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Higher education involves lots of writing of different research papers. When you progress from high school, you should learn how to write research papers under these categories as they will be part of your assignments:

Analytical Paper

This assignment includes information from various sources focusing on analyzing different points of view from a factual but not opinionated standpoint. When authoring an analytical paper, your focus may mostly have to be on methodology, findings or conclusions by other researchers and conclude by summing up the results and a suggested framework for more study on the issue.

Argumentative Paper

An argumentative paper presents both sides of a controversial issue. For your work to be good enough, it should include in-text citations from the researchers presenting logical facts on both sides about an issue. The paper's conclusion requires the author to analyze pros and cons of every argument. The confusing element about writing argumentative is the expectation on the writer to support one side of an issue more than the other but keep the research and analysis factual while including both sides of the arguments.

Definition Paper

It is a paper describing a topic from factual standpoint without the author’s emotion or opinion. The writer leaves the information unanalyzed containing only the facts present in research paper findings by another person. The definition paper might be difficult to write if you a student who enjoys discussing issues from your perspective but a good description paper provides a valuable information framework for other analytical or argumentative reports on the topic.

Interpretive Paper

Often, it is students studying literature, social sciences, and humanities who write interpretive papers. Their tutors require them to use their theoretical knowledge they gain during their study of particular case studies such as

  • A poem or piece of art in literary field
  • A psychological case profile in psychological or sociology fields
  • Business situation in management course

The key element is sustaining an interpretive paper the evidence on which you base your paper. It should have an established theoretical framework with supporting data from backing up thesis statement and the findings of the paper.

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Cause and Effect Paper

The purpose of cause and effect paper is to trace the expected or probable results from particular policy or action in a logical progression that a reader will quickly follow. For education and business fields, cause and effect papers help in outlining predicted results from specified action/situation. They are also essential where a range of effects may arise from a single situation after following it up to its logical conclusion.

Compare and Contrast Paper

Writing of compare and contrast papers is mostly for literature courses for comparison of two different stories or authors from a particular genre. Tutors in other fields may as well require students to write these types of papers. For instance, in social sciences, it helps to compare two theoretical viewpoints. In philosophy; it examines the thoughts of two different philosophical frameworks. In business studies, a compare and contrast paper helps in comparison of issues such as diverse leadership styles.

The important part of the paper is that the main section compares and contrasts examples that you write to support your thesis even while describing both elements concisely.


Students write reports to present a case study situation and usually follow a memorandum or a comparable business format. For instance, your tutor requires you to write a report describing key issues in a scenario akin to that of a workplace may be from HR standpoint. The report has a summary of the following:

  • Situation to date
  • Identification of main concern or issue
  • Breakdown of elements for the main issue
  • Recommendations for addressing the issue base on topic research

A report contains short factual sentences without emotion, unlike a comparison paper that uses "if…by" statements or those taking a similar approach. Usually, a report includes an executive summary taking the place of abstract and supporting evidence which can be in the form of graphs, appendix, and graphs.

All the above research papers may seem daunting, but you will learn about their fundamental differences and proper structures as you work through your course.

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Are you an online instructor? It is time to try learning management systems (LMS) when testing students. Quizzes and tests are an essential part of e-learning for learners and instructors in rating the success of a course. Instructors who use LMS to manage testing enjoy more convenience than their counterparts for these reasons:

Allows developing of unique tests

An LMS can make your tests and quizzes to be unique by randomizing the order of questions and answers. It is useful especially when students need to repeat tests they fail so that they do not use memory but think through the best solutions once more. It is also a useful feature for producing more variety using a larger pool of questions from which you can test rather than recycle same questions severally.

Simplifies marking for instructors

For the traditional method, a teacher issues a test that lasts about an hour but has to stay up late when grading ad writing detailed feedback for all the students. LMS makes testing hassle-free as it automates corrections. For case type tests, most e-learning systems usually have keyword tracking tools to grade according to the content written in the essays. Although this system might not be completely fool-proof, it helps in saving time for instructors in the absence of long grading sessions.

Instant grading

During the traditional method of grading, instructors require so much time to read through answers writing comments about weaknesses and strengths by learners. Accurate feedback is essential for learning to be valuable. Using a learning management system allows you to create dynamic feedback depending on the answer a learner offers for a given question. For example, if a test taker chooses 'A' in a multiple-choice test whereas the correct answer is 'B,' LMS will provide the appropriate feedback to the learner showing the fault in his thought process or hints the reason why another answer will be more suitable. It not only reduces the work of an instructor but provides instant feedback on whether the answer is correct or wrong.

Students also benefit because when they can get feedback about their answers and begin revising on the areas they got wrong soon after. In the past, it would take days before the students got their grades and feedback by teachers. Within a short moment, LMS lets students know what to revise and prepare better in case the instructor will ask them to retake the test.

LMS provides a more in-depth analysis

When students complete tests, it is the duty of instructors to gather and grade them before writing down feedback for each learner to read and improve on the weak areas. Learning Management Systems provides instructors more analysis options.

They have a reporting system with a graphical representation giving instructors an overview of the test scores, progress, and growth to further simplify analysis even when a class has many students. This method of feedback allows instructors to analyze the performance of the students regarding who got the highest/lowest score and the easiest/hardest questions for most of the students. Reporting for teachers is a handy tool as it enables them to observe the trends and use them for improving the curriculum. They also get hints on the reasons why another answer would be more suitable.

Quizzes and tests help in motivating students to study harder and enable them to review their performance before an exam. The hindrance for regular testing is that instructors require much time to create questions and take even longer to review the answers. Learning management systems have now made it easy for instructors to set exams and evaluate answers in an instant by randomizing questions and automating corrections for immediate feedback. The entire process will not conflict with the time set for teaching.

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Curriculum developer should create effective e-learning courses for their students to get maximum gain. Anyone can create a simple online course but increasing the effectiveness of online learning is rather different. Creating an effective e-learning course takes lots of time and commitment to creating high-quality content that suits the custom needs of the students. These tips are essential in helping tutors to create highly effective e-learning courses no matter the curriculum and the material.

Ensure that you understand the subject material perfectly

There is not a particular rule about the amount of time it should take to create ideal content. What is certain is that you should take much time as possible to research on the material before you avail it your learners. The main reason is that you should be ready to back up claims you make your course material. A mastery of the content is also essential as all students cannot digest information at the same pace. Some of them require teachers to provide more explanation through further proof or examples.

Make your online courses appealing to all the learning styles

You should all the learning styles into consideration when developing the design of online course. For instance, some students absorb information better when it is in text form while other students prefer visual multimedia presentations of lessons and coursework. For your e-learning course to be useful, it is necessary that you take every learning style into consideration when creating lessons.

Set clear goals for the course and communicate them effectively

Many curriculum developers fail to achieve their goals as they fail to provide enough guidelines on how to attain each target. Part of the curriculum for a course should be what the students to do and the requirements to achieve successful completion of the tasks. It is important for all instructors to set clear goals for their learners and communicate them in a manner that they will easily understand and put the guidelines into action.

Facilitate contacts

When you create a course, it is essential to interact with students to simplify access to help. It also enables you to follow up the progress they are making in their courses. There should be an open communication line for students and teachers. Ask your teachers to specify the communication medium they prefer and the hours they are available to converse with students. It ensures that teachers meet expectations and that students receive the kind of help or support they require. Provide students with contact information for members of staff and IT support staff whose help they may need for quick solutions. Students can communicate with instructors in various ways such as discussion forums, email, chats, video conferencing and other VoIP technologies. They can also communicate through social media.

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Develop a fully functional and simple to navigate platform

The design of your website and e-learning platform should be one of their top priorities. You may have the best content, but functionality and navigation must be tip-top for learners to access it without interruption. A functional and well-organized web-based learning platform allows students to focus on their coursework rather than spend much time to sort out technical issues arising from poorly designed systems and sites.

Avail all course documents

Ensure that students can access course documents such as syllabus especially at the start of a term. It helps the students to know the lessons to cover throughout the course. When the syllabus in available to students, they can use it as a guide throughout their course. It also provides teachers with a road map for them to structure their lesson plans in advance.

An e-learning course is as good as its quality and navigability. When developing an online course, ensure that you achieve both.

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Friday, 04 August 2017 08:25

Five Ways to Pass Home Tests

Take home tests are the essay-based examinations that you can take outside class settings. Teachers use these tests for assessing the ability of the students in organizing information. They also test their knowledge in understanding and analyzing concepts from the effectiveness of their answers.

Proponents of home tests have a soft spot for them because of their capacity in helping students to develop proper study habits and evolve in the growth of mental capacity. You should not underrate the role of home tests in growing your academic potential. They are essential as classroom tests.

These tips will help you to attain better scores:

Include ample information

Teachers assign take-home tests to evaluate your ability in integrating data from classroom notes textbooks and various other sources. It is essential for you to include much information from multiple sources applicable to concepts you study in class to impress your teacher. Sources for home test answers include scholarly articles, books and scientific studies. Final answers must demonstrate that you got your conclusions from multiple sources.

Start your test on time

Students make a mistake of postponing taking their home-tests until the last moment. Do not become part of the habit as it will rob you of the time it takes for effective completion. Most teachers look forward to logical, detailed answers as they provide ample resources time to the students for them to adequately tackle the answers. To prevent delay, start your test soon as you can. Complete the first draft, review it thoroughly and write the final draft soon after. Have the final draft ready at least one day before the test in case you encounter issues such as a faulty printer.

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If some reasons prevent you from submitting your draft before the deadline, contact your teacher to explain the delay. If he or she allows it, send the test draft by email.

Ensure that your work is original

Schools at all educational levels prohibit taking credit for ideas by other people without making proper attribution. You risk dire consequences that may include expulsion from school because of plagiarism. You should never use direct quotation marks or over-reliance on the words and ideas of others.

Do the test alone

Resist the temptation to collaborate with other students when completing the home tests. Teachers have been marking for ages and will quickly notice when you get help. Develop your conclusions and resist the urge to compare your test with fellow students as it is likely to result in point deductions.

Proofread you work be submission

Since no one will time your home test, it is necessary to take advantage of this provision to review your final draft thoroughly. Check if it has any grammatical or spelling errors before handing it in. Since teachers provide ample time for completing the assignment, they expect it to be error free, have logical arguments and effective transitions. It is the reason they deduct points for errors because they consider it to be a lax oversight. If possible, you may ask a peer tutor to review your test for syntax and grammar errors.

Home tests are a better way to obtain knowledge than memorization of information you learn in class. To attain a top score only requires you to understand and firmly hold onto the knowledge. You have the pleasure to refer to your books or surf the internet for information.

Create a copy of your test before you take it to your teacher in case he accidentally misplaces it. If you write it on your computer, save it on a USB flash drive or hard drive.

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Thursday, 03 August 2017 14:06

Tips to write a top grade research paper

A research paper should be a substantial academic paper you write to fulfill the academic requirements of performing independent research on a topic and write the descriptions within a specified format.

Your research paper should have a significant amount of data that you find after an in-depth research. The arguments you make are thesis based on vital evidence from various reliable sources. Every student wants to get the best grades. You can attain top grades in your class by following these steps to prepare your research paper.

Select a suitable topic

If your class instructors allow the freedom to choose the topic, it is helpful if you can choose a topic from something you have an interest in exploring. An issue that does not arouse your interest might not inspire you to conduct thorough research which is necessary for grades. Refrain from the mistake of choosing a very general subject as it is likely to have a wealth of resources that make it difficult to define the most authoritative. You should also avoid a topic with minimal resources as you will have a hard time to find enough evidence.

Perform in-depth research

As the name research paper implies, it requires you to explore widely. A library is a great place to dig for information. It has many possible references from countless books, journals, published articles, etc. Find the section of the library without distractions.

It is essential to familiarize yourself with available services and location of potential for quick research. You should ask librarians to help you identify the location of materials where you can find most productive resources. Library research is their specialty, and their insight will help you even during future research work. Most libraries also have free internet access hence you can find numerous online sources.

The Internet is a precious resource with many legitimate scholarly articles, but it is essential to cross-check facts by visiting alternative websites and reference books.

Write down proper notes

Go through the information you got carefully, identify the content that contributes most to your research and write it down. It prevents your research from having useless statistics and facts. You can color code the notes by topic highlighting essential details for you to find specific topics easily after that. Keep track of the information you uncover during research in notebook or index cards. You may also photocopy content on long articles and pages as jotting it down will take much time and highlight the sections you will use when writing the research paper. Remember to note down the bibliographical information as well when taking notes as you need to include it in your paper.

Prepare an excellent outline

At this point, you are ready to write an outline, the plan that guides you in organizing your thoughts and arguments.

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After conducting in-depth research, it is necessary for you to go through your notes and determine where the topic and supporting information fit best. You do not have to fit the relating points into sentences as this is the brainstorming part hence. You should establish the statistics and facts that fit into the introduction, middle or the conclusion of the research paper. It might take time, but it is a crucial step in helping you to lay a foundation for the final paper. Arrange them into these sections:

  • Paper title
  • Thesis statement
  • Main points and argument in Roman numerals (I, II, etc.)
  • Support for major points in capital Arabic letters (A, B, C, etc.)

Write the first draft using clear, understandable statements

After finishing the outline, you can start writing your first draft. Unlike the outline which is in summary form, you can structure the content into sentences and paragraphs. Add more life to your writing for readers to better understand the points you are making. If you find that some information is lacking, carry out additional research to support the affected parts. You may take a break the meticulously go through the draft to determine the areas that require amendments. Rewrite the drafts until you feel that the paper is perfect.

Write and edit the final draft

When you feel that the draft is right with all the essential information and sources, start drafting the final paper. Before submitting it to your faculty, it is necessary to proofread it. Edit any typos, spelling and grammatical errors. You should also ensure that all sources are on the bibliography page. Read your final draft several times doing the final adjustments until you are sure that it meets the requirement of your professor.

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Thursday, 03 August 2017 13:29

How to Get Best Grades for A Term Paper

Soon after joining college or university many students find themselves struggling with writing academic papers at this level. It takes trial and error before students learn their consistent style and become comfortable in writing college essays. The challenge of writing term papers for students emanates from the fact that many of them receive inadequate preparation at the high school. You can earn high grades for your term paper from the beginning of you studies by observing the following tips.

Determine What Your Professor Is Examining

Begin by thoroughly reading the instructions to determine what the teacher will look at when marking the paper. If some of the instructions are ambiguous, seek clarification from the instructor. Most instructors schedule office hour for discussions with students so you can take advantage of such time allocation to talk about your ideas. It is essential to follow instruction hen writing term papers as professors take some score off your grades for failing to adhere to instructions.

Create a Fitting Topic for the Assignment

Ensure that you think carefully about a topic and come up with one which most suits the task. Students usually make a mistake of selecting unoriginal essay topics. If your tutor allows you to choose a topic, pick one you find interesting or you will struggle to write the paper, your instructor can give you suggestions if you find it difficult to pick a topic.

Prepare a Good Outline

An outline helps you to organize your work efficiently. You can begin by drafting a tentative outline that you can change if your research alters your initial thoughts. It is advisable to show the outline to the instructor for comments.

Write an Outstanding Introduction and Thesis Statement

A term paper needs a catchy introduction to capture the attention of the readers. You can use an impressive statistic or narrative. Your creative introduction should be brief.

Ensure that your thesis statement is persuasive and that it clearly provides a preview of the issue you will address in the term paper. Make it simple and clear. Your article will revolve around the thesis. It is within the thesis that you will state a claim and the supporting evidence. A good thesis will contribute to the better grade. The same ideas and language in your thesis should replicate in topic sentences for each supporting paragraph. Present the arguments in similar order of listing in the thesis. Refrain from adding ideas that do not relate to the thesis.

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Back Up Claims and Assertions with Evidence

A term paper will not be credible hence requires you to support any claim you make with evidence. You should support claims with empirical evidence, logical anecdotes, and expert opinion. If for instance, you make claims that smoke emissions cause global warming, you should support the claim with credible scientific evidence or at least expert opinion. Although evidence is essential, you should avoid using an excessive number of examples since some of them will appear isolated and will not be useful in proving your point. Give only the examples with strong supporting evidence.

Use Credible References and Sources

Some students cite sources only because it is an assignment requirement. The citation is necessary, and you should not be reluctant about it. Using authoritative sources makes a difference between weak and good grades. Select your sources from credible books journals or scientific studies.

Avoid over citing one source or relying on outdated and irrelevant sources. You should strive to use more sources that the minimum requirements for your paper. It increases the credibility of your term paper by showing that you conducted thorough research. Refrain from listing any sources that scholar should not cite. It is academic dishonesty even if your instructor does not identify it.

Avoid any plagiarism of content by failure to cite properly. It will place you at the risk of getting low grades and facing school disciplinary acts. You should also avoid the use of non-essential information even for introductions and conclusions.

A term paper accounts for a large part of your academic grades. It is essential for you to the best in write one that stands out due to quality research and writing.

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Thursday, 12 January 2017 06:00

Tips to Pass an Essay Test

An essay test requires students to write a long response of up to several paragraphs. Any test requiring examinees to write the long passage qualifies to be an essay test. These tips help you to write an essay that will impress your tutors to award a high grade.

Pick an Interesting Title

Create an interesting title that gets the attention of the readers for each of your essay responses. Titles help you to stay n the topic and avoid redundancy. Good titles list both your topic and perspective.

Organize and Outline Your Answer

Students who excel in essay writing are those who take time to develop a brilliant outline. It helps to organize essay response and ensures that you answer all questions adequately. If you prepare sufficiently for an essay test, developing an outline will not take long. A fast development leaves you with more time for writing and refining responses.

Before you develop an outline, list the general points which are separate section questions. Next or underneath each general point is the point to answer a question or support an argument. You can improve outline skills be trying to recreate one that you develop when practicing for the test. After developing an outline, follow it up by creating an order in which you will address every point in the essay.

Determine and Use the Right Structure

The subject of an essay and type of question affects the structure of your essay. You can organize your response in one of these structures:

  • Chronological list: Presents events or steps in the sequence by which they took place.
  • Compare and contrast: Evaluates a position from various perspectives including the positive and negative aspects of a position or its similarities and differences
  • For general information, you should funnel it to specific details. It requires you to make general arguments that you support with precise detail.

    In addition to the above outlines. You can organize content in other ways. You can organize essays using bubble maps, tables, flow charts or herringbone maps.

    Write the Essay Methodically

    When answering questions in an essay question, you should organize the response in the same format as a five paragraph essay. A response should have the following:

    • A brief introduction

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    • A thesis statement to identify the argument and support points
    • Three body paragraphs. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence that identifies the main point in the paragraph. The following part should have supporting arguments for the topic sentence.
      • A conclusion. A conclusion re-summarizes the main arguments, but you should not add any new information.

      When tackling an essay test, it is essential for you to support points with logical arguments and facts. Use transitional words and phrases when shifting from one idea to another. Moreover, unlike, although or nonetheless are some of the transitional words you can use. Increase the validity of your arguments by supporting them with multiple examples. Write the arguments clearly and directly without being too wordy.

      However, the essay paragraphs should not be the very short 1-2 sentence paragraphs.

      Allocate Appropriate Time

      When answering, manage your time wisely. Devote more time to the questions with more point value. Divide the difficult questions to manageable sections to adequately explain each part of the question. When writing responses, keep writing margin notes as they help you to remain on task. You should devote equal time for multiple questions with similar point values.

      Maximize Space Well

      Follow the writing instructions closely but if none of them exists, avoid filling them up the paper space with large handwriting. When you transition between paragraphs, skip a line unless there are different instructions. If there is a minimum space requirement, it is necessary to meet it. For instance, the essay requirement might be to fill at least a page.

      When answering your essay questions, leave some time to review the answers before submitting your paper. Check whether your answers are accurate and present arguments in a coherent way. You should also proofread the entire essay for punctuation, spelling and grammar usage errors. A legible and well-organized essay shows that you have the necessary writing skills even before the tutor delves into the suitability of your answers.

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Students are at times under intense pressure to perform well in tests and exams that some even experience health challenges in the process of trying to cram everything in a few nights. It is usual to find students reading overnight before an exam until the wee hours.

Other students also employ the tactic of memorizing in class to start off from this point for the next lesson. Cramming or memorizing means that you input knowledge into the brain or memory without necessarily understanding it. Learning is quite the opposite because you try to understand or know the idea of the knowledge you are learning about. It usually sticks into your memory in a better way than mere memorizing.

After memorizing something, it limits you to repeat it in the context you can remember. Learning allows you to apply knowledge in any relevant context. Memorizing is like the way we cram the alphabet while learning is comparable to knowing the alphabet sounds.

If you a teacher, you should encourage your students to learn and understand. You can help them to go beyond memorization by employing these teaching strategies:

Trigger Prior Knowledge

Employ the age-old practice of unleashing the knowledge that your students already have concerning an issue to get their attention for the attention. You can, for instance, begging the lesson with questions such as ‘does anyone know’ or ‘has anyone of you ever.’ It helps to rev up the imagination in the brains of the students, and they become more interested in the information you are about to dispense.

Make the Subject Interesting

Provide information and explain meaning in words that will interest the students. Studies reveal that people are more likely to remember something over a long time if it makes them develop an interest. You can even use a visual aid. Many students are visual learners hence use of diagrams, photos, charts, graphs and other illustrations greatly contribute to increasing commitment to learning and remembering.

Teach Gradually

Do not rush over the subject of your class session. Concentrate on one topic until students learn. When students start multi-tasking or get distractions, they are unlikely to remember this lesson.

Recap the Keywords Severally

Repeat and write the keyword for the issue you are teaching over and over to make it stick to the student's mind. It is the reason why over the years students have to spell words and take notes in class. When you receive information editorially, write it down and finally read, it will increase the likelihood of getting into your long-term memory.

Summarize What You Teach

Ask the students to summarize what they understood at the end of the lesson. When students summarize information in their words, it helps to encode and remember it in future.

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Use Memory Tricks

There are various ways in which you can use to make students memorize something. You use songs, acronyms, rhymes, raps and mnemonics. All these help in triggering information when you need to recall. For instance, the acronym HOMES helps students to remember these five great lakes:

  • Huron
  • Ontario
  • Michigan
  • Erie
  • Superior

All brains do not function in the same, but memory tricks have for many years benne helping students of all ages to store information in long-term memories.

Ask Students to Teach

Asking students to explain what they know about a subject to one another is a very efficient method for absorbing knowledge. They feel obliged to prepare for their turn thus will read and memorize the concept to make and make a good impression in front of their classmates. It also trains students to simplify theories, find relatable examples and stories that make it simpler for their peers to understand them.

For everything you teach students, ensure that they understand the knowledge so that they can apply it in future.

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Monday, 30 November -0001 00:00

Why Learning Is Better Than Memorizing

Memorizing is to keep remembering something while understanding or learning is to gain knowledge or skill through studying, instruction or by experience. Memorization is a shallower by far than learning. Anyone who crams notes on the night before an exam can attest that when you memorize something, you may not remember it for long. If you manage, there is no way to apply the knowledge except to discharge it like a computer with little or no deeper analysis.

It is more of reciting information rather that develops your ideas or opinions.

Learning helps in long term-memory

When someone learns, he will understand the information, skill or ideas more deeply. It allows internalization and natural analysis of information to come with personal ideas and concepts. It does not matter whether it something that another person has thought about before. What is important is that learning contributes to your growth in some way. It enlightens you further and shifts your perception about issues for the better. Achieving this with memorization is impossible.

Learning is flexible. It helps to expand and push the learners causing them to change in a small but fundamental ways by becoming more informed and aware of the subject. It will make you grow and use what you learn for long-term

Memorization is short term

Memorization is short term, and you use the information superficially to serve a specific goal such as passing an exam. Memorization is static especially for this modern age when there is so much information available on the internet. You may memorize something in a pinch, but it is only for a short moment purpose. Memorizing something for the long term does not add to your character. You should instead do the best to understand anything you intend to apply for long term purpose.

Other differences between memorizing and learning include:


  • Interprets ideas literally
  • Only tries teaching concepts and ideas word for word
  • Hard to explain ideas to other people other than in the same words you read
  • Difficult to see the way ideas apply in real-life situations of for case studies
  • It is hard to understand the relevance of ideas outside classroom and seek them in practical situations
  • Does not set definite similarities, differences, and implications of the ideas

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  • Provides one right answer for each question. It is, therefore, troublesome to see beyond basic idea or concept
  • The things you cram will not give a solution on the way to solve problems if numbers or ideas change


  • Learning allows understanding of concepts and ideas is a clearer way that you can convert them to your words. Ability to use your words empowers you to explain things clearly to other people
    • Allows you to understand issues more on the extent to which they apply in real life situations and cases.
    • Portrays a difference between figurative and literal interpretation of ideas
    • You can identify results, their meaning, and effects beyond the basic concept or idea
    • With knowledge, you can understand and solve problems even after changing of numbers and concepts.
    • Strives for understanding and can solve problems even when numbers or components are changed
    • Allows the provision of more than one right answer to questions depending on the circumstances
    • Allows you for exploration of ideas hence you can identify the literal and figurative interpretation of ideas
    • Memory and understanding are both essential for learners, but the latter allow you to become better in what you practice.

    It is essential to understand a concept and retain it over an extended period so that you can apply it when necessary. Simple memorization does not involve understanding as learning, therefore, cannot create a lasting effect.

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Monday, 30 November -0001 00:00

8 Ways for Students to Memorize Class Lessons

Memorization is a process of committing something to memory. Students need to memorize some things for normal functioning on a daily basis. It is possible for students to cram and retain something in their minds for a long time. It is the same way human beings memorize some things such as names, date of birth, address or phone number. Although students should struggle to understand their lessons rather than just remember, it is essential in some instances. For example, it improves your math skills if you remember basic facts, addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.

You may need a calculator but to memorize these facts helps to reduce the time it takes to tackle math problems that it will take to input numbers into a calculator. Committing vocabulary to memory also helps in languages. When you practice using the words frequently, you become a better communicator in the language even if it is new to you.

Forgetting new and unfamiliar topics is usual. When you learn something new, try utilizing the strategies below as they will help in memorizing.

Be Flexible

Use various learning strategies. Desist from relying on old methods of learning for more modern and efficient ones.

Create Reading Schedules

Set aside and plan time for studying. If you do not set learning time, it is likely that you will skip reviewing and will have only minimal information to memorize. When studying, do it at a place without distractions. Turn off your phone or into silent mode every time you study. Refrain from doing things that will distract your train of thought such as listening to music or watching TV within your study schedule.

Learn new things

Working on new problems frequently helps to expand your knowledge. One of the successful strategies for students is to talk and write about new concepts they learn. It is a useful way of adding new information to the brain. Students learning a new language usually gain much from this strategy.

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Involve yourself emotionally

Have constant passion in the things you are trying to learn. A class might not be entirely relevant to your dream career, but it is till necessary to work hard in mastering the content because it helps to improve your study skills.

Prioritize essential subjects

Ensure that you identify the most challenging and critical classes to allocate more study time. During class hours, note the points that teachers emphasize on and spend more time to explore these concepts.

Go over previous mistakes

Set aside time for going through past mistakes, brainstorm possible solutions and devise the most practical steps to eliminate them. Research on student performance shows that keeping track of the past errors and analyzing the causes helps students to get better performance in the future tests.

Try mechanical memory aids

When you are studying complex topics that are difficult to understand, you may use mechanical memory aids. For instance, when you learn about functions of organ systems during an anatomy class, you can list them down on a flash card. Place the names of specific organs on one side and a brief summary of their functions on the opposite side.

Test your progress with peer discussions

Even as you memorize, it is essential to learn to work through problems instead of only trying to remember the correct answer. Unless it is multiple choice tests, answers require an explanation in order o get you higher marks. Discussing new concepts with fellow students is a good way or learning how to explain answers. Use examples to illustrate your answers. Let the peers criticize you as it is the way you will know about your level of comprehension on the topic.

Before exams, you should not try to memorize everything. Study for one test at a time.

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