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Comparison of Home and School Education Comparison of Home and School Education

Comparison of Home and School Education

The central factor about homeschooling programs is that it is a child centered system that careers for individual needs around you child. Children benefit much from learning at their pace because there is no competitive element. If they require more time to practice math than English, they can do without limitation by a timetable or the interests of other children.

Nevertheless, there is still a high number of parents who still prefer school education because it is run by trained teachers who the right skills to make their students understand what they teach. As a parent, you could be hesitant to begin teaching your kids when you are even sure about your to grasp of the curriculum you intend to use. Each system has its advantages as you will you will notice in the comparison.

School learning

Parents have more time for other chores

School teachers spend much time teaching and attending to other needs by students. It leaves parents with much more time for their career and other tasks the entire day when their kids are at school. When parents decide to teach their young one, it requires a substantial amount of time and sacrificing many hours from engaging in other activities.

Teachers are in their profession when teaching. They have time for performing all the tasks relating to the education of your kids. They make a timetable, teach in class, sort out resources and even organize non-class activities such as visits. They carry much of the schooling load for the parents.

Students access specialists

School provides a professional learning environment whereby students meet teachers with much experience in various teaching methods and in their specialist subjects that an ordinary parent will have. Schools also hire teachers and staff who attend to special needs of students. Examples of such individuals are physical education teachers or counselors. Such specialist skills are of much benefit especially to children with specials needs and require special attention or those who have talents that require nurturing by an expert.

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Cheaper cost

The cost of education at state-maintained schools is more reasonable than the expense of homeschooling. You may think that it is expensive because of costs such as uniform or commuting, but homeschooling also has its cost. School education does not include the cost of buying textbooks, scientific equipment computer or writing resources. Additionally, it allows both parents to work long hours and earn a higher income.


Allows individualized attention

Most public schools have large classes. Teachers may have the best qualification, but they have to juggle their attention to between various students who have varying abilities. It slows the learning pace and hinders students from getting much time from teachers as they would like. When a parent teaches at home, he/she focuses on the child during learning. It is easy to establish the strengths and weaknesses within a short time and make the necessary adjustments in the method of instruction than it will take a school teacher.

Provides safer environment

Recent tragedies such as school shootings by students, terrorists, and criminals have made some public institution to be dangerous. Learning with a family environment keeps kids safe from issues such as bullying, exposure to drugs, attacks and accidents that happen in unsafe public settings.

Organized socializing

Homeschooling provides parents a chance to teach their youngsters in a structured and organized environment. It is easy to mold them to develop a particular attitude towards education and life. You can even incorporate religious study and prayers into daily studies or discuss science, history, math and other modern subjects about your beliefs. When kids are at home, they interact more with people who share their interests or hobbies hence it is unlikely that someone will mislead them to make the wrong choices. When they process to college or reach adulthood, they will have entrenched values that their parents desire.

Schools and home learning have their advantages. Parents can choose to depend on whether they want their children to learn in open or more enclosed environment.

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