade readers to adopt the same mindset. Persuasive writing assignments are rather common at college level. The argument paper is the most common type of persuasive essay. The reason is that writing an argument essay will involve critical thinking and usually the use of some outside sources. Many papers for other disciplines except English are variations of the argument paper. You should treat them is a similar manner.

  • Narration Essay

This essay tells readers about certain one or more events that took place. The regular narration writing includes personal essays, novels, poetry and short stories.

  • Description Essay

Description writing uses vivid language in describing a person, event or place for the reader to develop a clear mental picture on the topic. Poetry and fiction usually use a large amount of descriptive writing and at times will only serve the purpose of giving a description.

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A crucial point to note about essays is that while they are generally under one of these four categories, good writing must incorporate a variety of each in the same assignment. For example, a narrative piece will be better if it incorporates much description while a persuasive essay will often begin by explaining certain facts to reader taking the form of exposition before the argument supporting or disputing an individual solution.

As a writer for any background or discipline, it is essential that you study these modes and learn the way to write each and incorporation into different varieties of writing.

Five Paragraph Essay Model

At the beginning of writing, most students learn writing essays that follow a five paragraph model. It allows writers to organize their points into three main points supporting the thesis and make each a paragraph.

It is a straightforward format that includes:

  • One paragraph introduction with a particular thesis
  • Three body paragraphs with each having one point supporting the thesis
  • One paragraph conclusion

Five paragraph essay model is helpful for amateur writers who need to complete short essays of 2-3 pages. As students advances and gets longer writing assignments, this model may not be applicable. If an essay has five or more pages, the five paragraphs will take a full page or longer, and this is too long.

What you can follow is the general model by beginning with a short introduction presenting the topic and thesis. Follow up with a body comprising several paragraphs that support the thesis, claims and offering evidence. End with a shorter conclusion bringing the essay to a fitting end.

Academic essays have the purpose of persuading readers while scholars use them to advance ideas. It should also develop critical thinking skills. Your writing should demonstrate satisfactory performance of the above purposes.

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Students view essay writing as boring, but it is an important part of an academic year and holds much worth. Assembling and creating an essay with a consistent flow is an art that helps you to achieve the following.

  1. Cement Knowledge

Listening to a teacher alone does not let you fully determine whether your knowledge is increasing. It is far credible to test your knowledge by writing. An essay is an excellent method for embedding facts and figures that you obtain from various sources.

  • Intellectual Growth
  • Essay writing helps to stimulate intelligence leading to intellectual development. It is a good way of practicing for an upcoming examination and career opportunities that require writing skills. Writing skills are essential for all fields hence writing an essay helps to improve the quality your written work.

  • Improve Academic Scores
  • When writing essays, students learn the art of evaluating, analyzing and thinking critically. It will help you to polish your writing skills and increase the chance of getting good grades. The analytical skills you gain when writing an essay will also be useful in your field of work. Essays are a tool for testing knowledge by assessing arguments, specific examples, and analyses and draw conclusions regarding the material that course covers.

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  • Improves Writing Skills
  • When writing an essay, you are trying to express yourself in the process. If you are keen about essays, it will help to improve your writing skills and using the appropriate vocabulary. It also helps you to organize your writing style to express your thoughts using a more logical way.

  • Enhances Creativity
  • Even if you will research for information to use as content in your essay, it requires some creativity to write it down in an articulate manner. Frequent writing enables you to use imagination, develop words from your thoughts and write them down in a creative fashion. As you improve your essay writing skills, you grow the talent to be a creative writer, logical thinker or public speaker.

    Attaining high grades will motivate you to write more essays. To get good scores requires you to choose exemplary topics. You can find the right topic for you by making the same considerations:

    Choose Something That Interests You

    Find topics that you find interesting within your discipline. Besides the fact that the subject is personally interesting, you should also determine the extent to which you know about it. You may find something to be interesting but it is difficult to write about in more than a few words. For this reason, it is essential to take your time to determine if you know something about you chosen topic that you can write to the required essay length. If you do find an interesting topic, research and settle for one that seems more interesting than others.

    Analyze the Topic

    Figure out if the chosen topic is narrow or broad. If a subject is very general, it will not have specific information on the issue you want to write. For example, a topic on "Minerals in the World" is extremely broad. It will be tough to determine whether you will write about all the mineral deposit across continents, focus on a particular metal such as diamond or whether you will write about statistics.

    A narrow topic provides a clue on what to write and how to structure it. For instance, a topic "who owns iron ores in Michigan US" is easier to write about than a general subject. Ensure that the topic you will write about has sources from which you will retrieve information. Even a narrow topic can be problematic to write on if you do not find enough materials to write on it.

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    Wednesday, 12 July 2017 11:06

    How Can Students Survive In a Large Class

    The number of students in class particularly in some public universities is high. The lecture rooms in such universities are usually full to the brim. Class size does matter when it comes to the attention that a professor can give to an extremely high number of students. It is usually impossible to give personalized attention to each of them.

    There are times when you require additional help with your assignment or need further clarification upon about course material. When your class size is high, you will be unsure on whether to ask for a recommendation letter from your lecturer because it could be that he does not know your name. To gain maximum value from your lectures, you should not just sit quietly in class. It is wise for you to think about ways of actively engaging with the lecturers and fellow students on a personal level.

    Ask and Answer Questions

    A superb way to stay engaged during a long lecture is to raise your hand and speak when your professor requires the class to answer questions or participate in a discussion. You should also ask questions on matters that you did understand. This method might seem obvious as it takes place at every school level, but at colleges or universities, the number of students who utilize such opportunities to engage with professors is low.

    During question and answer sessions, contribute even when your reply is only partly right. Regular participation creates an impression, and with time, your professors will know you. Class participation is a high value habit that also makes lecturers interesting to you which may boost your grades. Some preparation goes a long way in boosting your confidence to answer questions. It is essential to read the week's assignment carefully.

    Know Office Hours of Lecturers and Students

    It is useful to learn office hours of your fellow students and professors. A lecturer is a great resource, and it is necessary to attend his or her scheduled office hours. Few students do this. The odds are that you could share a major or department with someone in your course.

    It is great to form study groups, but you should go beyond approaching only the people you know. Try engaging your classmates outside the classroom even when your course does not have any organized discussion sections. You can just have a chat for a short moment as some of you will help when there is a need to discuss a topic or an assignment.

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    Utilize the Teaching Assistants (TAs)

    Colleges and universities advertise low student/faculty ratios showing that lecturers will be available for personal consultation. However, the small and large institutions offer courses in some mandatory or popular subjects in classes with hundreds of students sitting together in one room. For such a course, the teaching professors might have teaching assistants to lead additional discussion sections and overseeing the administrative details.

    If your course has teaching assistants, it is most likely that they will host an office house. In most cases, TAs are more helpful when you have questions relating to specific class assignments especially when they have the task to grade your research papers or note your overall attendance and participation. TAs may even have a larger role in determining the final grade than the professors. Do not hesitate to consult them to cultivate a better relationship outside the class.

    Concentrate On Your Lecture

    Do not let your mind to drift away from the lecture to other subjects. Maintaining your focus for two to three hours might be difficult. You can alleviate this problem by writing down notes. You can also take notes with your laptop but avoid the temptation to start browsing.

    It is your personal initiative that will help to make most of your course in a class with many other students. Participate actively in lectures. Build a network with members of the faculty and fellow students so as to get their assistance when necessary. Do not fear to raise your voice at the right time.

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    Monday, 30 November -0001 00:00

    The Role of a Dissertation Supervisor

    A dissertation supervisor is a senior member of the university faculty who guides doctorate candidates to perform their research and present results to their best advantage. Dissertation advisor or dissertation director are the other names for someone performing the supervisory role. When the supervisor and a student start working together, each gets guidance on the respective roles and responsibilities

    The supervisor helps to select coursework, shape, refine and direct students when they are their sub-discipline on which they shall write a dissertation or that the faculty will examine them.

    Your university will allocate a dissertation supervisor with some experience in your chosen field. Nevertheless, it is not possible all the time. The reason could be that you selected an area that has no expert in your department or because it is a very popular area that could result in overloading of few specialists in the chosen area.

    Your supervisor normally will have an allowance with a timetable for dissertation supervision. It is important for you to ensure that you take full advantage. You should take the initiative to approach your supervisor rather than wait for contact. Do not let your collaboration to drift apart. Try to contact your supervisor frequently even if it is once a month.

    Working with a supervisor enables you to understand specific aspects of a methodological technique. It also allows you to receive general guidance on tasks such as constructing a questionnaire, A supervisor is expected to rest your first drafts if chapters in detail but will make comments on the subsequent and final versions but in a general sense.

    A dissertation advisor will perform, these other roles:

    • Help to choose the topic of dissertation
    • Advise on primary and secondary reading
    • Help to formulate ideas and hypotheses
    • Discuss work progress in the course of the year
    • Provide guidance about the proposed structure
    • Offer guidance about presentation matters such as title page, pagination, contents page, footnotes, and bibliography
    • Give feedback on your drafts that you can revise

    Always remember that this dissertation is your project. The role of your supervisor is to offer guidelines but not telling you everything that you should do.

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    Time Allocation

    The work of the dissertation director is to oversee the research work and writing in progress. The official time that each institution allocates for this task varies. Many universities require supervisors to provide at least 6 recorded supervisions in a year and ten for full-time students. However, the expectation is that the meetings between a student and a supervisor will exceed the stamina.

    Before you start your dissertation, make a point of checking with your department about the arrangements in place. It is important for to have an explicit agreement with your supervisor on the way he or she will do the supervision. Face to face meetings when you are not writing something are an ineffective use of time as it will waste the allocated hours. If you have any questions to ask or points to check, an email will be sufficient. You can also have met via video conference sessions, Skype or another package that enable a meaningful dialogue.

    Writing a large chunk of material and presenting it before your meeting gives the supervisor much time to read and make comments. It is usually a useful idea to make arrangements and create sometime soon as you can after your supervision session to follow up on comments. If you want to succeed, it is helpful to plan out the next stage of work and target dates at the end of every supervision session.

    When you work in close cooperation with the supervisor, you will know about your strengths and weaknesses. The advice on the areas to improve gives you the confidence to develop your dissertation to standards that satisfy your professors.

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