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Benefits of Joining a Community College in the US Benefits of Joining a Community College in the US

Benefits of Joining a Community College in the US

Community colleges in the United States have two-year programs which are half the four years that traditional university programs offer. After completing the two years of study, students obtain an associate degree. An associate degree confirms completion of the freshman and sophomore college years. Many professionals such as those pursuing nursing or early childhood teaching qualify for career entry at this stage.

For this reason, many students who intend to start their careers early attend community colleges. These colleges are also useful to the students who do not perform well in high school and desire to improve their transcript and Grade Point Average (GPA) for transfer to one of the four-year institutions.

Although some community colleges have now opened dorms, most of them are still commuter schools meaning that students cannot live on campus but commute from nearby cities or towns. It is common for school-age students and adults to attend the same classes.

Why do a high number of students find community colleges beneficial?

Cost Effective for International Students

International students draw much benefit by attending community colleges regarding tuition cost. On average, tuition at a community college is lower than the cost at four-year institutions by 50 percent. It is a major advantage to the international students who are interested in earning an American degree but have worries about the high financial responsibility. Given the current rise in the cost of tuition across public and private schools, the cost at a community college is fair.

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Simple Transfers

When you study at a community college, it is easy to transfer to a traditional US university or college. If your intention was to study for four years, you could earn your degree at lower cost and shorter period. Additionally, some community colleges have relaxed admission requirements, and their admission deadline could even be later than that of the four-year schools. These conditions make community colleges to be an excellent option for the international student who makes their decision to attend a school in the US late in life.

Lower TOEFL and English Proficiency tests

Community colleges accept lower TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), a standardized test for measuring language ability by non-native speakers and any other English proficiency test scores.

In some cases, community colleges might even waive this requirement. If your mastery of English is poor to the extent that you fear getting a low proficiency score, community colleges could be the most appropriate choice. If you succeed in getting admission, the community college will perform its language assessment when you arrive on campus to ensure that there is the necessary help to help in your success. These colleges often have an international office or specific members of staff to guide students through the admissions process after arriving from other countries. They also help students in adjusting to the new life.

Students with less fluency in English can use community colleges as their stepping stone to US education and language. The two years of academic study are adequate for students to adjust to the American academics and improve their language skills before moving to a four-year program.

Better Faculty to Student Ratio

Classes at community colleges are smaller than those at traditional institutions. It is a chance to receive better attention from the professors and play an active role in the class discussions. Higher participation in class discussions also helps students to accustom faster to the US style of teaching and grading.

Currently, there are thousands of international students who take advantage of the above benefits found at community colleges. If you desire to study in the US but think that language proficiency and tuition cost will be a challenge, try a community college. There are high chances of getting a starting point. Start researching for them most suitable community college for you.

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