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Ways for Teachers to Help Students to Understand Rather Memorize Ways for Teachers to Help Students to Understand Rather Memorize

Ways for Teachers to Help Students to Understand Rather Memorize

Students are at times under intense pressure to perform well in tests and exams that some even experience health challenges in the process of trying to cram everything in a few nights. It is usual to find students reading overnight before an exam until the wee hours.

Other students also employ the tactic of memorizing in class to start off from this point for the next lesson. Cramming or memorizing means that you input knowledge into the brain or memory without necessarily understanding it. Learning is quite the opposite because you try to understand or know the idea of the knowledge you are learning about. It usually sticks into your memory in a better way than mere memorizing.

After memorizing something, it limits you to repeat it in the context you can remember. Learning allows you to apply knowledge in any relevant context. Memorizing is like the way we cram the alphabet while learning is comparable to knowing the alphabet sounds.

If you a teacher, you should encourage your students to learn and understand. You can help them to go beyond memorization by employing these teaching strategies:

Trigger Prior Knowledge

Employ the age-old practice of unleashing the knowledge that your students already have concerning an issue to get their attention for the attention. You can, for instance, begging the lesson with questions such as ‘does anyone know’ or ‘has anyone of you ever.’ It helps to rev up the imagination in the brains of the students, and they become more interested in the information you are about to dispense.

Make the Subject Interesting

Provide information and explain meaning in words that will interest the students. Studies reveal that people are more likely to remember something over a long time if it makes them develop an interest. You can even use a visual aid. Many students are visual learners hence use of diagrams, photos, charts, graphs and other illustrations greatly contribute to increasing commitment to learning and remembering.

Teach Gradually

Do not rush over the subject of your class session. Concentrate on one topic until students learn. When students start multi-tasking or get distractions, they are unlikely to remember this lesson.

Recap the Keywords Severally

Repeat and write the keyword for the issue you are teaching over and over to make it stick to the student's mind. It is the reason why over the years students have to spell words and take notes in class. When you receive information editorially, write it down and finally read, it will increase the likelihood of getting into your long-term memory.

Summarize What You Teach

Ask the students to summarize what they understood at the end of the lesson. When students summarize information in their words, it helps to encode and remember it in future.

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Use Memory Tricks

There are various ways in which you can use to make students memorize something. You use songs, acronyms, rhymes, raps and mnemonics. All these help in triggering information when you need to recall. For instance, the acronym HOMES helps students to remember these five great lakes:

  • Huron
  • Ontario
  • Michigan
  • Erie
  • Superior

All brains do not function in the same, but memory tricks have for many years benne helping students of all ages to store information in long-term memories.

Ask Students to Teach

Asking students to explain what they know about a subject to one another is a very efficient method for absorbing knowledge. They feel obliged to prepare for their turn thus will read and memorize the concept to make and make a good impression in front of their classmates. It also trains students to simplify theories, find relatable examples and stories that make it simpler for their peers to understand them.

For everything you teach students, ensure that they understand the knowledge so that they can apply it in future.

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