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Consequences of Academic Misconduct and Dishonesty Consequences of Academic Misconduct and Dishonesty

Consequences of Academic Misconduct and Dishonesty

Consequences of plagiarism, cheating, unauthorized collaboration and any other form of academic dishonesty or misconduct are grave. They may lead to one or all the following:

Damage to Reputation

There have been numerous reports and consequences of cheating in the world of academia. When you associate yourself with academic dishonesty, the scars never disappear. It ruins your academic career. Publishing is one of the integral parts of a prestigious academic career. Accusations of plagiarism can make you lose an ability to publish. If you cannot publish at higher institutions of learning, you cannot become an accomplished academician. Even if you publish the work, readers will doubt its credibility.

The damage after academic dishonesty will follow you up in your career. Whether you become professional in the field, business practitioner, political leader or any position, people want to know about your past. In the current world, academic performance has much significance, and when information about involvement in academic dishonesty come out, it will be hard to find a respectable job. You may have to step down from any position you occupy or get the sack if your employer finds out about the past.

Legal and Monetary Repercussions

You can find yourself facing legal consequences if you pass someone else's work as your own as it is a defiance of the copyright law. If the author establishes that you presented his or her academic work without citing and referencing, the author can sue you. It will be worse if you submit university research without citing sources for journal publication on pretention that it is one of the best academic assignments that can teach the readers something. If the author is also a publisher, he or she can sue you and ask for monetary compensation due to lost opportunity.

Consequences from the Faculty

Within your class, an instructor who finds out about your academic dishonesty will determine the appropriate actions to take. These include:

  • Repeating the assignment for lower grade
  • Termination of your participation in a particular research project

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  • Getting a failing grade for the questionable assignment
  • A failing grade for you class

A failing grade can even be for the entire course meaning that it will appear and stay on your record permanently. It is much easier to replace or make up for an F that you got through honest way rather than change the image you create after cheating.

Academic dishonesty can cause you to face all sorts of consequences as schools take much offense in the vice. Most institutions have in place some academic integrity committees to supervise the students. When your instructor refers you to the team with evidence about your participation in the vice, you are likely to get a suspension or expulsion. Some schools decide to suspend first-time offenders. Such an academic record may lead to barring from entering college from high school or another college.

Other common penalties include:

  • Placement on disciplinary or academic probation- If the integrity committee finds you engaging in any future missteps that corrode academic integrity
  • A written or verbal reprimand in the student record
  • Dismissal from the course

When you write a research report that later turns out to have false sources that you passed off as genuine, it can cause ethical and legal implications especially for fields such as medicine where the beneficiaries of research are third parties. Rather that cause all the trouble for yourself and others, it is better to study hard, carry our extensive research and acknowledge sources. Dishonesty and laziness will only lead to bad reputation, loss of career and legal issues.

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