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Homeschooling Pros and cons Homeschooling Pros and cons

Homeschooling Pros and cons

Is homeschooling suitable for your kids? Homeschooling began as new trends but its popularity is growing by the day. Home schooled children usually perform well in standard tests as their counterparts who study in public or private schools. If you are at crossroads about teaching children at home, the list of pros and cons will help to make the best decision.


More Freedom for Kids

Students who home school have more choice to learn and study what they want at their chosen time. It does not mean that they will not cover all the basics, but they will do it at the time they feel to be most suitable. For instance, one child can cover a particular topic at six years while another does it at ten. Parents and home school teachers can look at ability, interest and maturity levels to determine what each kid should learn.

Higher Learning Efficiency

Children in a classroom of 20 or thereabouts have to study with others with varying academic ability and behaviors. If your children struggle with some lesson, they will feel overwhelmed by better performers. If they sharp, they will get bored as the teacher repeats the concept for others. Homeschooling allows you to know the pace at which your kids learn and maintain it.

More Flexibility

Whereas students must attend school classes at a particular time, you plan home lessons to take place at the time that best suits your kids. You can for instance schedule classes to mid-morning if your kids have problems rising and concentrating in the early hours until they grow older and adjust. You also have the freedom to change teaching time to fit to your schedule if some of the activities require the presence of the kids such as traveling for holidays of visits to a doctor. In a school, learning goes on even your children are absent.

Increases Bonding Time

When students learn at home, it increases the time you spend together whether you hire a teacher or teach them yourself. You bond more and strengthen family ties between the kids and everyone at home. You also find more time to monitor their academic progress.

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Lack of Proper Teaching Structure

A school has a curriculum and timetable that stays in place for a long time. Students and teachers know what they will cover, when and within which time. Homeschooling might not give you the option to create a regularly organized schedule. You will develop a tendency to teach only when you or your kids are in the learning mood. After a period, you will have lost much time. There is also a habit to dwell more on the topic you find appealing and allocate little or no time for those you find to be tedious.

If you are in employment or business, your work time may extend beyond expectations thus delaying and reducing your allocation for home teaching. Irregular schedule ends up affecting your lesson plans.

Difficulties in Teaching Various Grades

If you are teaching more than one kid, it is likely that the age gap between them is several years. It means that the kind of education they require is of different grade levels. It is hard to meet the needs of each child especially when you have to teach them around the same time.

Inadequate Preparation for College

Students who learned home might be excellent academic performers, but if they have not been interacting with other people outside their homes, they will have a rough time interacting with other students when they move to college.

Lack of Essential Teaching Skills

Teachers train in their career for a reason. When teaching your kids, it can be challenging to understand the complex material before transferring same knowledge to your children. You may also lack the skills to teach difficult topics unless you have undergone training.

Before you make a conclusive decision, it is essential to weight the above advantages against disadvantages to determine if homeschooling will be favorable to your kids. It is also vital teaching ability and availability to determine if it will help or hurt the learning environment for your children.

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