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How to Get Published In an Academic Journal How to Get Published In an Academic Journal

How to Get Published In an Academic Journal

An article must impress editors of an academic journal before publication. An academic journal is a publication focusing on a particular field of study or professional activity. The content of your article must be research based for it to reach publication standards.You should have a clear purpose to attain with your writing. It could be:

  • Research assessment
  • Make a difference in field
  • Develop a profile in a particular area

The purpose of your article will help you to choose the right journal for your work. Before you begin writing, read the research by other researchers in your area, their recently published works and the conversations they elicit. A writing strategy will give you the motivation to write and publication since it takes long even up to two years for some fields. In addition to adding some knowledge on your field, the purpose of writing can include personal objectives such as scoring more points in a research assessment or earning a promotion.

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Analyze Other Journals in Your Field

Read many journals targeting the same readership as your article. Establish the rationale of the research usually in the first sentence and contribution to knowledge which is generally in the last sentence. Carefully scan other sections of articles, their structure, and components of their argument.

The Introduction

The main purpose of a journal article's introduction is informing readers about the question you intend to answer and why the answer you provide is essential to the field.The following are necessary when writing your introduction.

  • Consider the audience: The content of your introduction depends on a journal. The introduction for a journal with a wider reach requires you to include more background information.
    • Create a broad outline: State the concepts that your work conveys in the paragraphs. a. The first one or two paragraphs need to introduce the general concepts you will address and the system under study. The reader should know about existing knowledge about the system/concept and gap that your study will fill. b. Subsequent paragraphs should inform the readers about the question you seek to answer c. Let the last paragraph to inform readers on the way you set out to respond to the question. You may even summarize some few key findings.
      • Fill in details to the general outline: State your precise information for each paragraph in this outline
      • After creating the detailed overview write the rest of the prose (text).Ensure that your writing is interesting, scientifically and grammatically correct. You could postpone writing the introduction until after you complete the results section. After completing this section, carefully scrutinize the information that readers require so as to understand the results.

      Writing the Discussion

      The purpose of the discussion is to inform readers about the meaning of your research results and their importance. Synthesize the results from all your experiments and explain what the results inspire researchers to do in future. Observe the factors:

      • Try a white paper approach: Write the introduction and results in sections that include a list of conclusions and ramifications of the results on the white paper
        • Provide much information as possible for readers: This is critical if your target publication in a journal with a broad readership. You can, for instance, discuss the consequences of your results covering both the pathway and organism in your study.
          • Create a broad-view outline: In general, terms, state the concepts you intend to convey in each of the discussion paragraphs. Refer to the white paper. a. In the first paragraph, you might restate the main conclusions and the way that led to major findings of your article. You may also reorient the readers to your main idea by explaining the current system and the way your results associate to or challenge it. Avoid inflating the significance of your results. b. Middle Paragraphs: Support your points by connecting dots between previous results and the new ones you present in your article. Explain how your data contributes to advance the field. c. Write the last paragraph that leads readers to the future by highlighting the issues that arose as a result of your study.
          • Structure the paragraphs perfectly: When you complete writing, go through the work reading every sentence carefully. Check of the make logical sense, their grammatical and scientific correctness. You should also determine if the results fit within a broader perspective in your field.

          Writing might be a personal activity, but after writing it helps if you ask your peers to review your work and give their feedback on what you need to remove, add or amend. The revisions might be the reason why a journal will publish your work.

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