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Tips to Maximize your E-Learning Experience Tips to Maximize your E-Learning Experience

Tips to Maximize your E-Learning Experience

Taking online courses has become a very convenient way to study. Unlike the traditional brick and mortar classes, there is no supervision, and it is easy to get distracted. It requires self-discipline, time management skills and motivation to study consistently and achieve the right scores.

These tips will help you to focus and remain motivated and get most of the online courses.

Have Reliable Internet Access

Reliable connectivity lets you study without interruptions and gives you an opportunity to stay current with the course progress and deal with sudden changes in your schedule. Technology glitches may happen. It is wise to have a backup of the online assignments and course material in case internet connectivity fails or the computer crashes. You should regularly save your coursework repeatedly and backup the content with cloud storage such as Google Documents or Dropbox. You can access it through a tablet or a Smartphone in case of a mishap.

You should also have an alternative way to reach your instructor when there is no connection via your school's portal.

Determine the Objectives and Practices of Online Course

It is important for you to find out the expectations of your course and the progress you should make within a specified time. Ensure that you work towards achieving the expected accomplishments. Learning objectives on an e-course are the right road map. Read course requirements carefully. Create notes about objectives and use them as your guideline before starting assignments so that you can focus on your goals. It is advisable to begin with the most complex tasks before new assignments take up most of you time.

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Create a Suitable Study Plan

Prepare an effective study plan with a reliable schedule and time for all the important tasks. Do not wait to begin your assignments when the deadline is too close. You will work under duress, and it will compromise your performance. When you note down all the due dates for assignments until the end of your course will help you with simpler time management. You can smoothly manage your e-Learning course and study ahead by doing the following:

  • Prepare an effective calendar system
  • Create to-do lists
  • Set deadlines for completing each task
  • Strictly stay on schedule

Partake In Online Discussions

Although online learning in not a class event, it does not mean you isolate yourself. Connect with the virtual classmates on the online course forum or social media as it will help you to learn new things from them. Participate in online discussions and group activities actively. Also, give your input, suggest study tricks and engage in the new ideas by your classmates. Be respectful of the views by other members even when you disagree. When writing, use complete clear sentences to prevent misunderstandings. Online discussion tremendously enhances e-learning experience as it goes beyond visual barriers that hinder some people from expressing themselves.

Review and Revise Your Class Lessons

Regular revision of all the things you study helps in improving your memory, and a better understanding of the course. Create flash cards for the keynotes and examine yourself on the key concepts of your online course. Also, you should consider having some study partners to alternative views about concepts. It is also becoming easier to review what you learn faster by sharing each other's study notes.

Maintain Timeliness

When you prepare your study plan, ensure that you stick to it and cover lesson on time. Whenever possible, read ahead and use the extra time to revise what you learn or study for exams at the end of school term or semester. Strict observance of schedule helps to prevent distraction which is a common enemy for online learning. If you encounter difficulties in maintaining a study routine such as problems with assignments, seek help from the course instructor early enough.

When taking online classes, ensure that you create a suitable study space at a comfortable and quiet place. When learning, log off the social networks and switch off your phone to avoid interruptions.

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