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Why Physical Education Is Important At School Why Physical Education Is Important At School

Why Physical Education Is Important At School

Did you know that physical education (P.E) is equally important as other studies? Physical education is part of the class timetable at many schools. Most of them have games time after classes. Although some teachers and parents feel that it reduces time to teach examinable subjects P.E is essential in providing students with a healthy active lifestyle. P.E involves many physical exercises that are essential for growth and development of a learner. Past medical studies show that the physical wellness of a student has a direct relationship to class performance. Here are good reasons why P.E should be part of a school program for all the scholars:

It develops good health

Physical fitness is an essential part of any human who wants to have a fruitful life. It is during physical education that students begin learning about the importance of proper self-care through regular exercise, healthy eating, and grooming.

Helps to prevent lifestyle diseases

Nowadays, obesity is one of the serious health risks. The health of students can be in danger of contracting many diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease due to poor diet management, consumption of processed foods and sedentary lifestyle. Physical education is a preventive measure for teaching students about the value of regular exercising.

It is at this time that student appreciates the importance of physically healthy and get into a routine that enables them to maintain fitness. P.E is especially essential for high school students, as it is at this age that they develop eating disorders and misinterpret real meaning of being “overweight.” Physical education is not only about going for exercises. It also involves teaching the students about healthy eating practices and providing guidelines for nutrition.

Enhances fitness and muscle strength

P.E helps to develop better hand-eye coordination and motor skills for students. It also helps to develop the upper boy muscles through participating in activities such as push-ups. Stationary jumping jacks, other jumping exercises and running for some minutes contribute to strengthening the muscles in the lower body. PE program normally includes core training exercises such as abdominal crunches.

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Improves class performance

Students who are physically healthy function better in classrooms. Regular exercising develops better cardiovascular system promoting excellent oxygen and blood circulation. It means more nutrients will circulate through the entire body including the brain. When you have better circulation, it increases the attention span during classes thus allowing concentration for a longer time and absorption.

Builds self-esteem

Active students in physical activities such as basketball, martial arts, and other field games have more confidence in themselves than those who have issues with their weight or general fitness. The dedication and self-discipline it takes to excel in various sports help in bringing out the best in the students. At school, physical education programs introduce students to different sporting activities requiring them to make a make a choice for the sport they want to participate. The decision making helps them to make choices even in future for issues beyond sports.

Develops teamwork, sportsmanship, and cooperation

Many programs for physical education are holistic thus allowing students’ interaction to achieve a common goal which is to excel physically and win. It makes the students develop a competitive attitude promoting sportsmanship and wellness for the body as well as the mind.

Relieves stress

There is a substantial amount of stress for students at the high school due to homework, curriculum, peer, and family pressure. When students involve themselves in sports, it acts as a recreation that helps to relief stress.

The purpose of physical education is to instill the value of self-preservation and to choose the best lifestyle. P.E also helps to promote physically active lifestyles.

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