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Victoria M

Victoria M

Monday, 30 November -0001 00:00

Essential Steps to Take Before Graduation

Graduation is a time to celebrate the successful completion of an educational program. It is also a confusing time for many students who are unsure about their next step. You can be a step ahead before your graduation day by doing these helpful things:

Consult School's Career Office

Familiarize with the school’s career service office. It is an office that helps students to find opportunities such as internships, volunteering chances, and part-time work. They will also guide you to prepare the resume, cover letter, and portfolio for the first full-time job.

Prepare an Up-To-Date Resume

Write a new resume to reflect your new status. The school’s career service should help you with the preparation. Bring together all the work history, skills you got in class, on a job or elsewhere and format it nicely on the resume. You can also write a cover letter at this moment. Every job you intend to apply may require a custom cover letter, but you can begin by writing a good basic letter. You will use it to remove or add some content to suit a specific job.

Find Suitable References

Collect reliable references (3-5) that you can quickly send to potential employers when they ask for it. Sometimes a big difference makes a difference between getting or missing a job. You need to provide a name, job title, an email address and phone number for every reference. If you have gone through an internship, request your supervisor to be your reference. Supervisors at volunteer positions or part-time jobs also make reliable references. Even instructors whose class you attended and did extremely well will also make a good reference.

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Determine Admission Requirements for Advanced Academic Program

If you prefer a graduate or post-graduate school, establish the admission requirements for schools of your choice. For instance, some schools require you to take some graduate level exam. It is best when you find out before time because there are deadlines to take such exams for scores for timely reporting to your chosen college by the application deadline. Make a point of visiting testing web sites before your application deadline to know the date for taking the exam.

Find Mentors

Mentors are an essential group in helping you through post-college life as you try to determine the right career path. A mentor should be somebody with more experience n your field. He or she will provide you with an insider perspective on the way to navigate through your career. Your supervisors, professors, alumni and other distinguished professionals in your field are good examples of mentors. Their advice gives you the confidence to take risks and offers challenges to set higher goals. Mentors are usually an authority in their career with a personal and professional network that you might find useful when looking for an opportunity to launch or advance your career.

Prepare For Job Interviews

When you plan to search for employment, it is better to start preparing early even before your graduation. It will be satisfying if you can graduate when already someone has hired you. Start anticipating the likely question by recruiters at the places you send your resume by researching on the kind of work they do. Practice interview techniques with carrier representative or someone who is familiar with interview questions and response. Remember to buy fitting interview outfit. First impressions matter a lot. Learn about frequent mistakes made by first-time job seekers and avoid them.

Even as you do all these above, do not forget to study hard for any pending exams. Make sure that you pay any pending balances to student's accounts office and clear any outstanding issues with your campus so that there will be no issues preventing the release of your transcripts or certificates.

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Monday, 30 November -0001 00:00

What should Students Do after Exams?

The end of a test is not the end of learning. Some students do not analyze their performance after a test to learn from it. A good student takes time for self-critique and set goals. Utilize these strategies to improve your test taking skills.

Compare Your Performance with Your Preparation

Identify the time you began studying for your test and strategies you used when preparing. Likewise, you should determine whether you used time efficiently when preparing for the exam and what you should do in future to improve the test scores. If you receive a score, you feel that is unsatisfactory, note the reasons for this low rating.

Maintain the Study Materials

Do not throw away your tests after checking the results. Sometimes the teachers and their aides make mistakes in the process of correcting exams. Going through old tests is a good way to prepare for the final exams.

Get Feedback your instructors

Schedule time to meet with teachers and discuss the test problems that give you challenges. If you disagree with the grade, provide logical reasons on why you do not agree with tutor's assessment. Seek advice about what you may do in future to prepare for the tests.

Perform Self-Referenced Evaluation

Do not waste time with self condemnation for underperforming the test overly. Instead, you should analyze the strategies that work and the ones that were ineffective. Identify the point in which you were before taking the test and how much you have learned since then. You should make necessary adjustments and start preparing for next exam. Seek help from teachers, peer tutors or classmates when necessary.

Evaluate the Test Answers

Review tests such as essays and other objective questions for the purpose of determining what is wrong and right. Identify patterns, make a critique of your performance and make notes of thing you can do in a different way in future. After you reviewing your tests, develop some specific goals that will help you to achieve a better performance in future.

What Should You Do After Failing A Test?

Anyone can experience a bad exam day at some point. It could be that the test was difficult or you did not study enough or go through the right material. Probably you had unrealistic expectations. You need to evaluate the kind of reading you did before the exam and determine what went wrong so as to make necessary adjustments to avoid future flops.

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To regain the momentum, you may need to discuss your failure with someone. If your classmate friends had an excellent performance finds out their study habits and the preparation strategies working for them. You may even find the top students in your class and ask them how they study. It is likely that you will learn something from them.

If the exam score was extremely low, find time to sit down with your teacher and discuss what to do in future. Teachers know their students well and will have a perspective on the things you did right or wrong this time. They also have tips on better strategies that will help you in preparing for future tests.

If you did study, you should inform your teacher the exact approach and the time you spent. It helps them to learn about the right ways to help you.

At the end of your discussion, you should have answers to these questions:

  • Did you read the right material?
  • Did I study enough?
  • What could I have studied better?
  • How did other students who performed well approach their education?
  • Is there a need for more classes on certain subjects?

After an exam, take a short break to relax and evaluate your performance. Regardless of your performance, it is essential to go through it and lay strategies on how to get better performance in future.

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Monday, 30 November -0001 00:00

Benefits of Studying At University Abroad

Many people associate studying abroad as a challenging experience that one should only undergo if there are no other options in their country. There are however many academic and social benefits that students gain enrolling for academic programs in a foreign land including:

Ne Point Of View on Academics

Studying abroad enables you to experience a new culture and educational system. You get exposure to new class participation, attendance, and exam grading system. The new systems teach you new skills to transfer back home and provide you something to appreciate about your campus or the host country. You also interact with students with mastery of subjects such as Political Economy of China, Bollywood Dancing in India or Buddhist practice in Thailand.

Access to Unanticipated Educational Opportunities

Studying abroad is a chance to meet classmates and professors with knowledge that you could not find at home. You will find mentors with a fresh outlook about your field or research projects that you could not find at home. You can take this opportunity to participate. It might even be the point at which you change your major. It is common for students who study abroad to develop an interest in new knowledge and change their majors.

For instance, you interact with students from other countries and add one of their languages such as Chinese or Spanish as a second major or switch to marketing after interacting with employees from the headquarters of a multi-national.

Honing New Language Skills

Many people think about foreign language as a drawback to international students. You can turn it to an opportunity to immerse yourself in the new language and master it. You learn a language best by practicing it and conversing in it every day improves your fluency. Additionally, your university is likely to be offering a course in the language providing you with one more formal course.

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Increases Chances for a Job or Advancing Education

Graduate and post-graduate school admissions boards have more interest in students who will bring a unique aspect to the university and field. Your origin could be a display of diversity. It also shows that your determination to seek education in a challenging environment. These traits will also reflect positively for employers as they view you as a go-getter more than someone who has spent all his or her time in one city.

Opportunity to Launch an International Career

Studying in another country gives you an opportunity to interact with students from various nationalities as well as lecturers. You will get job opportunities in the country you are studying or through your international network of peers or faculty. It opens up opportunities that you could not have found out had you stayed in your city.

You Create Global Networks

One of the biggest benefits of studying in another country is the opportunity to meet new people some of whom become your close friends for the rest of your life. After your academic program comes to an end, you will have a large global network t of former classmates that you can rely upon when you need to launch a career, business or get anything else from their corner of the globe.

You Learn Survival Skills

When you pack for school abroad, it means leaving behind mot of your possessions and begins a new with only that fits in one or two suitcases. It could be the first time to learn the meaning of minimalism.

When you appreciate the necessity to have few things as possible due to flight restrictions, you learn that probably the many possessions you could not live without were unnecessary. It teaches you to survive on few things. The experiences you gain in class, within the campus and the new country is incomparable to your possessions. You appreciate the need for gather knowledge over possessions.

Studying abroad is not all about the challenges of relocation. It is an opportunity to explore new world and if you cope well, enjoy the above benefits.

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Moving abroad to study is a brave move. It is exciting and challenging to settle in. These tips will help you to adapt quickly to the new life.

Make Accommodation Plans In Advance

Your foremost responsibility is to arrange the accommodation. If your new institution does not offer accommodation, you can ask for their suggestions. You can start off by finding a temporary place before departing from home. It might even be more fruitful if you do not have a loose acquaintance because you will learn about the suitability of a residence when you settle into the new city. It is at that time when you will make a sound decision given the distance from the school and other personal/social needs.

Set Up Local Bank Accounts

When you settle into your new residence, it is essential to open a local bank account. Apply for a credit/ debit card so that you do not have to carry cash with you everywhere.

Familiarize With Routes to School

Acquaint with routes for buses, trains or trams and decide on the most viable for commuting to and fro school. Explore the new city to learn the location of essential facilities such as groceries shop, restaurants, health facilities, police stations, etc. Find out about the happenings in this new hometown on a daily basis, any restrictions, and risks.

Make New Friends

Be a social person and make new friends any place you go. Life will be easier when you many friends to consult in case of challenges. To break from your shell, you have to talk to others. Most people are nice when you start a conversation. You can make friends by requesting to exchange a storybook or by striking an interesting conversation. The people you interact with might one day save you from an awkward situation. You, however, need to be careful and only surround yourself with positive people with a good influence. You should avoid those who can cause you to lose sight and motivation for studying abroad.

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Be Active In School and Class

When you involve yourself with class and school; activities, the more you interact and make new friends within the academic circles. There are many ways to be active. Join various students' clubs in your area of interest, volunteer or participating in sport. Active students find it easier to connect with their peer, faculty and even community outside the school. As an international student, you need assistance from classmates to fit in and achieve academic success. Seek help from your academic advisor and teachers when necessary. They are willing to help, and once you start asking the right questions, they will offer you helpful tips that help you to tackle through assignments or exams.

Start a Routine

Having some consistency is great. Use your class schedule to create a method that guides you be timely for academic tasks and other chores after classes. Set up time for private study. Leave room for some flexibility in case you need you school timetable changes or you require more time to complete assignment, projects or revise for examination.

Enjoy Life

You are now a resident of this city for a given period. You should enjoy the place to settle in better and prevent homesickness. Visit the exciting local locations and try things that you cannot find in your country such as local cuisines. Build up a social network made up of classmates and other people within the community sharing a similar experience. Learn the local traditions as you might need to interact with the local community for instance during your practicum at nearby health facility if you are studying nursing or other medical courses.

Do Not Fear To Ask

If you do not know something, seek help. Many people are willing to answer your questions and give you guidance. Embrace and learn every experience.

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When you undertake to learn English, it is possible to enhance learning and master the language faster. It is important to devise some strategies that ensure you maximize the learning and succeed in the shortest time possible.

When learning any foreign language, your tutors will test your ability to read, write, speak and identify the correct meaning of the words or phrases. Children learn a language by listening to adults talking over a long time. It takes up to 5 years for them to learn reading after learning to speak. As an ESL, you do not have the pleasure of such a long time. You must have strategies to study, speak and memorize English words in shorter time.

These tips will help to hasten your mastery for English grammar:

Attend Classes Consistently

Do not miss classes and when it is time for discussion, be an active participant. A student may miss classes and promise to make it up for studying. Others miss out because they are self-conscious about the language skills. When learning a foreign language, you should not worry about what your classmates think about your language. They are probably encountering the same difficulties. After all, the reason you enroll to a language is that you do not know how to use it well and class is the best opportunity to learn.

Establish the Plans by Your Teacher

Class learning is formal hence it is essential to determine the limits that your tutor expects you to cover within a given period. Also, make a point of determining what tests are likely to examine. Most language tests include grammar usage, listening, and reading and comprehension skills. By the time you sit for the first grammar test, you should be able to write grammatically sound sentences that the makers will understand. You cannot attain a good score when the tutor cannot know what you write and say.

Listen To Language Experts Speaking

Listening to native speakers is one of the best ways to learn English or any new language. Practice what you hear. If English is an entirely new language, desist from relying on foreign films to learn words as the actors usually speak fast and use many unfamiliar words. You may repeat the mistake by many students learning a foreign language which is to focus or subtitles and forget to listen to actors. When reading something, avoid listening to audio as it will reduce your focus.

Practice and Practice

You perfect your English skills by practicing speaking in the language outside the class. You may still pick the language up, but it will take much longer for you to be proficient and confident if you rely only on quality practice sessions.

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There are various ways of practicing including:

  • Conversing with the native speakers many times as you can.
  • Writing English many times as you can. Practice using the language by using it to craft emails, notes, letters, articles and other kinds of writing.
  • Use English for phone conversations

Determine your classmates who you can practice with at ease. Practice often and since your friends are learners, they will be a source of encouragement and motivation even when you feel low-spirited.

Let a Language Expert Review Your Writing

It is hard to write a new language correctly than speaking. It takes much practice over an extended period to write effectively. Best writers are detail-oriented and ready to learn from their mistakes. Let your teacher or a native speaker check you written work, correct errors and explain the reason for their occurrence. Take their suggestions into consideration when writing.

You will be a better English speaker or writer if you understand the words in their context. Translating every word in section or chapter is ineffective. Focus on how to use words correctly in a sentence rather than learn many new words that you cannot fit into a sentence.

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Friday, 28 July 2017 07:32

Humanities VS Sciences

Humanities and social sciences have a similarity in that they both deal with human aspects such as law, economics, linguistics, psychology, and politics. However, this is as far as their similarities go as their mode of study and practice differs widely. One of the main differences is that social sciences deal with issues more from a scientific approach whereas humanities take a critical and analytical approach.

Science involves the study of physical and natural world employing a scientific methodology to develop new theories and laws. Science is in three broad fields of study, pure, natural and physical science. All have a basis on frequent use of experiment to prove the accuracy of theories. The belief is that a theory is only proven after several experiments produce the same results. Research is mostly is controlled settings, unlike humanities where you can make observations in open environments. The findings in science are highly accurate and reliable.

Science involves the study of physical and natural world employing a scientific methodology to develop new theories and laws. Science is in three broad fields of study, pure, natural and physical science. All have a basis on frequent use of experiment to prove the accuracy of theories. The belief is that a theory is only proven after several experiments produce the same results. Research is mostly is controlled settings, unlike humanities where you can make observations in open environments. The findings in science are highly accurate and reliable.


Humanities are a branch of science, but it deals with the question and heritage that makes us human. You can describe humanities as the study of the way people process and document their human experience. People use these forms to achieve this purpose.

  • Literature
  • Religion
  • Philosophy
  • Art
  • Religion
  • Music
  • Language
  • History

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These modes of expression are some of the subjects traditionally under the umbrella of humanities. Knowledge about these records of human experience grants us an opportunity to gain a sense of connection with those who were here before us as well as our contemporaries. Humanities deal with all the following:

  • Law
  • History
  • Ancient and modern languages
  • Religion
  • Philosophy
  • Visual and performing arts

Academicians consider humanities to be more philosophical than the social sciences. Since there is a scientific approach to the social sciences, it is regarded to be the branch of study standing between natural science and humanities. In fact administration, criminology, anthropology, law, political science, psychology and economics that seem to lean towards humanities are under the scope of social sciences. The same goes for linguistics, education, and history.

Humanities study

If humanities are your degree choice, it will involve examining all aspects of the society. It includes past events, achievements to the human behavior and relationship among groups. A humanities degree ought to match your interests and characteristics. It is necessary for you to possess excellent oral and written communication skills. Creativity and intellectual curiosity are essential personal traits as your future career will involve seeking new information about the people, ideas, and things.

For all kinds of humanities disciplines, it is important to be open-minded and flexible since the central principle of study is the humans who are incapable of objectivity and this should reflect in research.

A degree in humanities introduces the learners to a wide perspective of human behavior, values and thought through select topics across humanities and arts. Part of study teaches you to develop skills in research, reading, writing and critical thinking through general problems.

It is an ideal concentration for anyone seeking flexibility and wishes to broaden critical thinking skills and cultural awareness. You can develop your course of study for many humanities degree programs to best meet your educational and career goals. You may choose a general study that integrates the study of humanities from across the globe to focus on a particular geographical area through structures to track in European Studies, American Studies, etc.

A Bachelor of Arts (BA) in humanities gives you s suitable background for various entry level jobs in research, policy or marketing. A popular choice for students who take humanities majors includes advertising, law, journalism, and public administration. Others include foreign service, publishing, and teaching. Most start as research assistants, administrative aides, sales or management trainees. A BA in humanities may often lead to future studies in medicine, law, and business.

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For many reasons, students find that schools in another country to be favorable for their academic goals. It takes some time to settle in a new country and institution, but it is essential to settle down fast. The faster you settle down to serious study the better it is for your academic prospects. These tips will help in the beginning and maintain proper study habits.

Be Organized

When you arrive at the new institution, organize your study materials including books, stationery, folders, and laptop. You can find stationery at fair prices by visiting stores with special sales and discount offers for academic materials. If you plan to do all your work on the laptop, take your time to organize folders. You can save time by downloading reading and lecture slides beforehand.

Set Goals

When you set goals, it motivates you towards reaching that peak. If you target a certain GPA, begin by improving on your results from the previous school or semester or make more effort to be in class early. Do not hesitate to request your tutor or lecturer for tips on things to improve. To reach goals begins by achieving small things such as handing in assignments on time or perfecting academic work referencing skills. You can grow to achieve bigger goals such as improving the average grade by making gradual steps.

Create A Favorable Study Environment

Create study environment that makes you productive and creates motivation to do more. Study space can be at the school, your room, library or a quiet spot outdoors. The study space you create should be free from distractions such as television.

Creating a personal timetable is essential. Even in instances when you spend much time on campus, you should make a point of spending few additional hours for private study per subject. When reading, break sections up and make an effort to understand all the general concepts in each.

You should also consider changing the study routine once in a while so that it does not become a dull routine. If your routine is a textbook reading, try switching it with visual resources such as flashcards or mind maps. Refer to books or research from other sources to find information that will help you to understand unclear concepts.

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Join A Study Group

A study session with some classmates can be of much benefit as you will learn something you did not know from them. You also explore topics much deeper during your discussions. It is important to set up fixed schedule when you should meet and ensure that everyone keeps time. Review your class notes to note the key concepts you could have missed during the session for you to seek help regarding it from your peers when you meet.

Utilize The Institution Resources And Service To Your Advantage

Academic institutions worth their salt usually have various support services to assist studies during their studies. Most have specific support services they tailor for help to the international students. Support services that schools customize for international students include providing counselors and academic advisors who understand their situation better. You can seek their help on academic referencing, bridging programs or learning foreign languages.

Manage Study Hardships

A minimal level of stress helps to give you some motivation for reading, but excessive stress is dangerous. If you experience fatigue, headache, insomnia or other unusual symptoms, you should change your study habits as it means you are struggling to keep up with the pace. Balance your lifestyle by combining studies with an active social life. Look for ways of relaxing such as dedicating some few days after weeks of hard study to rest and go for joint activities with friends.

Remember to also address external factors that may contribute to stress like homesickness or living on a very tight student budget. If you cannot solve them alone, seek the appropriate support from the campus counselor or academic advisors.

When studying another country, keep up your private studies with your class a schedule. It will be easier to revise for exams rather than engage in last minute rush revision.

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Thursday, 27 July 2017 13:39

Careers for Math Degree Holders

The big misconception about math is that a mathematical degree only qualifies the holder for a teaching job or an actuary. On the contrary, Math prepares students for a wide variety of jobs. The career market has numerous opportunities across various fields for math graduates.

Some of the jobs that directly hire individuals with a math degree include:

Accountancy and Finance

Accountancy is a career spanning many industries and has a broad range of choices for math professionals. Accountancy jobs include working as an auditor, corporate advisor, forensic, tax, and management accountant among other roles. An undergraduate degree in mathematics is one of the requirements to become a chartered accountant also. You can start as a company trainee, and it will help you to gain experience and necessary professional certification for developing further in your role.

Actuarial Career

Your training in math qualifies you to work as an actuary. Your job will involve evaluating financial risks so as to advise and manage clients. Knowledge of economics and risk analysis skills are the centerpiece of ensuring that your customers make sound investments to achieve their commercial/business goals. At the entry level, you will most likely work within insurance and pensions which are relatively low-risk areas, but in future, you can venture to investment, healthcare or banking. Actuarial roles require you to be skillful in mastering numbers to explain complex data and analysis to the non-specialist customers.


Your math degree qualifies you to work in banking from retail to corporate investment. Banking is about economic assessment and investment for public or private clients. Specialties in baking include areas like lending, acquisitions, initial public offerings (IPO), privatization, bonds, and shares. Duties may include creating new business opportunities, market research and inventing consumer solutions. A math career in banking can be very lucrative although a professional qualification in finance is necessary for certain roles.

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The career of a statistician involves collation, analyzing, interpreting and presenting statistics and quantitative data. Statistician's skills are essential in various industries from healthcare, finance, sport and even government. As a statistician, you employer might require you to manage, collect or arrange data from surveys, contextual analysis and experiments. Your duties might require you to use your findings to create reports and advise colleagues or clients on the possible strategies such as how to make excellent financial decisions on expanding business goals. To present statistics, you need to have solid communication, analytical skills, and IT skills.

Academia and Research

Although we just saw that math careers are not only in academics and research, these are very popular sectors among the mathematics graduates. It is an appealing route for the people who are looking for a challenge to drive the nest series of theories, applications, and discoveries of the field. It also comes with the prestige of following in the footsteps of greatest math minds in the history.

Academic and research careers in math are incredibly wide-ranging and depend on the areas you intend to be your specialty. Many of the jobs in these careers are within university departments. Long-term involvement in academics may include contributing articles to journals, specialist periodicals or participation in the production of entire publications during a sabbatical or part time.

Meteorology and Engineering also require people with a math degree in addition to other qualifications. In meteorology, math helps to collect complex data on weather conditions, analyzed and interpret it for consumers. In addition to Math, skills in IT are necessary.

For engineering, you might require a dedicated degree in a field of engineering, but math is also essential. The adeptness in solving mathematical problems helps to solve real-world physical problems. An engineering internship straight after university helps math experts to gain experience and improve the employability in engineering.

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Thursday, 12 January 2017 06:00

Ways to Improve Your Math Skills

Many students live with the perception that math is an inborn skill and those without it cannot learn ways to improve their performance. The truth is that all students can improve their performance. You can be a better performer in math by trying the following strategies:

Master Algebra 1

Algebra skills are vital for advanced math courses. Make sure you master skills such as solving equations, simplification of radicals, graphing and slope. Your teacher should be able to point out if you are ready for Algebra. If your grade is below C, you should consider re-taking the class to enhance your foundation. Most problems have one the difficult step and ten steps of Algebra hence their mastery will propel you to get a good grade.

As you master Algebra, you should ensure that you are good in basic math skills such as calculating answers to simple mental sums instantly. Multiplication tables form the basis of most high school problems. You need to practice hard if you have a problem with them. You can buy a computer program or make flashcards that help you to practice until you master

Avoid Missing Classes

Math classes move fast, and each day, it is likely that the teacher will have a new concept. What you learn today will build towards the knowledge you add tomorrow. Math is rough on absenteeism. It will require creating time for studying anything that you miss if you hope to keep up. If there is an option to choose appointment time for a task, keep it away from your math time.

Create A Good Relationship With Your Teacher

Math teachers, especially in the high school, attend to a large number of students hence it is essential to stand out. Introduce yourself to the teacher in your first week at school. Inform the teacher that you have much interest in the math class and welcome the learning opportunity. When you start learning, pay attention and seek any necessary clarifications as teachers respond more to the students who exhibit much care in the class.

Complete All the Homework

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Completing homework is not a choice if you want to record a good performance. Over time, it has proven to be an excellent way of practicing and mastering concepts learned in class. Set up regular time from math homework so that it becomes automatic.

Analyze and Comprehend All The Mistakes

Math culture aims at perfection. It is necessary to determine the mistakes you make and fix them instantly lest you repeat them in future tests. Take some time to understand the logic behind the mistake and create a way of getting it right. If you cannot correct them on your own, seek help from your teacher. In advanced classes, you should write down a reflection paragraph explaining the cause of the errors.

Form a Study Partnership

When in school, there might be a genuine reason to miss one or several classes. You study partners will assist you to catch up by filling you in on the math problems they learned to solve in your absence. In advanced classes, a larger study group is essential in revising and practicing math.

A good performance in math maximizes your prospects. It is necessary to make a lot of effort in mastering the methods of solving math problems. When you use a calculator, it is a need to learn how to use it appropriately and always analyze the meaning of the answers to determine confusions such as -3 for 3.

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Monday, 30 November -0001 00:00

Major Branches of Science

Science is a systematic study of nature and manner of objects and the natural universe. Science revolves around experiment, measurement, observation and formulation of natural laws. Science has major branches with each having its concentration of subjects covering various areas of study such as physics, chemistry, math or astronomy. If your interest is to pursue sciences, it will be wise to choose a field where you have much interest and specialize in the area in order to make much more progress. The main branches of science are:

Biological Science

This branch of science deals with a study of the living things. Under biological science are four subcategories.

  • Zoology

A category under biology focusing on the studies of animal life. The study includes but not limited to evolution, classification of the living and extinct species, structure and habits. Embryology is also part of zoology. It deals with the study of development for an animal’s embryo from the fertilization to the formation of the fetus.

  • Botany

Another essential category of biology dealing with the scientific study of the plants and their life cycle. Study of plants includes reproduction, structure, chemical properties, relationship, and diseases.

  • Ecology

Study of the environment and the relationship it has with the living organisms. It tries to establish an understanding of the vital connection between animals, plants and their surroundings. Ecology also enables researchers to determine the benefits of an ecosystem and how to use earth resources in ways that leave the environment healthy for the future generations.

  • Paleontology

This is a category of biology dealing with the study of the prehistoric era. Paleontology deals with the study of fossils but is not its only concern. It can include any other subject relating to the past. Paleontology can cover any subject relating to the past life of humanity and its earthly life. It incorporates knowledge from the fields of geology, biology, ecology or archaeology and computer science to determine the processes leading to origin and destruction of various species of organisms since the beginning of life.

Social Science

Social science is a branch of science dealing with the study of society and the relationship of the man to it. Studies in social science include Anthropology: Study of human behavior and developments in cultural, physical and social aspects.

  • Economics

Studies of goods and services, manufacture, distribution, and consumption.

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  • Sociology

Study of the human society with a bias for urban studies and group activities. It is part of the social science although the name is compound since it uses varying methods of investigation and critical analysis to draw up a conclusion.

  • Geology

Study of the earth phenomena, the land, and its features. You can divide geology further into two parts namely physical and basic geography. The previous deals include human and basic geography dealing with land inhabitants.

  • Psychology

Study of human behavior and mind more so the functions that affect the way we do things. It seeks to understand individuals and groups through establishing the general principles and performing research on specific cases.

  • Philosophy

Pursuit of knowledge through in an intellectual, moral and self-disciplined manner. As an academic discipline, it involves studying the basic nature of knowledge, reality, and existence.

Physical Science

Physical science deals with the study of the natural objects and related subjects. It is further sub-divided into these four categories:

  • Astronomy

Study of heavenly bodies including stars, comets, galaxies and planets

  • Chemistry

Study of various substances, their compositions and any changes they undergo in different environments. Chemistry can be organic (contains a carbon atom) or inorganic (does not have carbon atom).

  • Physics

Study of Matter

  • Geology

Study of earth’s composition and physical properties

Mathematics and Logic

Math & Logic is the study of abstract concepts. They work together as both are essential in establishing how the natural and social sciences work. Both are also critical in forming theories, hypothesis, and laws. Scientists rely much on Mathematics & Logic as it will be impossible to reach a conclusion without formulation.

It is essential for you to determine the careers outlook for each branch of science and those that you like most in for you to make the right choice when picking your concentration.

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