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5 Challenges for New College Students 5 Challenges for New College Students

5 Challenges for New College Students

The transition is an important aspect of life. Freshman college students are in darkness about what the life after high school will be. Some of them are unprepared for the change and end up feeling as if college is too overwhelming. Soon after getting to college you will notice that something is going to change, but this does not mean that life is going to be difficult. Students only need to determine the changes to expect for them to settle in quickly and engross in academic activities. The main changes to expect are:

Sharing Classes and Hostels with Strangers

When you join college, it is most likely that you leave your home to live in an apartment or hostel. You should learn to socialize with other people even if you were shy while in high school since you have to share dorms, classes and engage in academic activities together.

Less Contact with Teachers

In high school, teachers have time for more frequent and close contact with the students. The student has contact with their teachers every day of the week. Students and professors have less frequent contact at the college level. They meet in class for three times a week at most. Some meetings are scheduled. When you join college, prepare to take up more academic responsibilities on your shoulders rather than rely on the professor.

More Academically Demanding Tasks

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High school academic requirements are not demanding as those of college, and you can complete them within a short time at home. You usually get daily homework and some tests after few weeks. At college, your professors will only a few tests within the semester. They are however more difficult and demanding. You have to prepare several hours each day to complete your assignment as they are critical for the success in your course and not just class scores. You may have just one paper a month at college, but fewer tests and assignments are worth more. If you fail one of the likely three tests in an academic semester, it is hard to attain an A.

More Freedom

At a high school, the institution, parental and community standards guide students on what they need to do. Many times, their decision relies on what the values of adults who they depend on and sometimes this individual make the final decision. College is different as students suddenly find them in a place where no one makes the decisions on their behalf. They even do not have the legal obligation to attend classes.

The new excessive freedom can lead to your self-destruction. Learn the right way to manage the freedom, resisting the temptations to go out each night and sleeping through the morning classes. If there is a need to miss classes, it should not escalate too much. You will miss some valuable lessons, and it could be that the professor is one of those who records attendance. There might be no legal consequences, but the school may kick you of the class for missing too many. You should also set up a favorable study and sleep schedule.


High school life has distractions, but the responsibility to the community controls them before they become damaging. College life comes with even more distractions and temptations to neglect academic responsibilities. There are various opportunities to involve in social activities. After joining college, you must have the self-discipline to resist temptations and improve time management to do the right thing at the right moment.

Teachers, a guidance counselor in collaboration with parents initial counseling for high school students. College leaves the responsibility to students. You seek advice mostly on academic and career matters after feeling that you need guidance. You must learn to make the right decisions and when to apply for counsel to survive college. Working hard is must, or you will only attain the lowest grades.

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