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Thursday, 12 January 2017 06:00

Tips to Pass an Essay Test

An essay test requires students to write a long response of up to several paragraphs. Any test requiring examinees to write the long passage qualifies to be an essay test. These tips help you to write an essay that will impress your tutors to award a high grade.

Pick an Interesting Title

Create an interesting title that gets the attention of the readers for each of your essay responses. Titles help you to stay n the topic and avoid redundancy. Good titles list both your topic and perspective.

Organize and Outline Your Answer

Students who excel in essay writing are those who take time to develop a brilliant outline. It helps to organize essay response and ensures that you answer all questions adequately. If you prepare sufficiently for an essay test, developing an outline will not take long. A fast development leaves you with more time for writing and refining responses.

Before you develop an outline, list the general points which are separate section questions. Next or underneath each general point is the point to answer a question or support an argument. You can improve outline skills be trying to recreate one that you develop when practicing for the test. After developing an outline, follow it up by creating an order in which you will address every point in the essay.

Determine and Use the Right Structure

The subject of an essay and type of question affects the structure of your essay. You can organize your response in one of these structures:

  • Chronological list: Presents events or steps in the sequence by which they took place.
  • Compare and contrast: Evaluates a position from various perspectives including the positive and negative aspects of a position or its similarities and differences
  • For general information, you should funnel it to specific details. It requires you to make general arguments that you support with precise detail.

    In addition to the above outlines. You can organize content in other ways. You can organize essays using bubble maps, tables, flow charts or herringbone maps.

    Write the Essay Methodically

    When answering questions in an essay question, you should organize the response in the same format as a five paragraph essay. A response should have the following:

    • A brief introduction

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    • A thesis statement to identify the argument and support points
    • Three body paragraphs. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence that identifies the main point in the paragraph. The following part should have supporting arguments for the topic sentence.
      • A conclusion. A conclusion re-summarizes the main arguments, but you should not add any new information.

      When tackling an essay test, it is essential for you to support points with logical arguments and facts. Use transitional words and phrases when shifting from one idea to another. Moreover, unlike, although or nonetheless are some of the transitional words you can use. Increase the validity of your arguments by supporting them with multiple examples. Write the arguments clearly and directly without being too wordy.

      However, the essay paragraphs should not be the very short 1-2 sentence paragraphs.

      Allocate Appropriate Time

      When answering, manage your time wisely. Devote more time to the questions with more point value. Divide the difficult questions to manageable sections to adequately explain each part of the question. When writing responses, keep writing margin notes as they help you to remain on task. You should devote equal time for multiple questions with similar point values.

      Maximize Space Well

      Follow the writing instructions closely but if none of them exists, avoid filling them up the paper space with large handwriting. When you transition between paragraphs, skip a line unless there are different instructions. If there is a minimum space requirement, it is necessary to meet it. For instance, the essay requirement might be to fill at least a page.

      When answering your essay questions, leave some time to review the answers before submitting your paper. Check whether your answers are accurate and present arguments in a coherent way. You should also proofread the entire essay for punctuation, spelling and grammar usage errors. A legible and well-organized essay shows that you have the necessary writing skills even before the tutor delves into the suitability of your answers.

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