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Advantages Learning Management Systems to e-Learning Advantages Learning Management Systems to e-Learning

Advantages Learning Management Systems to e-Learning

Are you an online instructor? It is time to try learning management systems (LMS) when testing students. Quizzes and tests are an essential part of e-learning for learners and instructors in rating the success of a course. Instructors who use LMS to manage testing enjoy more convenience than their counterparts for these reasons:

Allows developing of unique tests

An LMS can make your tests and quizzes to be unique by randomizing the order of questions and answers. It is useful especially when students need to repeat tests they fail so that they do not use memory but think through the best solutions once more. It is also a useful feature for producing more variety using a larger pool of questions from which you can test rather than recycle same questions severally.

Simplifies marking for instructors

For the traditional method, a teacher issues a test that lasts about an hour but has to stay up late when grading ad writing detailed feedback for all the students. LMS makes testing hassle-free as it automates corrections. For case type tests, most e-learning systems usually have keyword tracking tools to grade according to the content written in the essays. Although this system might not be completely fool-proof, it helps in saving time for instructors in the absence of long grading sessions.

Instant grading

During the traditional method of grading, instructors require so much time to read through answers writing comments about weaknesses and strengths by learners. Accurate feedback is essential for learning to be valuable. Using a learning management system allows you to create dynamic feedback depending on the answer a learner offers for a given question. For example, if a test taker chooses 'A' in a multiple-choice test whereas the correct answer is 'B,' LMS will provide the appropriate feedback to the learner showing the fault in his thought process or hints the reason why another answer will be more suitable. It not only reduces the work of an instructor but provides instant feedback on whether the answer is correct or wrong.

Students also benefit because when they can get feedback about their answers and begin revising on the areas they got wrong soon after. In the past, it would take days before the students got their grades and feedback by teachers. Within a short moment, LMS lets students know what to revise and prepare better in case the instructor will ask them to retake the test.

LMS provides a more in-depth analysis

When students complete tests, it is the duty of instructors to gather and grade them before writing down feedback for each learner to read and improve on the weak areas. Learning Management Systems provides instructors more analysis options.

They have a reporting system with a graphical representation giving instructors an overview of the test scores, progress, and growth to further simplify analysis even when a class has many students. This method of feedback allows instructors to analyze the performance of the students regarding who got the highest/lowest score and the easiest/hardest questions for most of the students. Reporting for teachers is a handy tool as it enables them to observe the trends and use them for improving the curriculum. They also get hints on the reasons why another answer would be more suitable.

Quizzes and tests help in motivating students to study harder and enable them to review their performance before an exam. The hindrance for regular testing is that instructors require much time to create questions and take even longer to review the answers. Learning management systems have now made it easy for instructors to set exams and evaluate answers in an instant by randomizing questions and automating corrections for immediate feedback. The entire process will not conflict with the time set for teaching.

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