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Importance of biography in education Importance of biography in education

Importance of biography in education.

Everyone loves a fascinating story, especially those that tend to have a huge impact on human life. Writers, filmmakers, and playwrights all understand the human need for compelling stories. They all understand the value of character development within the context of social behavior. They also know how and when to incorporate dramatic tension (romance, tragedy, and intrigue) to engage us. However, the major focus of this piece of writing is to highlight the importance of biography as it concerns story-telling in education.

Why is a biography included in our education system?

According to Plutarch, when we familiarize the young ones with the lives of dignified people, we awaken the instincts of emulation within them.

We have already talked about how the writers, playwrights, and filmmakers use the human instinct to be compelled by great stories to sell us their stories. Actors in the field of education can as well use the natural instinct of the students to identify with the lives of others to promote socially acceptable character. Teachers must as a matter of urgency, show to young students in difficult situations who to emulate. Leaders whose actions express human instincts to always express compassion, integrity, nobility, and courage in any situation.

By getting to know these people, young people may see and realize that they are never alone in any situation and that there are people who searched and found the means to overcome the same difficulty, respond thoughtfully and constructively to difficult situations. When teachers have a vast range of fascinating stories of great people who have surpassed great tribulations, then they have the greatest asset needed to impart the value of virtue in the lives of these young ones.

The idea is a simple one. It is never to show the students the accomplishments that seem discouraging and not feasible but to bring to light, clearly and concretely the decision we face, no matter the weight of the problem.

The value biography in education focuses not only on good attitudes and characteristics but also on weaknesses and human errors. The students can effectively learn to make better judgments of historical personalities from the point of view of security. According to Halina Nelkan, these students place themselves in “scientific gossip”. By so doing, they can keep an eye on their own trends, think about their own decisions and consciously improve their reactions to a different situation.

How can teachers select from the available examples, the one they can comfortably bring to fruition and hold in firm faith? At times, the decision is determined by a stipulated method which they must be faithful to. Else, they would take into consideration their personal interests in showing the students who they should emulate.

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Regarding the question as to whom to emulate, it is the most important goal of the education sector to encourage the students to make the choices themselves and to guide them towards the right path so that they can make better decisions. The inclusion of biography in education is important for the attainment of this goal. It gives us an indication that as high living beings, we are responsible for our choices, and we have the tools and power to direct the course of our lives.

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