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Reasons to home school your children Reasons to home school your children

Reasons to home school your children

Families choose to home school over traditional education at schools for various reasons. The major ones for parents and children are one or combination of these:

Academic Reasons

Do you believe that your kids are bright but underachieve at school or do not reach their full ability? If you are in a similar position, you may try a home school for the kids to give individualized attention and more emphasis on particular skill or subject.

Home teaching is an alternative to school or national curriculum you find unappealing. Some families develop an antipathy to some elements of the National curriculum that guides all state maintained schools is another reason. You may also fee that the standards of education in your state or country are low. If they cannot afford or access tuition in private institution offering their preferred school system, these families opt to discontinue their kids from schools for home study.

Controlling What the Children Learn

The homeschooled gives you a leeway to control what your kids learn, the time and ways of earning it. If you want your kids to learn some views that your community subscribes to as part of the curriculum, the school system may not allow it. Teaching them at home might be your only option.

Religious Reasons

Schools in some countries have certain religious emphasis especially when most of their students subscribe to the religion. The curriculum may not consider offering alternative lessons to minorities during religious teachings. If your children are Christian, it will cause discomfort for them to study lessons Hindu, Islam or indigenous faith. Other schools offer secular education such as sex education that you feel goes against your belief. Religion will, therefore, be a reason to consider homeschooling.

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Bad School Experience

Some unfortunate incidents can make it difficult or impossible for your offspring to continue attending mainstream school. Issues such as bullying, mistreatment, disasters and harsh educational environment will deter children from concentrating on learning. Some incidents of school violence can be extreme that they can even because psychological problems such as phobia that leaves you with little choice rather than turning to home education.

Support for a Child with Learning Disability

Children with physical disabilities or physical handicaps rarely thrive well in public schools. They require special instruction that many schools with limited time and resources can barely afford. It can be a coincidence that all schools around your home have not specialist teachers and tools that students with learning difficulties require. Homeschooling grants you an opportunity to use specialized curriculum for students with learning challenges. It allows your young one to access more specialized educational tools that help them to gain essential knowledge.

Another advantage of homeschooling for youngsters with learning or physical challenges is that you can use still public school facilities for services such as speech therapy, remedial or dyslexia classes. The flexibility at your disposal allows you to help your child to enjoy the best of domestic and public facilities for the condition.

Frequent Relocation

Families with young children make up a higher percentage of those who move homes usually for long distances. Families of diplomats and military officers move frequently. If you are not in such professions, you may still have to relocate because of a new job or other factors.

If you move often, it will affect the consistency of education for your children. Homeschooling allows you overcome these challenges because they can follow a single curriculum and take lessons from any location. It helps you to prevent unnecessary interruption in learning of your kids. You can easily find curriculum with a flexible learning schedule, compatible with state or national guidelines. You can even teach your children according to the internationally recognized curriculum so that they do not take any backward steps after moving to a new place.

When you opt to home school for any of the above reasons, it is necessary to ensure that you have the core competencies and adequate time for teaching your kids.

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