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Best Ways to Make Physical Education Appealing for Students Best Ways to Make Physical Education Appealing for Students

Best Ways to Make Physical Education Appealing for Students

It is hard work to motivate learners and maintain the state. It is even more difficult for physical education teachers as students have different interests in physical activities. Another challenge is that not all kids are athletic hence prefer other competitive activities. It is a group that is uncomfortable participating in sports. PE teachers and schools may offer prizes for students who win competitions that make up physical education as a motivation but not everyone will appreciate the effort. Learners without an interest in the contest will not understand the reason for the rewards.

The key to motivating your students for P.E is to develop a real motivation that makes students to take pleasure from participating or completing an activity. These tips will help you to create interest of your students in physical education:

Develop activities that students find interesting

The teacher has the final word but students' voice is essential. It is imperative that you first know your class well. It is not necessary to always rely on competitive sports for P.E instruction. You can, for instance, arrange a dancing night for the students who like dances. If you want to develop teamwork skills, prepare team building exercises that require participation by partners or groups. You can also arouse the interest of your students by mixing traditional, modern and non–competitive activities as every student will find something they like. Ask the students the activities and sports that they prefer to participate in for their PE lessons and other extra-curricular sessions.

Allow students to self-direct

Allow your students to won their learning by allowing them to choose their targets such as 50 pushups in two sets or all of them at once. Offer options for students demonstrate their knowledge of an activity or sport.

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Involve everyone

Students can choose activities to participate in, but you should not let some decide almost everything. It will hinder other students from engaging in activities they regard to be someone else’s choice. Let all kids choose something in turns. If the class participates in a game of two teams, do not let some of the class members always to select the respective captains. The captains will choose to pick their friends to join the team and leave other classmates or refuse to those who are not natural athletes.

A simple way to prevent discrimination is for you to pick the teams for everyone to feel equal as part of teacher’s choice. You may pick the teams at random, numbering the students or asking them to draw straws among other methods.

Introduce tasks progressively

Start with the simple tasks that require minimal skill before adding complex tasks that are likely to intimidate some of your students. Simple tasks help in building self-efficacy and ability without anyone judging the students. For example, when you teach about baseball, begin by demonstrating the fundamental rules on how to throw and catch the ball or swinging the bat and game rules as opposed to playing competitively soon after introducing the game.

Set up success promoting activities

Do not come up with activities that expose your class for possible failure. Avoid tasks with hard to attain goals such as running a race covering several miles. It is likely to discourage the students. You should instead suggest activities that require some level of effort but still achievable. Ask the students who are athletically gifted to model the tasks for others so that everyone sees it is possible. Later on, you can modify the game’s requirements to suit the ability of your students. For instance, you can make them play a game of soccer on half the pitch for 20 minutes instead of the standard 90 minutes.

When students succeed in a challenging task, they become proud of the performance leading to more interest in other difficult tasks. When you teach physical education, make it interesting and accomplishable as possible for every student to have an activity they can look forward to during the next lesson.

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