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Importance of biography in education.

Friday, 08 March 2019 12:13 Written by

Everyone loves a fascinating story, especially those that tend to have a huge impact on human life. Writers, filmmakers, and playwrights all understand the human need for compelling stories. They all understand the value of character development within the context of social behavior. They also know how and when to incorporate dramatic tension (romance, tragedy, and intrigue) to engage us. However, the major focus of this piece of writing is to highlight the importance of biography as it concerns story-telling in education.

Why is a biography included in our education system?

According to Plutarch, when we familiarize the young ones with the lives of dignified people, we awaken the instincts of emulation within them.

We have already talked about how the writers, playwrights, and filmmakers use the human instinct to be compelled by great stories to sell us their stories. Actors in the field of education can as well use the natural instinct of the students to identify with the lives of others to promote socially acceptable character. Teachers must as a matter of urgency, show to young students in difficult situations who to emulate. Leaders whose actions express human instincts to always express compassion, integrity, nobility, and courage in any situation.

By getting to know these people, young people may see and realize that they are never alone in any situation and that there are people who searched and found the means to overcome the same difficulty, respond thoughtfully and constructively to difficult situations. When teachers have a vast range of fascinating stories of great people who have surpassed great tribulations, then they have the greatest asset needed to impart the value of virtue in the lives of these young ones.

The idea is a simple one. It is never to show the students the accomplishments that seem discouraging and not feasible but to bring to light, clearly and concretely the decision we face, no matter the weight of the problem.

The value biography in education focuses not only on good attitudes and characteristics but also on weaknesses and human errors. The students can effectively learn to make better judgments of historical personalities from the point of view of security. According to Halina Nelkan, these students place themselves in “scientific gossip”. By so doing, they can keep an eye on their own trends, think about their own decisions and consciously improve their reactions to a different situation.

How can teachers select from the available examples, the one they can comfortably bring to fruition and hold in firm faith? At times, the decision is determined by a stipulated method which they must be faithful to. Else, they would take into consideration their personal interests in showing the students who they should emulate.

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Regarding the question as to whom to emulate, it is the most important goal of the education sector to encourage the students to make the choices themselves and to guide them towards the right path so that they can make better decisions. The inclusion of biography in education is important for the attainment of this goal. It gives us an indication that as high living beings, we are responsible for our choices, and we have the tools and power to direct the course of our lives.

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Best Ways to Make Physical Education Appealing for Students

Wednesday, 16 August 2017 11:42 Written by

It is hard work to motivate learners and maintain the state. It is even more difficult for physical education teachers as students have different interests in physical activities. Another challenge is that not all kids are athletic hence prefer other competitive activities. It is a group that is uncomfortable participating in sports. PE teachers and schools may offer prizes for students who win competitions that make up physical education as a motivation but not everyone will appreciate the effort. Learners without an interest in the contest will not understand the reason for the rewards.

The key to motivating your students for P.E is to develop a real motivation that makes students to take pleasure from participating or completing an activity. These tips will help you to create interest of your students in physical education:

Develop activities that students find interesting

The teacher has the final word but students' voice is essential. It is imperative that you first know your class well. It is not necessary to always rely on competitive sports for P.E instruction. You can, for instance, arrange a dancing night for the students who like dances. If you want to develop teamwork skills, prepare team building exercises that require participation by partners or groups. You can also arouse the interest of your students by mixing traditional, modern and non–competitive activities as every student will find something they like. Ask the students the activities and sports that they prefer to participate in for their PE lessons and other extra-curricular sessions.

Allow students to self-direct

Allow your students to won their learning by allowing them to choose their targets such as 50 pushups in two sets or all of them at once. Offer options for students demonstrate their knowledge of an activity or sport.

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Involve everyone

Students can choose activities to participate in, but you should not let some decide almost everything. It will hinder other students from engaging in activities they regard to be someone else’s choice. Let all kids choose something in turns. If the class participates in a game of two teams, do not let some of the class members always to select the respective captains. The captains will choose to pick their friends to join the team and leave other classmates or refuse to those who are not natural athletes.

A simple way to prevent discrimination is for you to pick the teams for everyone to feel equal as part of teacher’s choice. You may pick the teams at random, numbering the students or asking them to draw straws among other methods.

Introduce tasks progressively

Start with the simple tasks that require minimal skill before adding complex tasks that are likely to intimidate some of your students. Simple tasks help in building self-efficacy and ability without anyone judging the students. For example, when you teach about baseball, begin by demonstrating the fundamental rules on how to throw and catch the ball or swinging the bat and game rules as opposed to playing competitively soon after introducing the game.

Set up success promoting activities

Do not come up with activities that expose your class for possible failure. Avoid tasks with hard to attain goals such as running a race covering several miles. It is likely to discourage the students. You should instead suggest activities that require some level of effort but still achievable. Ask the students who are athletically gifted to model the tasks for others so that everyone sees it is possible. Later on, you can modify the game’s requirements to suit the ability of your students. For instance, you can make them play a game of soccer on half the pitch for 20 minutes instead of the standard 90 minutes.

When students succeed in a challenging task, they become proud of the performance leading to more interest in other difficult tasks. When you teach physical education, make it interesting and accomplishable as possible for every student to have an activity they can look forward to during the next lesson.

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How to Write a Marketing Assignment

Wednesday, 16 August 2017 10:47 Written by

A marketing course cultivates awareness or consumer diversity, market research, advertising, promotions and sale of products or services.

Find A Fascinating Marketing Assignment Topic and Research

A good marketing paper requires a unique issue as your tutor has been reading many of them, and it will be detrimental to write something closely similar. An excellent topic is that which you find interesting to study and argue. For example, if you have much understanding of financial concepts, you write about finance specialization.

Find a topic on a contemporary issue in marketing and research on it. If your instructor assigns a topic, search for an interesting angle to approach it in a way that will get the attention of the reader.

It is essential to study widely about your paper to expand the knowledge. There is much information on marketing, but it is essential to focus on the precise subject you are discussing. You can find study material from various sources including:

  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Journals
  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Newspapers

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Write a rough outline

Preparing an outline is an essential step is keeping your essay focused and deters forgetting of important assignments. Devise a thesis around which your work then writes brief notes for each section of your paper. A good outline provides a reliable blueprint for the paper, helps to organize the arguments and build a strong case for the thesis. It will guide you to write these sections of the assignment.

Writing the paper

Create an interesting Marketing Assignment Introduction

Write a summary of the discussion you will have in your paper to inform the reader what you will discuss. Narrow the focus to around three ideas. An introduction should have an attractive statement that attracts the attention of the reader.

These are some of the best ways to start and get the attention of the reader.

  • A question
  • Memorable quote
  • Statistical data

Include a thesis statement towards the end of the introduction and the last sentence with a transitional hook that moves readers to your first body paragraph.


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Why Physical Education Is Important At School

Tuesday, 15 August 2017 11:24 Written by

Did you know that physical education (P.E) is equally important as other studies? Physical education is part of the class timetable at many schools. Most of them have games time after classes. Although some teachers and parents feel that it reduces time to teach examinable subjects P.E is essential in providing students with a healthy active lifestyle. P.E involves many physical exercises that are essential for growth and development of a learner. Past medical studies show that the physical wellness of a student has a direct relationship to class performance. Here are good reasons why P.E should be part of a school program for all the scholars:

It develops good health

Physical fitness is an essential part of any human who wants to have a fruitful life. It is during physical education that students begin learning about the importance of proper self-care through regular exercise, healthy eating, and grooming.

Helps to prevent lifestyle diseases

Nowadays, obesity is one of the serious health risks. The health of students can be in danger of contracting many diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease due to poor diet management, consumption of processed foods and sedentary lifestyle. Physical education is a preventive measure for teaching students about the value of regular exercising.

It is at this time that student appreciates the importance of physically healthy and get into a routine that enables them to maintain fitness. P.E is especially essential for high school students, as it is at this age that they develop eating disorders and misinterpret real meaning of being “overweight.” Physical education is not only about going for exercises. It also involves teaching the students about healthy eating practices and providing guidelines for nutrition.

Enhances fitness and muscle strength

P.E helps to develop better hand-eye coordination and motor skills for students. It also helps to develop the upper boy muscles through participating in activities such as push-ups. Stationary jumping jacks, other jumping exercises and running for some minutes contribute to strengthening the muscles in the lower body. PE program normally includes core training exercises such as abdominal crunches.

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Improves class performance

Students who are physically healthy function better in classrooms. Regular exercising develops better cardiovascular system promoting excellent oxygen and blood circulation. It means more nutrients will circulate through the entire body including the brain. When you have better circulation, it increases the attention span during classes thus allowing concentration for a longer time and absorption.

Builds self-esteem

Active students in physical activities such as basketball, martial arts, and other field games have more confidence in themselves than those who have issues with their weight or general fitness. The dedication and self-discipline it takes to excel in various sports help in bringing out the best in the students. At school, physical education programs introduce students to different sporting activities requiring them to make a make a choice for the sport they want to participate. The decision making helps them to make choices even in future for issues beyond sports.

Develops teamwork, sportsmanship, and cooperation

Many programs for physical education are holistic thus allowing students’ interaction to achieve a common goal which is to excel physically and win. It makes the students develop a competitive attitude promoting sportsmanship and wellness for the body as well as the mind.

Relieves stress

There is a substantial amount of stress for students at the high school due to homework, curriculum, peer, and family pressure. When students involve themselves in sports, it acts as a recreation that helps to relief stress.

The purpose of physical education is to instill the value of self-preservation and to choose the best lifestyle. P.E also helps to promote physically active lifestyles.

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Comparison of Home and School Education

Tuesday, 15 August 2017 10:13 Written by

The central factor about homeschooling programs is that it is a child centered system that careers for individual needs around you child. Children benefit much from learning at their pace because there is no competitive element. If they require more time to practice math than English, they can do without limitation by a timetable or the interests of other children.

Nevertheless, there is still a high number of parents who still prefer school education because it is run by trained teachers who the right skills to make their students understand what they teach. As a parent, you could be hesitant to begin teaching your kids when you are even sure about your to grasp of the curriculum you intend to use. Each system has its advantages as you will you will notice in the comparison.

School learning

Parents have more time for other chores

School teachers spend much time teaching and attending to other needs by students. It leaves parents with much more time for their career and other tasks the entire day when their kids are at school. When parents decide to teach their young one, it requires a substantial amount of time and sacrificing many hours from engaging in other activities.

Teachers are in their profession when teaching. They have time for performing all the tasks relating to the education of your kids. They make a timetable, teach in class, sort out resources and even organize non-class activities such as visits. They carry much of the schooling load for the parents.

Students access specialists

School provides a professional learning environment whereby students meet teachers with much experience in various teaching methods and in their specialist subjects that an ordinary parent will have. Schools also hire teachers and staff who attend to special needs of students. Examples of such individuals are physical education teachers or counselors. Such specialist skills are of much benefit especially to children with specials needs and require special attention or those who have talents that require nurturing by an expert.

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Cheaper cost

The cost of education at state-maintained schools is more reasonable than the expense of homeschooling. You may think that it is expensive because of costs such as uniform or commuting, but homeschooling also has its cost. School education does not include the cost of buying textbooks, scientific equipment computer or writing resources. Additionally, it allows both parents to work long hours and earn a higher income.


Allows individualized attention

Most public schools have large classes. Teachers may have the best qualification, but they have to juggle their attention to between various students who have varying abilities. It slows the learning pace and hinders students from getting much time from teachers as they would like. When a parent teaches at home, he/she focuses on the child during learning. It is easy to establish the strengths and weaknesses within a short time and make the necessary adjustments in the method of instruction than it will take a school teacher.

Provides safer environment

Recent tragedies such as school shootings by students, terrorists, and criminals have made some public institution to be dangerous. Learning with a family environment keeps kids safe from issues such as bullying, exposure to drugs, attacks and accidents that happen in unsafe public settings.

Organized socializing

Homeschooling provides parents a chance to teach their youngsters in a structured and organized environment. It is easy to mold them to develop a particular attitude towards education and life. You can even incorporate religious study and prayers into daily studies or discuss science, history, math and other modern subjects about your beliefs. When kids are at home, they interact more with people who share their interests or hobbies hence it is unlikely that someone will mislead them to make the wrong choices. When they process to college or reach adulthood, they will have entrenched values that their parents desire.

Schools and home learning have their advantages. Parents can choose to depend on whether they want their children to learn in open or more enclosed environment.

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Reasons to home school your children

Tuesday, 15 August 2017 09:03 Written by

Families choose to home school over traditional education at schools for various reasons. The major ones for parents and children are one or combination of these:

Academic Reasons

Do you believe that your kids are bright but underachieve at school or do not reach their full ability? If you are in a similar position, you may try a home school for the kids to give individualized attention and more emphasis on particular skill or subject.

Home teaching is an alternative to school or national curriculum you find unappealing. Some families develop an antipathy to some elements of the National curriculum that guides all state maintained schools is another reason. You may also fee that the standards of education in your state or country are low. If they cannot afford or access tuition in private institution offering their preferred school system, these families opt to discontinue their kids from schools for home study.

Controlling What the Children Learn

The homeschooled gives you a leeway to control what your kids learn, the time and ways of earning it. If you want your kids to learn some views that your community subscribes to as part of the curriculum, the school system may not allow it. Teaching them at home might be your only option.

Religious Reasons

Schools in some countries have certain religious emphasis especially when most of their students subscribe to the religion. The curriculum may not consider offering alternative lessons to minorities during religious teachings. If your children are Christian, it will cause discomfort for them to study lessons Hindu, Islam or indigenous faith. Other schools offer secular education such as sex education that you feel goes against your belief. Religion will, therefore, be a reason to consider homeschooling.

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Bad School Experience

Some unfortunate incidents can make it difficult or impossible for your offspring to continue attending mainstream school. Issues such as bullying, mistreatment, disasters and harsh educational environment will deter children from concentrating on learning. Some incidents of school violence can be extreme that they can even because psychological problems such as phobia that leaves you with little choice rather than turning to home education.

Support for a Child with Learning Disability

Children with physical disabilities or physical handicaps rarely thrive well in public schools. They require special instruction that many schools with limited time and resources can barely afford. It can be a coincidence that all schools around your home have not specialist teachers and tools that students with learning difficulties require. Homeschooling grants you an opportunity to use specialized curriculum for students with learning challenges. It allows your young one to access more specialized educational tools that help them to gain essential knowledge.

Another advantage of homeschooling for youngsters with learning or physical challenges is that you can use still public school facilities for services such as speech therapy, remedial or dyslexia classes. The flexibility at your disposal allows you to help your child to enjoy the best of domestic and public facilities for the condition.

Frequent Relocation

Families with young children make up a higher percentage of those who move homes usually for long distances. Families of diplomats and military officers move frequently. If you are not in such professions, you may still have to relocate because of a new job or other factors.

If you move often, it will affect the consistency of education for your children. Homeschooling allows you overcome these challenges because they can follow a single curriculum and take lessons from any location. It helps you to prevent unnecessary interruption in learning of your kids. You can easily find curriculum with a flexible learning schedule, compatible with state or national guidelines. You can even teach your children according to the internationally recognized curriculum so that they do not take any backward steps after moving to a new place.

When you opt to home school for any of the above reasons, it is necessary to ensure that you have the core competencies and adequate time for teaching your kids.

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Homeschooling Pros and cons

Monday, 14 August 2017 12:29 Written by

Is homeschooling suitable for your kids? Homeschooling began as new trends but its popularity is growing by the day. Home schooled children usually perform well in standard tests as their counterparts who study in public or private schools. If you are at crossroads about teaching children at home, the list of pros and cons will help to make the best decision.


More Freedom for Kids

Students who home school have more choice to learn and study what they want at their chosen time. It does not mean that they will not cover all the basics, but they will do it at the time they feel to be most suitable. For instance, one child can cover a particular topic at six years while another does it at ten. Parents and home school teachers can look at ability, interest and maturity levels to determine what each kid should learn.

Higher Learning Efficiency

Children in a classroom of 20 or thereabouts have to study with others with varying academic ability and behaviors. If your children struggle with some lesson, they will feel overwhelmed by better performers. If they sharp, they will get bored as the teacher repeats the concept for others. Homeschooling allows you to know the pace at which your kids learn and maintain it.

More Flexibility

Whereas students must attend school classes at a particular time, you plan home lessons to take place at the time that best suits your kids. You can for instance schedule classes to mid-morning if your kids have problems rising and concentrating in the early hours until they grow older and adjust. You also have the freedom to change teaching time to fit to your schedule if some of the activities require the presence of the kids such as traveling for holidays of visits to a doctor. In a school, learning goes on even your children are absent.

Increases Bonding Time

When students learn at home, it increases the time you spend together whether you hire a teacher or teach them yourself. You bond more and strengthen family ties between the kids and everyone at home. You also find more time to monitor their academic progress.

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Lack of Proper Teaching Structure

A school has a curriculum and timetable that stays in place for a long time. Students and teachers know what they will cover, when and within which time. Homeschooling might not give you the option to create a regularly organized schedule. You will develop a tendency to teach only when you or your kids are in the learning mood. After a period, you will have lost much time. There is also a habit to dwell more on the topic you find appealing and allocate little or no time for those you find to be tedious.

If you are in employment or business, your work time may extend beyond expectations thus delaying and reducing your allocation for home teaching. Irregular schedule ends up affecting your lesson plans.

Difficulties in Teaching Various Grades

If you are teaching more than one kid, it is likely that the age gap between them is several years. It means that the kind of education they require is of different grade levels. It is hard to meet the needs of each child especially when you have to teach them around the same time.

Inadequate Preparation for College

Students who learned home might be excellent academic performers, but if they have not been interacting with other people outside their homes, they will have a rough time interacting with other students when they move to college.

Lack of Essential Teaching Skills

Teachers train in their career for a reason. When teaching your kids, it can be challenging to understand the complex material before transferring same knowledge to your children. You may also lack the skills to teach difficult topics unless you have undergone training.

Before you make a conclusive decision, it is essential to weight the above advantages against disadvantages to determine if homeschooling will be favorable to your kids. It is also vital teaching ability and availability to determine if it will help or hurt the learning environment for your children.

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Best Ways to Make Your Academic Work Interesting

Monday, 14 August 2017 11:53 Written by

Academic writing also requires the proper organization of your paper. Academic papers should be more research based and factual, but it does not mean that you neglect good arrangement. The academic environment at higher institutions of learning requires students to communicate information in a particular manner that tutors can take seriously and at the same tie understand clearly. Here are some tips that will guide you to write academic papers matching their requirement and earn you good grades:

Write Objectively

The general writing rule for most academic pieces is for students to be objective and unemotional in whatever they write. When writing an academic essay, avoid writing in the first person as the reader might construe your work to be an opinion. For example, write that "this is a decision that many consider being fair" rather than "I think this decision is fair." When you write in an impersonal style, it helps in reinforcing the view that your paper is not personal, but an end product of evidence backed research.

Avoid contractions

There are many instances when we can write in short form, but the preference for academic community is for words to be in full. A contraction is a case where for example you use an apostrophe (' ) to merge two words into one. For example, it is normal for use to write even in seemingly formal documents like letters that "it’s advisable to travel when the weather is friendly and hope it doesn’t change." Nonetheless, in academic writing, you should write that "it is advisable to travel when the weather is friendly, and hope in I does not change."

Organize Your Work into Paragraphs

A paragraph is a small sub-section of an essay. You should make a point of organizing your work into paragraphs so that you do not lump all your ideas into one long essay. It will make reading to be monotonous. Break up your thoughts into short sections. Let each paragraph to make a clear point and provide some backup evidence.

Use Formal Words

Avoid colloquialisms, text language, and slang words. You should have used similar language to what you use during a job application or interview. Tutors loathe seeing words "lol" or abbreviations such as "btw" or "ppl." Always write words in full unless the abbreviation is something that academic community acknowledges to be appropriate. UN, UK or USA is some of the good examples after the officially recognized abbreviation.

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Use Your Words Or Quote

Always ensure that you present research work in your words or if you use those by someone else, indicate it by placing them between quotation marks. Using quotation marks makes it clear to the academic community and any reader that the words are by someone else thus avoiding misunderstanding about who owns the words and plagiarism. For example, you can write that Dr. Amy said that "the study helped to determine the cause." The quotation marks show that the words are by Dr. Amy. You should paraphrase the wording completely if you want to avoid using the quotation marks. You can, for example, rephrase it this way:

Dr. Amy concludes that the study helped to establish the cause.

When paraphrasing:

  • Start the sentence with a capital letter
  • Ensure that the sentence ends with a full stop
  • Refer to authors using their family names and not their first names

Writing academic work has the same objective like any other thing you author. The difference is that it targets a specific audience. However, you should not try so hard to sound academic as it will make your essay incoherent, unnatural and confusing. Write naturally but follow the required educational format and guidelines by your instructors. It is more like speaking changing the language you use to converse with your friend to one that is more appropriate for a formal discussion with your lecturer.

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Best solutions for students to overcome writer's block

Monday, 14 August 2017 11:46 Written by

It is usual for students to become totally unable to come with a substantial topic or idea when they have a writing assignment. This condition is known as writer's block. It makes your mind completely blank when you need to write something. It mostly occurs in the final weeks of your semester when you have been writing a lot and can make you get late in submitting your work.

Fortunately, there are ways to overcome the temporary inability to write and complete your task even though you will complete it within shorter time probably taking an all night. You need to do the following:

Take a Break

The reason why you may be unable to write is probably that your mind is too engaged. Writer's block makes you panic and feel short of time but taking a break will help your mind to relax and start processing what you need to write after that. Try non-writing activities such as taking a walk, exercising, taking a bite or arranging your room. Do something that changes your focus from the paper even if it is only for some minutes. It will refresh your brain in by the time you return to your study locations.

Resist Distractions

Although taking a break helps to overcome writing difficulties, it is not the time to engage in activities that will totally distract you from coming back to your writing. Activities like talking to someone all day might make you distract. The natural reaction to writing challenges for academic work is to procrastinate, and if you are not careful, it might cause you to start finding excuses about putting off writing even for longer. If you find yourself doing other things for too long to avoid writing stalled writing, it is necessary to question whether it is the right solution. If the answer is negative, whatever you are doing is distracting you. Figure out the ways to set a time for getting back to writing.

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Discuss Your Writing Problem

It is essential to go through the paper's issues together with someone knowledgeable to academic writing such as a fellow student. If you still have enough before submission of your work, you can schedule a meeting with your tutor to discuss the sections of your writing that seem to be giving you much more trouble. In reality, it is rare to have such a luxury when facing a fast approaching deadline and writer's block. If the deadline is too near, make the best of what you can do at that moment.

Finding a solution to whatever is making you stuck with another person or re-explaining your arguments can help to reinvigorate you writing and assist in finding a solution to the paper's problems. It might even make you get the excitement to write again.

Borrow Ideas

If you are unable to write after several attempts, do not take the risk of writing anything to beat the submission deadline and risk failing. You should instead turn to your lecture notes and previous assignments. These materials will give you inspiration, some sentences or an outline to help you start writing. Resist the temptation to copy from your past assignments unless your instructor authorizes such as act. Most likely, your institution and faculty will regard it as academic dishonesty, and it might cause you to fail the assignment or even face harsher penalties.

Soldier On Rather Put Writing Off

If you encounter writer's block immediately, you begin writing, directly confront it by pushing yourself to write whatever you are finding difficult. Keep trying rather than putting writing off until only a few days or hours to the submission date. It will be a long struggle, but at the end, you will get it right. Start by free writing ideas on your mind without thinking about grammar correctness until you get into the rhythm to focus your thoughts on writing a serious academic essay or another assignment.

Fear to put down certain ideas or to be imperfect is leading cause of writer's block. Keep them from your mind when writing.

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How to Get Published In an Academic Journal

Friday, 11 August 2017 07:09 Written by

An article must impress editors of an academic journal before publication. An academic journal is a publication focusing on a particular field of study or professional activity. The content of your article must be research based for it to reach publication standards.You should have a clear purpose to attain with your writing. It could be:

  • Research assessment
  • Make a difference in field
  • Develop a profile in a particular area

The purpose of your article will help you to choose the right journal for your work. Before you begin writing, read the research by other researchers in your area, their recently published works and the conversations they elicit. A writing strategy will give you the motivation to write and publication since it takes long even up to two years for some fields. In addition to adding some knowledge on your field, the purpose of writing can include personal objectives such as scoring more points in a research assessment or earning a promotion.

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Analyze Other Journals in Your Field

Read many journals targeting the same readership as your article. Establish the rationale of the research usually in the first sentence and contribution to knowledge which is generally in the last sentence. Carefully scan other sections of articles, their structure, and components of their argument.

The Introduction

The main purpose of a journal article's introduction is informing readers about the question you intend to answer and why the answer you provide is essential to the field.The following are necessary when writing your introduction.

  • Consider the audience: The content of your introduction depends on a journal. The introduction for a journal with a wider reach requires you to include more background information.
    • Create a broad outline: State the concepts that your work conveys in the paragraphs. a. The first one or two paragraphs need to introduce the general concepts you will address and the system under study. The reader should know about existing knowledge about the system/concept and gap that your study will fill. b. Subsequent paragraphs should inform the readers about the question you seek to answer c. Let the last paragraph to inform readers on the way you set out to respond to the question. You may even summarize some few key findings.
      • Fill in details to the general outline: State your precise information for each paragraph in this outline
      • After creating the detailed overview write the rest of the prose (text).Ensure that your writing is interesting, scientifically and grammatically correct. You could postpone writing the introduction until after you complete the results section. After completing this section, carefully scrutinize the information that readers require so as to understand the results.

      Writing the Discussion

      The purpose of the discussion is to inform readers about the meaning of your research results and their importance. Synthesize the results from all your experiments and explain what the results inspire researchers to do in future. Observe the factors:

      • Try a white paper approach: Write the introduction and results in sections that include a list of conclusions and ramifications of the results on the white paper
        • Provide much information as possible for readers: This is critical if your target publication in a journal with a broad readership. You can, for instance, discuss the consequences of your results covering both the pathway and organism in your study.
          • Create a broad-view outline: In general, terms, state the concepts you intend to convey in each of the discussion paragraphs. Refer to the white paper. a. In the first paragraph, you might restate the main conclusions and the way that led to major findings of your article. You may also reorient the readers to your main idea by explaining the current system and the way your results associate to or challenge it. Avoid inflating the significance of your results. b. Middle Paragraphs: Support your points by connecting dots between previous results and the new ones you present in your article. Explain how your data contributes to advance the field. c. Write the last paragraph that leads readers to the future by highlighting the issues that arose as a result of your study.
          • Structure the paragraphs perfectly: When you complete writing, go through the work reading every sentence carefully. Check of the make logical sense, their grammatical and scientific correctness. You should also determine if the results fit within a broader perspective in your field.

          Writing might be a personal activity, but after writing it helps if you ask your peers to review your work and give their feedback on what you need to remove, add or amend. The revisions might be the reason why a journal will publish your work.

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