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The Most Popular Online degree Programs in the US The Most Popular Online degree Programs in the US

The Most Popular Online degree Programs in the US

The invention of online training has led to an emergence of numerous online degree courses as teaching is not subject to the traditional barriers. The most popular online degree programs for students in the US are:

Business administration

U.S News and World Report list business administration as the most popular online degree. Most students who enroll in the business program prefer it because of the relevance to almost all the career fields. It enables students to learn communication, analytical, managerial and decision-making skills. The higher salaries even at entry level are also enticing. U.S Census Bureau report reveals that average students with a bachelor’s degree in businesses administration can earn around $200,000 more than most workers with an undergraduate degree. The degree also opens up various job opportunities. A business administration degree qualifies you to work in these fields:

  • Marketing
  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality

You may also serve as a consultant.


Advances in medical technology now allow nurses to administer treatment and manage patient data in an increasingly digital setting. Courses such as nursing informatics, healthcare delivery systems and data management prepare students for engagement and implementation of new medical technology. Nurses can start practicing with an associate degree (two-year degree) but most prefer to advance their education while working as it enables them to earn a higher salary by $1,000 onwards soon after acquiring a bachelor’s degree.

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Earning a four-year degree also helps nurses to get a promotion to managerial positions and start earning a median salary of $75,000 for a mid-career position. Nursing is a busy professional hence most professionals turn to online nursing programs to earn their graduate or post-graduate degree.


Psychology is a popular degree as professionals have a choice to work in a wide variety of fields. They can work in different capacities such as criminal justice, business, and counseling or as independent consultants. Many areas of human services and business require graduates in psychology. Many are taking the course online as the first or second degree.

Psychology as a profession is experiencing one of the fastest growth rates in the US. According to BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) psychologists an average annual pay of $83, 580 and expects a growth rate of 83% up to 2022. The rate of increase is higher than in other occupations thus attracting many who have an interest in the human behavior to undertake online classes.


Students in the US can earn their degree entirely online before earning their teaching licenses according to the requirements of the state where they want to serve. Many trainees, therefore, prefer to take their degree online and benefit from numerous offers by various universities.

According to BLS, 250,000 new teaching positions will arise at elementary schools by the year 2020 in both rural and urban districts. Teachers with training in teaching English as a second language or special education will be in higher demand. Students pursuing their education degrees either on-campus or online tend to pursue at least a certificate in one of these areas virtually to increase their job potential.

A prerequisite in some school system is for licensed teachers to earn their master's degree within a particular period to maintain their license and get a pay rise. Since they are already working, they enroll for online Master of Science or Master of Education degree program specializing in areas such as curriculum and instruction.

Computer science

Rapid technological advances in the way that computer function is the reason there is more demand for professional with a degree in computer science. The potential to earn a high salary, low unemployment rate, and numerous career opportunities as a programmer, designer or developer has made a degree program in this field to be rather popular. It is one of the most popular bachelor degree programs online. Students also enroll in other courses within the computer science online to keep with the latest advances in software code, coding languages, network management and other essential technology issues.

In addition to the above, other almost equally popular online degree programs in the US are:

  • Engineering
  • Healthcare administration
  • Accounting
  • Criminal justice
  • Human Services

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