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Best Ways to Make Your Academic Work Interesting Best Ways to Make Your Academic Work Interesting

Best Ways to Make Your Academic Work Interesting

Academic writing also requires the proper organization of your paper. Academic papers should be more research based and factual, but it does not mean that you neglect good arrangement. The academic environment at higher institutions of learning requires students to communicate information in a particular manner that tutors can take seriously and at the same tie understand clearly. Here are some tips that will guide you to write academic papers matching their requirement and earn you good grades:

Write Objectively

The general writing rule for most academic pieces is for students to be objective and unemotional in whatever they write. When writing an academic essay, avoid writing in the first person as the reader might construe your work to be an opinion. For example, write that "this is a decision that many consider being fair" rather than "I think this decision is fair." When you write in an impersonal style, it helps in reinforcing the view that your paper is not personal, but an end product of evidence backed research.

Avoid contractions

There are many instances when we can write in short form, but the preference for academic community is for words to be in full. A contraction is a case where for example you use an apostrophe (' ) to merge two words into one. For example, it is normal for use to write even in seemingly formal documents like letters that "it’s advisable to travel when the weather is friendly and hope it doesn’t change." Nonetheless, in academic writing, you should write that "it is advisable to travel when the weather is friendly, and hope in I does not change."

Organize Your Work into Paragraphs

A paragraph is a small sub-section of an essay. You should make a point of organizing your work into paragraphs so that you do not lump all your ideas into one long essay. It will make reading to be monotonous. Break up your thoughts into short sections. Let each paragraph to make a clear point and provide some backup evidence.

Use Formal Words

Avoid colloquialisms, text language, and slang words. You should have used similar language to what you use during a job application or interview. Tutors loathe seeing words "lol" or abbreviations such as "btw" or "ppl." Always write words in full unless the abbreviation is something that academic community acknowledges to be appropriate. UN, UK or USA is some of the good examples after the officially recognized abbreviation.

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Use Your Words Or Quote

Always ensure that you present research work in your words or if you use those by someone else, indicate it by placing them between quotation marks. Using quotation marks makes it clear to the academic community and any reader that the words are by someone else thus avoiding misunderstanding about who owns the words and plagiarism. For example, you can write that Dr. Amy said that "the study helped to determine the cause." The quotation marks show that the words are by Dr. Amy. You should paraphrase the wording completely if you want to avoid using the quotation marks. You can, for example, rephrase it this way:

Dr. Amy concludes that the study helped to establish the cause.

When paraphrasing:

  • Start the sentence with a capital letter
  • Ensure that the sentence ends with a full stop
  • Refer to authors using their family names and not their first names

Writing academic work has the same objective like any other thing you author. The difference is that it targets a specific audience. However, you should not try so hard to sound academic as it will make your essay incoherent, unnatural and confusing. Write naturally but follow the required educational format and guidelines by your instructors. It is more like speaking changing the language you use to converse with your friend to one that is more appropriate for a formal discussion with your lecturer.

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