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Victoria M

Science is a broad field. It is a precise knowledge based on facts and proven principles. Science divided further into these big branches:

Pure or Natural Science

Pure science deals with the study of natural phenomena through experiment, observation and using scientific methods. People also refer to natural science as basic or fundamental science. Natural science derives theories and makes predictions through the study of visible objects. Whether in biology or physics, scientists conduct most of their activities in a laboratory. Natural science is more about the study of human beings, animals and plants. The study of behavioral aspects of living organisms is also part of natural science because it involves biological aspects of an organism to explain the phenomena.

The primary objective of pure science is to increase the existing information about an individual field of study and to develop scientific theories. Physical, biology, chemistry and mathematics are some of the main streams in pure sciences. Pure science is one of the fascinating fields because it is research oriented.

It plays a major role in innovations, discoveries, and inventions. It is the branch of science involved in creation and establishment of information that helps in understanding nature. Pure science is a critical point in describing primary objects, forces relations between them and scientific laws governing them. The logic behind scientific reductionism is in principle the source of all phenomena.

Studying pure science requires you to be curious about various phenomena that occur in nature to create theories and hypotheses. It also involves testing and validation through logic and experiments.

Different science subjects deal with various aspects of the natural phenomena. For example, physics always deals with the study of properties of matter and constituents within the universe because they relate to energy, motion, and force.

Chemistry deals with reactions of the constituents of matter for the purpose of creating new forms. Biology involves a study of life norms that include their structure, classification, function growth, evolution, function, and distribution.

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Physical Science

Physical science is the scientific branch specializing in the studies of non-living systems. Physical science is also a broad discipline as it focuses on natural phenomena of the atmosphere, the earth, and space. It comprises a variety of fields that in turn has numerous branches. Each branch is what we refer to as "physical science" and physical sciences when together with others. The term physical creates an unintentional and somewhat illogical distinction because most branches of physical science also study branches of chemistry like organic chemistry a biological phenomena.

If you want to train as a physical scientist, you should be a person who loves studying the earth, its components and processes. Physical sciences consist if these broad areas:


Study of matter, it motion through time and pace along with the relating concepts such as force and energy. More broadly, it analyses nature for the purpose of understanding the way the universe behaves.

Chemistry: Study of composition, properties, structure and change of matter. In this context, chemistry deals with topics such as properties of the individual atoms, the way in which they form chemical bonds during formation of compounds and interaction of substances through some intermolecular forces giving general properties to matter. Chemistry also studies the way elements interact through chemical reactions and form different substances.


Study of the celestial objects, their chemistry, physics, evolutions, and phenomena originating from outside the earth atmosphere. This includes gamma ray bursts, supernovae explosions or cosmic microwave background radiation. The objects that scientists in astronomy observe include stars, moons, asteroids, nebulae, comets and planets.

Earth Science:

This is an overall reference to the fields of science that deal with the planet earth. Earth science deals with studies of how the natural environment (earth system or ecosphere) works and the way it evolved to form the current state. Earth science includes studying the atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere.

When you have to choose between natural and physical science, choose the one which draws most of your curiosity. In many instances, the subjects you learn inter-relate.

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Tuesday, 25 July 2017 13:38

Good Reasons To Study Science in School

Sciences are not a natural choice for all students as there is a misconception about it being a difficult subject. Students have to deal with the myth that science is overwhelming, complicated and ever-changing. It does not help that the vocabulary is pretty sophisticated.

The perception leaves many students wondering if there is any good reason to concentrate on science and not human-centered subjects such as literature, language or art.

Despite all the talk, it is a crucial item in enabling us to understand they way things function in a certain way. It has answers to our various curiosities such as the reason why it rains or why our bodies work in one way and not another.

Schools teach science to students for them to access knowledge and information contributing to their overall understanding of the way things operates in a certain way. Science lessons help to explain the reasons and mechanics behind the daily functioning of systems we regard as complicated. These range from our bodies to sophisticated equipment. Students can use the scientific knowledge they acquire in class to know about new concepts, make better decisions and pursue new interests.

Science is a vast subject and learning the basics from a young age helps you to find out whether it is the right to pursue it at higher education level. Some of the crucial gains for pursuing science in school are:

It Increases Awareness of our Surroundings

Learning the subject allows us to understand the basics of the way individual devices function to help in developing new ideas and invent technology. It also gives us more insight into existing knowledge. For instance, when you learn about using a microscope and other observation devices used in a lab or outside such as telescopes, it helps to examine objects and determine difference with other objects.

The basic knowledge you acquire in the process of learning science helps you to fix minor problems on your electronic objects. You should now, however, try fixing something if you are not sure about your ability.

Develops Ability to Solve Problems

Science provides knowledge that helps in logical thinking and skills to solve problems. The problem-solving skills you learn during your early school days enable you to start solving problems. Transportation, manufacturing, communications and all the things you see around exist because some individuals took steps to practice their knowledge of sciences to create practical real life applications. Knowledge in a science subject helps you to understand other subjects as well.

Instills Survival Skills

With science, you can observe various weather conditions and distinguish between the good and dangerous weather. This knowledge is also essential for public organizations. It helps in preparing ways of surviving disasters. After learning about the characteristics of various objects you use daily, you can distinguish between the things that are safe to use and those to avoid. Almost everything thing we do has a scientific angle, and it requires us to have some basic knowledge and logical reasoning based on the subject.

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Teaches Resource Conservation

All aspects of our environment make a big impact in our lives. Science teaches students about earth functions and how to use natural resources responsibly. Through science, you learn how the lack of these natural resources will affect life and better ways to conserve them. For example, science enables you to know about how shortage or absence of some resources or changes in the environment causes the extinction of species.

Awareness of such aspects inspires students to find ways of contributing to preservation through recycling, reusing products and promoting a greener environment. Such scientific knowledge is essential in helping to save the planet for future generations.

Other gains as a result of studying science include:

  • Develop confidence to make decisions or debate about accidence
  • Grows skills to gather information, work in team, plan, and conduct and evaluate findings
  • Handle scientific equipment responsibly and for best application of knowledge

As we see, there are numerous reasons to study sciences. The fact that it will help you to understand the why and what makes things around us to tick is enough reason to enjoy science.

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The invention of online training has led to an emergence of numerous online degree courses as teaching is not subject to the traditional barriers. The most popular online degree programs for students in the US are:

Business administration

U.S News and World Report list business administration as the most popular online degree. Most students who enroll in the business program prefer it because of the relevance to almost all the career fields. It enables students to learn communication, analytical, managerial and decision-making skills. The higher salaries even at entry level are also enticing. U.S Census Bureau report reveals that average students with a bachelor’s degree in businesses administration can earn around $200,000 more than most workers with an undergraduate degree. The degree also opens up various job opportunities. A business administration degree qualifies you to work in these fields:

  • Marketing
  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality

You may also serve as a consultant.


Advances in medical technology now allow nurses to administer treatment and manage patient data in an increasingly digital setting. Courses such as nursing informatics, healthcare delivery systems and data management prepare students for engagement and implementation of new medical technology. Nurses can start practicing with an associate degree (two-year degree) but most prefer to advance their education while working as it enables them to earn a higher salary by $1,000 onwards soon after acquiring a bachelor’s degree.

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Earning a four-year degree also helps nurses to get a promotion to managerial positions and start earning a median salary of $75,000 for a mid-career position. Nursing is a busy professional hence most professionals turn to online nursing programs to earn their graduate or post-graduate degree.


Psychology is a popular degree as professionals have a choice to work in a wide variety of fields. They can work in different capacities such as criminal justice, business, and counseling or as independent consultants. Many areas of human services and business require graduates in psychology. Many are taking the course online as the first or second degree.

Psychology as a profession is experiencing one of the fastest growth rates in the US. According to BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) psychologists an average annual pay of $83, 580 and expects a growth rate of 83% up to 2022. The rate of increase is higher than in other occupations thus attracting many who have an interest in the human behavior to undertake online classes.


Students in the US can earn their degree entirely online before earning their teaching licenses according to the requirements of the state where they want to serve. Many trainees, therefore, prefer to take their degree online and benefit from numerous offers by various universities.

According to BLS, 250,000 new teaching positions will arise at elementary schools by the year 2020 in both rural and urban districts. Teachers with training in teaching English as a second language or special education will be in higher demand. Students pursuing their education degrees either on-campus or online tend to pursue at least a certificate in one of these areas virtually to increase their job potential.

A prerequisite in some school system is for licensed teachers to earn their master's degree within a particular period to maintain their license and get a pay rise. Since they are already working, they enroll for online Master of Science or Master of Education degree program specializing in areas such as curriculum and instruction.

Computer science

Rapid technological advances in the way that computer function is the reason there is more demand for professional with a degree in computer science. The potential to earn a high salary, low unemployment rate, and numerous career opportunities as a programmer, designer or developer has made a degree program in this field to be rather popular. It is one of the most popular bachelor degree programs online. Students also enroll in other courses within the computer science online to keep with the latest advances in software code, coding languages, network management and other essential technology issues.

In addition to the above, other almost equally popular online degree programs in the US are:

  • Engineering
  • Healthcare administration
  • Accounting
  • Criminal justice
  • Human Services

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Traditional classroom education is teacher centered. Students rely on the instructors for instructions and information. Classroom learning stresses on basic academic practices and mastery of core subjects including math, science, social studies together with reading and writing. Public schools at all academic levels embrace the old method of instruction.

An increase in reliance on the internet has led to an increase in online education for high school and college students. These courses offer a level of convenience for the participants as they can study from any place as long as they can access the institution's platform. People have digitized most of their activities, but the traditional classes are still a favorite to some students who consider the following factors.

Comfort in the Familiar Environment

Many students went to preschool classes that offered a structured environment involving sitting with classmates, listening to a teacher, complete tasks, tests and other activities within a given timeframe. Deviating from this method of schooling makes some people feel that it will take them out of their comfort zones. Depending on the quality of the alternative, it is sometimes better to stick with something working for you.

Ready Schedule

Busy professionals usually have a challenge in preparing a professional development plan. Traditional classroom setting offers students a set schedule that helps in the simpler efficient management of time by integrating coursework into the daily routine.

Hands-On Learning Experience

The physical classroom provides more methods for a teacher to interact with students than online classes. A Scientific Experiment, class discussions and other activities all create an environment for interaction. The closer contact between students and their teacher helps them to understand the curriculum better and retain the materials for a longer time. Additionally, it creates a social component to learning that comprises online courses.

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Opportunities for Face-To-Face Discussions

Learners share an environment allowing personal conversation and debating. Those who desire to talk out issues fit in well to classes within walls as they are a stage for lively discussions and feedback if the instructors create the right environment. Such conversations help in maintaining the progress of the learning process. The information that students share in class helps them to gauge their progress in an instant.

Accurate Assessment of the Students

Online courses still require students to write essays take tests and submit assignments but the level of student assessment is extremely low. Teachers cannot make an accurate observation on the way each student works and determine if he or she understands the academic material. Teachers in a physical classroom find time to offer additional help or take a different approach when teaching by observing the behavior of their students. A teacher managing an online course does not have a similar opportunity and can only make rate a student through a test.

Fewer Technological Requirements

Online classes are excellent for people in modern cities, but not everyone lives in a place with constant internet connectivity. Most schools and campuses nowadays can offer a hybrid of the traditional classroom setting and some subjects in an online format. They have full resources such as school labs or libraries where students access technology necessary for completing coursework. The bonus is that when you attend class, there is the advantage of using the office hours to reach your teacher or professor to seek assistance about the issue of the course you find challenging.

Favorable Academic Resumes

Some employers and higher institutions of learning prefer picking applicants who have more traditional coursework over those with only a background in online classes. Their preference is out of the belief that classroom learning offers a more in-depth perspective of the curriculum. Some employers and admissions officers view this experience this experience in a favorable way. Some courses such as medicine will also require more class that online participation. Traditional schools are not yet obsolete. Depending on the academic standards and personal needs, you may at times find them favorable in achieving your objectives.

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Although some people still prefer the traditional classroom education, online learning has proven to be an excellent alternative. It allows access to all the resources you can get with a traditional course and even more since the internet opens up way to extensive information on the web.

Even the students taking traditional courses occasionally conduct their research online.

Online learning has numerous advantages including:


You can find your dream academic program online and study it at your convenient location without traveling or commute. Before you could find that the college or university offering your favorite program is miles away in a place, you hardly know about, and you could only study if you relocate. Nowadays if you are interested in aeronautical engineering, you will search online for the universities offering the program, choose one that meets your requirements and enroll online. You can complete the entire course online for many programs and still attend to job activities or family. In 10-20 hours a week, you will cover much ground on your course.


Most online programs are self-paced meaning that students can complete their targets at any time and learn within a schedule meeting individual needs. The study settings in the traditional classrooms require you to send most of the time in class. There is no much flexibility with time leaving little option for work, family, and hobbies. An online self-paced system will allow you to learn at a pace that suits your activities. It does not require you to attend live sessions, yet you can access coursework materials anytime that you login. It is even possible to schedule your learning to night hours and weekends.

Offers Marketable and job-focused skills

Online degree programs focus much on passing specific skills that prepare you for a particular job. They are suitable for those pursuing training in IT fields such as programming or web design. Instead of teaching general critical thinking and analysis, e-Learning focuses on making the students practice for tasks that will perform after becoming part of the workforce in their target careers. For instance, online courses will teach specific programming languages rather than focus on the whole computer science or software development as a whole.

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Cheaper Cost

The cost of education online is lower compared to even the amount the modest colleges charge for their traditional classes. Most schools offering online courses run at lower overheads. Online education does not require the providers to acquire land or buildings for classroom space and can work with a few personnel. They also do not require putting up libraries with physical reference materials. The cost of tuition will be cheaper than at a traditional school. As a student, it saves you from buying reading books, writing materials, accommodation and commuting expenses.

Comfortable Learning Environment

Are you tired of sitting through classes? E-learning is an alternative to sitting in class for hours on uncomfortable chairs when you are probably no in the mood for listening to the lecture. You can find all the lectures and necessary materials via online platforms that you can access easily from the comfortable chair at home or office. You do not have a dress for class or worry about the weather outdoors.

Opportunity to Learn Useful Digital Skills

It is unlikely to find colleges teaching students how to use social networks, using SEO and content marketing. These are skills that you learn online. When taking an online course, it gives you the advantage to learn about them more deeply and even use your skills for part time job.

You can capitalize on the affordability, convenience and easy access to online courses to learn much as you can. Online courses look as good on your resume like any other and will increase your value for new positions. You can also learn about things that may not apply to your career but help to expand knowledge since learning does not comprise attending classes that affect your regular schedule.

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Taking online courses has become a very convenient way to study. Unlike the traditional brick and mortar classes, there is no supervision, and it is easy to get distracted. It requires self-discipline, time management skills and motivation to study consistently and achieve the right scores.

These tips will help you to focus and remain motivated and get most of the online courses.

Have Reliable Internet Access

Reliable connectivity lets you study without interruptions and gives you an opportunity to stay current with the course progress and deal with sudden changes in your schedule. Technology glitches may happen. It is wise to have a backup of the online assignments and course material in case internet connectivity fails or the computer crashes. You should regularly save your coursework repeatedly and backup the content with cloud storage such as Google Documents or Dropbox. You can access it through a tablet or a Smartphone in case of a mishap.

You should also have an alternative way to reach your instructor when there is no connection via your school's portal.

Determine the Objectives and Practices of Online Course

It is important for you to find out the expectations of your course and the progress you should make within a specified time. Ensure that you work towards achieving the expected accomplishments. Learning objectives on an e-course are the right road map. Read course requirements carefully. Create notes about objectives and use them as your guideline before starting assignments so that you can focus on your goals. It is advisable to begin with the most complex tasks before new assignments take up most of you time.

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Create a Suitable Study Plan

Prepare an effective study plan with a reliable schedule and time for all the important tasks. Do not wait to begin your assignments when the deadline is too close. You will work under duress, and it will compromise your performance. When you note down all the due dates for assignments until the end of your course will help you with simpler time management. You can smoothly manage your e-Learning course and study ahead by doing the following:

  • Prepare an effective calendar system
  • Create to-do lists
  • Set deadlines for completing each task
  • Strictly stay on schedule

Partake In Online Discussions

Although online learning in not a class event, it does not mean you isolate yourself. Connect with the virtual classmates on the online course forum or social media as it will help you to learn new things from them. Participate in online discussions and group activities actively. Also, give your input, suggest study tricks and engage in the new ideas by your classmates. Be respectful of the views by other members even when you disagree. When writing, use complete clear sentences to prevent misunderstandings. Online discussion tremendously enhances e-learning experience as it goes beyond visual barriers that hinder some people from expressing themselves.

Review and Revise Your Class Lessons

Regular revision of all the things you study helps in improving your memory, and a better understanding of the course. Create flash cards for the keynotes and examine yourself on the key concepts of your online course. Also, you should consider having some study partners to alternative views about concepts. It is also becoming easier to review what you learn faster by sharing each other's study notes.

Maintain Timeliness

When you prepare your study plan, ensure that you stick to it and cover lesson on time. Whenever possible, read ahead and use the extra time to revise what you learn or study for exams at the end of school term or semester. Strict observance of schedule helps to prevent distraction which is a common enemy for online learning. If you encounter difficulties in maintaining a study routine such as problems with assignments, seek help from the course instructor early enough.

When taking online classes, ensure that you create a suitable study space at a comfortable and quiet place. When learning, log off the social networks and switch off your phone to avoid interruptions.

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Friday, 21 July 2017 09:35

5 Challenges for New College Students

The transition is an important aspect of life. Freshman college students are in darkness about what the life after high school will be. Some of them are unprepared for the change and end up feeling as if college is too overwhelming. Soon after getting to college you will notice that something is going to change, but this does not mean that life is going to be difficult. Students only need to determine the changes to expect for them to settle in quickly and engross in academic activities. The main changes to expect are:

Sharing Classes and Hostels with Strangers

When you join college, it is most likely that you leave your home to live in an apartment or hostel. You should learn to socialize with other people even if you were shy while in high school since you have to share dorms, classes and engage in academic activities together.

Less Contact with Teachers

In high school, teachers have time for more frequent and close contact with the students. The student has contact with their teachers every day of the week. Students and professors have less frequent contact at the college level. They meet in class for three times a week at most. Some meetings are scheduled. When you join college, prepare to take up more academic responsibilities on your shoulders rather than rely on the professor.

More Academically Demanding Tasks

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High school academic requirements are not demanding as those of college, and you can complete them within a short time at home. You usually get daily homework and some tests after few weeks. At college, your professors will only a few tests within the semester. They are however more difficult and demanding. You have to prepare several hours each day to complete your assignment as they are critical for the success in your course and not just class scores. You may have just one paper a month at college, but fewer tests and assignments are worth more. If you fail one of the likely three tests in an academic semester, it is hard to attain an A.

More Freedom

At a high school, the institution, parental and community standards guide students on what they need to do. Many times, their decision relies on what the values of adults who they depend on and sometimes this individual make the final decision. College is different as students suddenly find them in a place where no one makes the decisions on their behalf. They even do not have the legal obligation to attend classes.

The new excessive freedom can lead to your self-destruction. Learn the right way to manage the freedom, resisting the temptations to go out each night and sleeping through the morning classes. If there is a need to miss classes, it should not escalate too much. You will miss some valuable lessons, and it could be that the professor is one of those who records attendance. There might be no legal consequences, but the school may kick you of the class for missing too many. You should also set up a favorable study and sleep schedule.


High school life has distractions, but the responsibility to the community controls them before they become damaging. College life comes with even more distractions and temptations to neglect academic responsibilities. There are various opportunities to involve in social activities. After joining college, you must have the self-discipline to resist temptations and improve time management to do the right thing at the right moment.

Teachers, a guidance counselor in collaboration with parents initial counseling for high school students. College leaves the responsibility to students. You seek advice mostly on academic and career matters after feeling that you need guidance. You must learn to make the right decisions and when to apply for counsel to survive college. Working hard is must, or you will only attain the lowest grades.

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Consequences of plagiarism, cheating, unauthorized collaboration and any other form of academic dishonesty or misconduct are grave. They may lead to one or all the following:

Damage to Reputation

There have been numerous reports and consequences of cheating in the world of academia. When you associate yourself with academic dishonesty, the scars never disappear. It ruins your academic career. Publishing is one of the integral parts of a prestigious academic career. Accusations of plagiarism can make you lose an ability to publish. If you cannot publish at higher institutions of learning, you cannot become an accomplished academician. Even if you publish the work, readers will doubt its credibility.

The damage after academic dishonesty will follow you up in your career. Whether you become professional in the field, business practitioner, political leader or any position, people want to know about your past. In the current world, academic performance has much significance, and when information about involvement in academic dishonesty come out, it will be hard to find a respectable job. You may have to step down from any position you occupy or get the sack if your employer finds out about the past.

Legal and Monetary Repercussions

You can find yourself facing legal consequences if you pass someone else's work as your own as it is a defiance of the copyright law. If the author establishes that you presented his or her academic work without citing and referencing, the author can sue you. It will be worse if you submit university research without citing sources for journal publication on pretention that it is one of the best academic assignments that can teach the readers something. If the author is also a publisher, he or she can sue you and ask for monetary compensation due to lost opportunity.

Consequences from the Faculty

Within your class, an instructor who finds out about your academic dishonesty will determine the appropriate actions to take. These include:

  • Repeating the assignment for lower grade
  • Termination of your participation in a particular research project

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  • Getting a failing grade for the questionable assignment
  • A failing grade for you class

A failing grade can even be for the entire course meaning that it will appear and stay on your record permanently. It is much easier to replace or make up for an F that you got through honest way rather than change the image you create after cheating.

Academic dishonesty can cause you to face all sorts of consequences as schools take much offense in the vice. Most institutions have in place some academic integrity committees to supervise the students. When your instructor refers you to the team with evidence about your participation in the vice, you are likely to get a suspension or expulsion. Some schools decide to suspend first-time offenders. Such an academic record may lead to barring from entering college from high school or another college.

Other common penalties include:

  • Placement on disciplinary or academic probation- If the integrity committee finds you engaging in any future missteps that corrode academic integrity
  • A written or verbal reprimand in the student record
  • Dismissal from the course

When you write a research report that later turns out to have false sources that you passed off as genuine, it can cause ethical and legal implications especially for fields such as medicine where the beneficiaries of research are third parties. Rather that cause all the trouble for yourself and others, it is better to study hard, carry our extensive research and acknowledge sources. Dishonesty and laziness will only lead to bad reputation, loss of career and legal issues.

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Community colleges in the United States have two-year programs which are half the four years that traditional university programs offer. After completing the two years of study, students obtain an associate degree. An associate degree confirms completion of the freshman and sophomore college years. Many professionals such as those pursuing nursing or early childhood teaching qualify for career entry at this stage.

For this reason, many students who intend to start their careers early attend community colleges. These colleges are also useful to the students who do not perform well in high school and desire to improve their transcript and Grade Point Average (GPA) for transfer to one of the four-year institutions.

Although some community colleges have now opened dorms, most of them are still commuter schools meaning that students cannot live on campus but commute from nearby cities or towns. It is common for school-age students and adults to attend the same classes.

Why do a high number of students find community colleges beneficial?

Cost Effective for International Students

International students draw much benefit by attending community colleges regarding tuition cost. On average, tuition at a community college is lower than the cost at four-year institutions by 50 percent. It is a major advantage to the international students who are interested in earning an American degree but have worries about the high financial responsibility. Given the current rise in the cost of tuition across public and private schools, the cost at a community college is fair.

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Simple Transfers

When you study at a community college, it is easy to transfer to a traditional US university or college. If your intention was to study for four years, you could earn your degree at lower cost and shorter period. Additionally, some community colleges have relaxed admission requirements, and their admission deadline could even be later than that of the four-year schools. These conditions make community colleges to be an excellent option for the international student who makes their decision to attend a school in the US late in life.

Lower TOEFL and English Proficiency tests

Community colleges accept lower TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), a standardized test for measuring language ability by non-native speakers and any other English proficiency test scores.

In some cases, community colleges might even waive this requirement. If your mastery of English is poor to the extent that you fear getting a low proficiency score, community colleges could be the most appropriate choice. If you succeed in getting admission, the community college will perform its language assessment when you arrive on campus to ensure that there is the necessary help to help in your success. These colleges often have an international office or specific members of staff to guide students through the admissions process after arriving from other countries. They also help students in adjusting to the new life.

Students with less fluency in English can use community colleges as their stepping stone to US education and language. The two years of academic study are adequate for students to adjust to the American academics and improve their language skills before moving to a four-year program.

Better Faculty to Student Ratio

Classes at community colleges are smaller than those at traditional institutions. It is a chance to receive better attention from the professors and play an active role in the class discussions. Higher participation in class discussions also helps students to accustom faster to the US style of teaching and grading.

Currently, there are thousands of international students who take advantage of the above benefits found at community colleges. If you desire to study in the US but think that language proficiency and tuition cost will be a challenge, try a community college. There are high chances of getting a starting point. Start researching for them most suitable community college for you.

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Thursday, 20 July 2017 06:26

How To Take Advantage of the Gap Year

A gap year is a break for students between high school and college. Whereas some students prefer moving on without taking a year off, a gap year has some benefits. It is a way for students to recharge their energy and explore activities that have not been able to access while in school. Taking a gap year can be of tremendous benefit to your personal growth. You can use the extended vacation to travel, research, work or volunteer.

Taking a gap year will help you in these ways:

Relax Your Mind

It takes much time doing the same things each day before you complete high school. At the end of your exams, you will be experiencing burnout from years of study, cramming, tests, college applications, tests and extracurricular activities. The stress level you accumulate over this time is no fun. It is necessary for you to take time so that you make a transition to college when in a refreshed state.

Explore New Adventures

Since you are young without obligations, take advantage of the freedom to visit new places, make new friends and integrate into new society with different cultural norms. It will teach you to interact and settle in quickly which is essential the moment you join college. College requires these adaptation skills because you will move in a new society.

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Unlike the students who move straight to college, a gap year provides a chance to have fun, and you will be able to execute self-control. College can be much fun. Those who do not take a gap year will emerge themselves into it and get caught up in the belief that their friends and fraternity are the centers of the universe.

However, when you travel wide interacting with many people, you will understand that there are more issues to humanity that college fun and frustrations such as a lost game and hard assignments. You will balance your life better than a student who has is exploring most things for the first time while already in college.

Learn What You Love Before Joining College

Some students commit themselves to an area of study then realize it was not the right major for them. Rather than swap majors, you can get it right from the beginning by using your gap year to volunteer or work in an area you consider to be your favorite. After a few months, you will establish if it is what you need to do for the rest of your life. If it is the wrong choice, you will still have a few more months to try your second choice. If your first choice satisfies you, the time you spend performing practical tasks will help you to perform between when you specialize in the relevant major after joining college.

Make Outstanding Accomplishments

Engage in activities that help you to achieve something positive that will make to you stand out from other students. Admission officers and employers look at the applications by students expecting to find something unique. It is essential for you to keep track of all the activities that add shine to your profile during volunteering or work during the gap year. Include the accomplishment in your resume as it will show you as a self-motivated person and hard working person. These qualities might be the reason why an admissions committee or recruiters accept your application.

Some students worry that professors or admissions staff will look down upon them after taking a gap year. They fear to seen as students without a capacity to handle the transition from high school to college or university without taking a break.

However, most schools report higher GPAs and more involvement in campus activities by gap year students. They attitudes for such students are very favorable.

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