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Trade Unions may be defined as the groups of people who collate the interests of the employees against the Organization that may seek opportunities to exploit the interests of the employees and labourers. With the formation of the first trade unions in Britain, it was the skilled workers who organized themselves together as early as the 17th Century (Deakin and Morris, 2012). This led to the formation of the groups of employees who collated with the main purpose of representing the other employees in front of the employer to validate the terms and conditions of the employee contract. This has also seen a negative Impact from the government where in, once the trade unions assumed larger powers and freedom, the governments were left with no choice other than applying sanctions such that the scope of the Trade Unions was limited.

Joint Authorship in Copyright Law

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Generally, a copyright in any written work illustrates that the other has all the legal right of ownership. If two or more authors come together with the intent of combining their work into interdependent parts, then the work is considered joint and the authors termed as copyright owners of the work since the work is seen as whole piece. However, if a single person authors an entire book and another person contributes only a chapter to that book, then that is not considered joint work because the contributions are not inseparable.  In UK, ownership of the copyright varies with situations under which the work in question was created. For instance, if an employee creates a work in the course of his or her employment, then the employer has the copyright of the work.

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In ‘Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy’ Comby argues that nuclear energy has become an alternative source of power despite the resistant it met in the early 1970s. His ideas are supported by Kate who affirms that nuclear energy is deemed environmentally friendly since it emits less greenhouse gases during power generation. Comby further outlines that nuclear energy is the only source of power accepted as potentially dangerous and problematic, yet still manageable in generation of electricity. The debate on nuclear energy has been centered on weighing the rewards against risks.

Advertising in American Culture

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After watching the film, I realized that advertisements have huge impact on the emotions. Many of us pay little attention on the product being advertised, but watch the commercials and read billboards. I realized that a lot of effort goes into advertisements in order to emotionally win the audience. The video has influenced me and how I consume media, particularly how our senses get subsumed in the adverts. It is fascinating to learn how advertising agency succeed to kill the rationality of its clients to a level that the consumers seize to consciously think about their purchases.

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For a business to function with other businesses, it becomes essential to limit the terms and conditions of a business. As a legal binding that can be applied to the business setting, a valid contract is essential to bind the two or more companies that have decided to work together (Kubasek, Brennan, and Browne, 2014). While a contract does not define the nature of business that can be bound with each other, it binds two or more businesses of the same or different type such that the terms and conditions are well defined.

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