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How To Learn English as a Second Language Faster How To Learn English as a Second Language Faster

How To Learn English as a Second Language Faster

When you undertake to learn English, it is possible to enhance learning and master the language faster. It is important to devise some strategies that ensure you maximize the learning and succeed in the shortest time possible.

When learning any foreign language, your tutors will test your ability to read, write, speak and identify the correct meaning of the words or phrases. Children learn a language by listening to adults talking over a long time. It takes up to 5 years for them to learn reading after learning to speak. As an ESL, you do not have the pleasure of such a long time. You must have strategies to study, speak and memorize English words in shorter time.

These tips will help to hasten your mastery for English grammar:

Attend Classes Consistently

Do not miss classes and when it is time for discussion, be an active participant. A student may miss classes and promise to make it up for studying. Others miss out because they are self-conscious about the language skills. When learning a foreign language, you should not worry about what your classmates think about your language. They are probably encountering the same difficulties. After all, the reason you enroll to a language is that you do not know how to use it well and class is the best opportunity to learn.

Establish the Plans by Your Teacher

Class learning is formal hence it is essential to determine the limits that your tutor expects you to cover within a given period. Also, make a point of determining what tests are likely to examine. Most language tests include grammar usage, listening, and reading and comprehension skills. By the time you sit for the first grammar test, you should be able to write grammatically sound sentences that the makers will understand. You cannot attain a good score when the tutor cannot know what you write and say.

Listen To Language Experts Speaking

Listening to native speakers is one of the best ways to learn English or any new language. Practice what you hear. If English is an entirely new language, desist from relying on foreign films to learn words as the actors usually speak fast and use many unfamiliar words. You may repeat the mistake by many students learning a foreign language which is to focus or subtitles and forget to listen to actors. When reading something, avoid listening to audio as it will reduce your focus.

Practice and Practice

You perfect your English skills by practicing speaking in the language outside the class. You may still pick the language up, but it will take much longer for you to be proficient and confident if you rely only on quality practice sessions.

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There are various ways of practicing including:

  • Conversing with the native speakers many times as you can.
  • Writing English many times as you can. Practice using the language by using it to craft emails, notes, letters, articles and other kinds of writing.
  • Use English for phone conversations

Determine your classmates who you can practice with at ease. Practice often and since your friends are learners, they will be a source of encouragement and motivation even when you feel low-spirited.

Let a Language Expert Review Your Writing

It is hard to write a new language correctly than speaking. It takes much practice over an extended period to write effectively. Best writers are detail-oriented and ready to learn from their mistakes. Let your teacher or a native speaker check you written work, correct errors and explain the reason for their occurrence. Take their suggestions into consideration when writing.

You will be a better English speaker or writer if you understand the words in their context. Translating every word in section or chapter is ineffective. Focus on how to use words correctly in a sentence rather than learn many new words that you cannot fit into a sentence.

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